December 8, 2022

Hello what’s up i hope all of you are doing well so today i want to talk about anxiety nofap and ssri medication or in other words antidepressants so uh i have been on them since three and a half year and to be honest they aren’t actually a cure they don’t cure you but they help you for a period of while until you manage your life the real thing that can cure

Is meditation exercise whenever i had anxiety i used to take it and i was i was actually dependent on them i was most of the time i was dependent on ssr medications and i’m still over them i’m not of them but slowly my dog is decreasing my medications and i hope within a month or two i will come out of them and they aren’t actually a cure they don’t cure you

But they help you a lot but whenever i get anxiety without once i try to quit medications but after a few days my anxiety came back and it was very overwhelming my heart was pounding at night i was unable to sleep i was sweating most of the time i was unable to make eye contact my social anxiety came back my anxiety my heart palpitations my dizziness everything

Came back so in the end the thing that helps you is no fab streak healthy habits and yeah your own mindset you need to work with this thing if you’re depressed you need to find the causes of your depression you need to find out what’s causing me depression why am i being depressed is it something outside or is it something inside and most of the time the answer

Is it’s inside the people outside don’t harm you don’t blame the people outside you it’s this that’s causing you anxiety that’s causing your depression you are the reason you’re getting anxious you’re the reason you’re getting depressed soon you need to change your mindset start reframing start exercising start meditating start eating healthy start asking for

Help from others go for a walk go out for a run you don’t need to stay dependent on medications and remember stay away from porn and masturbation at any cost if you want to get better because in my case whenever i pee a mood my anxiety came back whenever i pay more my social anxiety came back whenever i appear more my depression came back so actually it’s not a

Cure fear moving is not a cure it actually worsens your anxiety it actually worsens your symptoms so pmo is the reason i have been on these meds since 3.5 years pmo is the reason i have been depressed since then pmo is the reason i’m lost since three and a half year and uh i need to get my life back and i’m much recovered since a few months i started reframing

I started meditating i started jogging and i’m much better now though medication didn’t help me much though it did help but it doesn’t help that much as much you expect from it it’s not a magic pill it won’t just let your worries go away they are there they’re inside you once once you get over medication once you get off medication the symptoms will arise back

What would you do then you need to look at yourself you need to see in the past is that thing causing me anxiety it’s not the present moment it’s the past moment something that happened your past like traumas some accidents something else into work with them and accept them thank god they happen to me they are the reason i am that much experienced now and thank

God i suffered because my suffering made me a better person you need to practice gratitude so that’s it for today peace out

Transcribed from video
Anxiety Nofap & Antidepressants – SSRI, Benzodiazepine, Fluoxetine, By Fearless Kash