June 4, 2023


Let me talk about about anxiety so anxiety is a normal response to stress so question come what is stress trace is a body’s physical or emotional reaction to any kind of picture may be physical maybe mental or emotional so when we are undergo to the trace or anxiety or if anxiety is persistent or excessive originates or must worried about something and causing

The physical or psychological symptom that means we can say anxiety disorder so anxiety is subjective experience that include feelings of apprehension on business uncertain certainty or dead occurs is a result of trade that may be misperceived or misinterpreted or as a result of a threat to identify or self-esteem may result when the pillows are threading

Or preceding a new experience so who is more anxiety are among the men and female usually female is the risk for anxiety the type of anxiety they said normal aquatic and chronic normal is a short-term healthy type of anxiety echo means precipitated by any kind of loss or change that is threatening one sense of security or chronic anxiety that persists as a

Characteristics response to daily activities and some books said the symptoms of anxiety are excessive anxiety or oralness if it is more than six months we call anxiety disorder sometimes patients present with restlessness fatigue irritability muscle tension or insomnia so now level of anxiety mild associated with the tension of everyday life the individual

Is alarmed and perceptual field is increased mild anxiety can be motivating and produce the growth and hence the creativity and increase the learning so mild anxiety really not that much bad because we are going to sit for nclex board if little bit anxiety you can re you it help you or it helps to read you more in that point of view we said sometimes mild

Anxiety can be motivating make you productive and increase the creativity and also increasing the learning so mild density is normal expected response to daily events highlightnets or awareness or increase the perceptual field allow for optimal functioning so this is the benefit side of things mild anxiety or beneficial for learning if you have mild anxiety

Most of the times patients are restlessness irritabilities and increase the motivations what else moderate anxiety the focus is on sudden or decrease the concentration or attention span or perceptual field or me hinder problem solving moderate anxiety narrow the perceptual field select the in attentiveness occurring learning of problem solving still occur

But patient present will increase the heart rate increase respite rate and sometimes patients present with gets through intestinal discomfort or muscle tension in case of severe anxiety severe anxiety is a feeling that sometimes something bad is about to happen a significant narrowing in the perceptual field focus is admitted to scattered details all behavior

Is directed at relieving the anxiety learning or problem solving are not possible so in case of severe anxiety so greatly decrease the perceptual field difficulty to completing a simple chats or effective learning is not possible so if your patient has a mind or modded anxiety if you tell them and go for relaxation technique breathing technique exercise

They can do it but in severe anxiety level anxiety it is not effective effectiveness learning is not possible so usually if the patient have a severe anxiety the most common presentation have feeling of death or headache no sheer nausea diarrhea insomnia palpitation and hype pantry lesson what else panic level anxiety the panic is associated with dead and

Cheryl or a sense of impending though the personality is disorganized the individual is unstable to communicate or function effective increase the motor activities occur loss of rational thought inability to concentrate occur and if prolonged panic can lead to exhaustion and death so the panic level anxiety loss of loss to contact with reality functioning and

Communication ineffective and learning is not possible and can be life threatening the most common presentation of panic level anxiety feeling of frame terror or impending dome and also hallucination or delusion sometime patient present with dilated pupil severe trembling or diaphoresis diaphoresis means sweating so if you patient have an anxiety then as

A healthcare provider what is our role or how we interact with them so it’s called nursing interaction so we first of all we recognize the anxiety establish the trust protect the client and do not criticized in copying mechanism or do not force the client into the situation that provoke the anxiety motor modifying the environment by setting limit or limiting

Interaction with others provide creative outlet and provide activity that is limit the amount of time for destructive behavior so three way to cope with generalized anxiety disorder or anxiety disorder so we have to try to keep them busy like social copying strategies emotional copying strategies and keep them busy by physical copying stress strategies so

If my patient has a mild and moderate anxiety we help patient with problem solving evaluate the copying mechanism and also assessment the patient and patient has successfully used in the past we provide outlet to relieve the tension like we educate your question how to do copying mechanism breathing technique relaxation technique or exercise because all of

These techniques reduce the anxiety here said anxiety in a client we provide a claim environment ask the client to identify what and how he or she feel courage the client to describe and discuss his or her feelings and help the client to identify the causes of feelings if he or she is having the difficulties doing so listen to the client for expression of

Health helplessness when you ask the open ended question then you give them time be silent and listen their problem and let them express their emotion document the events significant information action taken and follow-up actions and also the what is plant response here was something more about interaction if a client experience anxiety or we can immediate

Action art to provide a claim environment decrease environmental stimuli and stay with the client because safety is the most priority excessive stimuli would accelerate the anxiety next asking the client to identify what and how he or she feels and helping the client to identify the process of the feelings increase the client awareness of the connections between

Behavior and feelings this awareness will decrease the anxiety while listening to the client and the nurse observed for expressions to helpness and hopelessness that could indicate the self-harm in intentions the health providers follow up care as needed based on observations and assessment finally the nurse documents the events and significant informations

Actions taken and follow-up actions and also the client response so if my patient has a severe or clinic level anxiety what should my response definitely it is not same what i do for the mind or moderate anxiety if patient with the severe or panic level anxiety problem solving not possible for a patient experiencing severe or panic level anxiety so what we

Can do let me read it first promote the relaxation technique such as breathing exercise or guided imaginaries means visualizations so monitoring the vital sign and admin and anti-anxiety medication as prescribed most commonly medication we use is called benzodiazepine so first of all we have to die those are patients roll out underlying condition even any

Sometimes some medical condition can cause anxiety example hypothyroidism so if medical pathology is a different way to management we we should management underlying cause like hyperthyroidism if there are no pathological condition means anxiety because of psychiatry or psychological issue so rule out underlying condition is important the treatment we should

Talk or it is called top therapy can work or also cognitive behavioral therapies some pharmacology like ssri benzodiazepine buspirone can work first of all we should provide the care for the patient based on anxiety level right and teach the patient how to recognize the sign of accelerating anxiety and intervention to reduce the anxiety like deep breathing

Techniques and exercise now here mild to moderate level help the client identify encourage the client to talk help the client identify thoughts and feelings encourage the problem solving and carries the gross moral exercise in case of severe or panic reduce the anxiety quickly use a clean manner and always always remain with the client minimize environmental

Stimuli provide clear sample statement and use a low pass pitch voice attend to the physical need to the client and provide gross motor activities admin and anxiety medication so in case of severe or penic level move the patient to quite setting because safety is the priority and keep and remain with patients and when you talk to the patient speak slowly

And clearly provide for the patient’s physical needs means food rest shelter and safety

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Anxiety Disorder: Different Types, Symptoms, and Treatment Options Mental Health Anxiety Disorders By Evolution Health Academy