June 1, 2023

Anxiety can make us feel everything! When we have anxiety it can make us more sensitive to anxiety symptoms or even normal body sensations! This hypersensitivity is quite common!

What is up guys welcome back so today i want to talk about anxiety and sensitivity how you feel everything going on in your body more so than you did before you dealt with anxiety some normal sensations and some obviously anxiety caused sensations so we’re going to talk about that my experience why this is happening hopefully it can make you feel more at peace

Knowing that you’re not alone in this but you know what time it is smash that like button down below if you’re ready to kick anxiety in the butt today i showed up today i was thinking about not making a video i’m sick i got a sore rattly throat i’ve been coughing all day and we’re in the process of moving but guys i showed up we’re going to be consistent i want to

Keep this video train going all right so be a part of that subscribe if you’re new here be a part of the family tons of videos like this to help you with your recovery process so i think there are two different kinds of sensitivity there’s one that’s more sudden it’s quick it’s acute right that comes with a panic attack or an extreme episode of anxiety we go into

Fight or flight our body wants to run away or it wants to fight something off that’s dangerous but guess what there’s nothing dangerous around us so what do we focus on and feel more the symptoms the heart rate the tension the ibs the headaches the numbness the tingling our blood pressure our heart rate we feel everything okay and not only that our senses go up

We’re more aware of everything happening around us and it’s a goal to keep us safe to keep us from dying basically right so that’s the first version the second version i think most of us develop the longer that we have anxiety and the more that we focus on our symptoms it starts with having anxiety symptoms in the beginning so in the beginning we get so used to

Putting focus on our anxiety symptoms that they magnify they get worse and i just want you to think about whatever symptom bothers you the most you probably focus on it for instance in the beginning was chest pain so i have chest pain so i’m sitting there thinking like oh my god what’s that what’s that and i would just focus on it so it would hurt worse and worse

And worse any symptom that you put a lot of focus in is going to magnify that goes for headaches twitching it doesn’t even have to be pain it could be you being breath conscious you sit there and focus on your breathing enough you’re gonna freak yourself out okay it could be any symptom numbness tingling because your subconscious actually realizes oh that message

Is actually working to get his attention so i’m going to continue to do it so our sensitivity starts to go up in general because we get used to focusing on anxiety symptoms and listening to everything going on in our body but then we start to run into problems where we are now sensitive to normal sensations okay food moving through our digestive system right

Feeling our heart beat but we can feel it a lot more now than what we could before may not even i mean there were moments in the morning where i could tell how fast my heart rate was going it was more at rest like maybe let’s say 70s right after i woke up and i could count the heartbeats just because i was so sensitive i didn’t have to do this okay i was sensitive

To everything i could feel my heart beat whenever i put my head down on my pillow i don’t ever notice that now but i did back then any type of gurgor or bubble or movement in my stomach i could feel it so much any weird sensation that was on my skin i could feel it just like that i basically trained myself to feel everything and you know one of the craziest things

About this is we’re so worried that we’re dying or something that is horribly wrong with us but you’re actually more alive than somebody else you feel more than somebody else i know you don’t want to feel more right now but think about a panic attack you’ve never been more alive than you having a panic attack yet you think you’re actually dying and having a heart

Attack and you also have to realize guys desensitizing the body is a part of recovery as well right you got your routine your structure your exposure finding out the root causes and trying to resolve and handle those right process those but also just the desensitizing process so a lot of people they’re making good headway they’re exposing and everything like

That but since they haven’t fully desensitized they could feel something random in their stomach right one day and it’s like well how are you gonna respond you know do you understand that you’re still just sensitive or are you gonna jump the gun and assume that you have some type of digestive cancer and see i would make some good little improvements in between

Each of my disease scares but something that i didn’t understand in between was that i still was sensitive to the things that i was feeling in my body maybe i was starting to get better hell maybe i started actually recover some after my cardiophobia incident but then i had a sensation in my stomach and because i was still sensitive to it and i honestly think it

Was just a normal sensation instead of anxiety because i was doing actually pretty good for about a month or so but since i put my focus on it that symptom stayed and then i assumed the worst jumped on google and that was also the common theme in between in between each of these symptom changes i would jump on google and assume that it was the worst thing at

The top so i was still sensitive i was doing better but i could still feel a lot of things so that’s another tricky part even if you’re in recovery you’re still probably more sensitive than joe over here okay so understand you can feel things that other people can’t really feel there was a guy that i was coaching and i’m not going to give his name of course but

He complained about palpitations right fit guy healthy guy he went to the cardiologist he wore the thing he said like you have like 10 of the palpitations that most humans have meaning you’re extremely healthy so even though he was only having 10 percent of the palpitations that most people will have during the day he felt them more so than anybody else they

Felt so powerful so magnified and again when it comes to our symptoms and being sensitive i think it lowers our pain threshold the more sensitive obviously we are it’s got to be more painful those of you that deal with the lump in the throat it feels like there’s a freaking baseball in your throat which is why a lot of people with that start to fear especially

Whenever they have it long term or chronically that they have something in their throat lodged in there or they have a tumor growing they think they have throat cancer been there done that and then they go to the doctor get checked out and there’s nothing down there no evidence of anything but that tension is so real but and you’re so sensitive to it it feels

Like a tumor basically is in your throat something else i dealt with pressure in my right ear for about a year and a half to two years and i think it was just something that was kind of ongoing but i was super sensitive to it and i went to the ent a bunch and they they didn’t want to give me a cat scan she said she looked down there there’s nothing wrong so she

Decided to finally do a pressure test and she said it was one tick off and that i shouldn’t be able to feel that but it felt like something was stuffed in my ear it was that real but it was because i was sensitive to it so a lot of the things that we’re feeling could be a one or two on a one to ten scale of being able to be felt or pain right but it’s a five

Six seven eight nine or ten for us because of our sensitivity to it if you made it this far in the video go down below in the comment section and comment anxiety sensitivity is real anxiety sensitivity is real guys i had three people sign up for elite anxiety boot camp today if you have not gotten this course do yourself a favor and do it if you’re ready to put

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Anxiety Makes Me Feel EVERYTHING! (Anxiety & Sensitivity) By Trey Jones