February 1, 2023

I want to apologize in advance for my next day makeup, non brushed hair self. I want to jump into making a video while I was motivated to do so!

Hi everyone it’s chrissy i’m making videos i want to start making videos about my journey with sertraline i originally was taking sir trilling about i it’s my four-year-old do you need some tissue no so i was taking circulating about a year ago and i was on it for about three months so i started off at 25 milligrams and i ended up taking 25 milligrams for about

A month and then they moved it up to 50 milligrams and that’s what i ended with i never went further than that but when i was taking it the first time the only thing i really noticed side effects was was really dry mouth um what else really vivid dreams i remember having really vivid dreams i don’t know if there’s anything i can really complain a whole lot of

Um and i’m honestly not sure if they were really effective for me at the time because when i was taking them i was not taking them every day like i was supposed to there was a lot of days i skipped and i don’t think i was getting the full effects of it so i don’t know i kind of just eventually just stopped taking it just because i wasn’t really taking it every

Day like i was supposed to anyways so it was it felt like it was kind of pointless to me but this time around i do want to try taking it again uh for one because i didn’t notice there was any side effects to it for me that was something that i couldn’t handle or anything um so just last month i tried to start taking it again on my own without talking to my uh

Provider or anything so i just tried uh taking a 50 milligrams what i ended off on because i still have the pills that i had before um i still have a bunch of those left and after trying to take the 50 milligram i had it might be tmi i just had a bunch of diarrhea like it was really really bad and then i felt really nauseous i’m like okay i don’t know if it was

From the pill which obviously it probably was so it’s like okay i’m just not gonna take that again because my body is obviously not handling this well so i know there’s side effects to every medication but i just didn’t want to have to go every day doing that it was just it was bad so other than that that was it so i didn’t take any more after that i apologize i’m

Working from home too uh so there was nothing other than that the first i mean when i tried to take that one and then i just i wasn’t gonna try again so fast forward to what was that three maybe three weeks ago or something like that i tried to take it again the 50 milligram and everything was okay until like about three hours later i noticed my right peripheral

Vision i started seeing like a bunch of really weird stars just in my peripheral and i don’t know in my upper vision it was really weird so after that started going away that lasted about 20 minutes probably it felt a lot longer probably longer than that and then after that started fine after that finally stopped i started getting a mild headache and i was

Like okay um a little headache okay but then it started getting more severe so i ended up it got it got really bad so i ended up getting a migraine the worst migraine in my life only my second migraine in my life but it was the worst it was worse than the first time i ever had one which was from another prescription that i tried years ago probably in 2016.

Um so i was like okay that had to have been that but my headache it lasted it lingered for another two to three days so i was a little worried i talked to my my doctor and he just wanted me to keep an eye on it to make sure the headache was going to go away if not they would have sent me in for a ct scan but he said it was most more than likely uh just jumping

Right back on that prescription at 50 milligrams i’m i guess i need to start at 25. so i was like okay i’ll see how this headache goes if it goes away and then uh so i never i didn’t try it again just up until yesterday i did but i talked to him first he told me to go ahead and split them in half since i still have the 50 milligrams and there are tablets so

He told me to split it in half i took my first one my first half 125 milligrams yesterday i didn’t know i didn’t notice any side effects other than like a slight headache yesterday evening uh nothing that i couldn’t handle and then i took another one today around noon so it’s been about an hour and a half ago it’s permanent okay so i ended up taking another

One today about an hour and a half ago so far nothing but it’s still a little early so i guess we’ll see but anyways i am noticing my mouth is a little dry though keep water handy that was one of the things that i experienced the first time around the first time i was taking it so so far i feel fine i guess i really didn’t need to start with the 50 milligrams

Because that just turned my whole world upside down it was awful um i don’t know if anybody else has really experienced anything like that but i just know it was rough um so as far as my anxiety goes i my anxiety i don’t know sometimes i feel like i have panic attacks like i feel like it’s hard to breathe i feel like my chest feels like there’s something like

Just kind of like pushing it in pushing it together i don’t i don’t even know and then i just feel my heart start racing and then i’m thinking more and more about it so it’s making my anxiety worse so usually i’ll just get up walk back and forth i’ll drink a bunch of water to try to settle myself down um i try to play games on my phone to try to get my mind on

Something else other than the anxiety that i’m experiencing i bite my lips a lot i pick up my nails one of the main things that had me scared when i first noticed that i did have anxiety when i was told i had anxiety was brain fog um so it pretty much is a feeling that feels like you’re not really here it kind of feels like a dream and that’s one of the things

I’ve been going through since 2015 and i’ve kind of gotten used to it but sometimes it’s like okay it’s worse than others especially around my time of the month it makes it a lot worse like it just makes me i don’t i’m not motivated um no energy i’m you’re easily irritable i mean there’s a few a few different things um i was also told i have border told i have

Borderline depression and of course i have ocd but what’s really driving me crazy is i do have ocd and i used to clean like crazy and everything had to be in a certain order a certain way but now since i mean i have ocd and then on top of that with anxiety slash borderline depression i going crazy because i haven’t been motivated to do anything like clean because

I mean for one my four-year-old i have other kids too but my two other boys are in school but my four-year-old he just likes to throw toys and her he’ll just leave toys all over the place and i’m just i just feel like what’s the point i mean if i clean up you’re going to go right back behind me and do the same thing all over again so i’m not really motivated and

It’s driving me crazy because there’s things not in the spots where i want them to be but it’s like i don’t want to do it i don’t want to i’m not motivated no energy it drives me crazy so i just i kind i want to feel normal again i want to go back to feeling normal as normal as i can feel anyways um not sure i mean i’m sure i can go into more detail about my

Anxiety uh like more symptoms but i don’t really want to get emotional i really don’t um so i’m gonna see what the search really does for me this time around i’m gonna actually take it when i’m supposed to take it uh i’m gonna take it on time same time every day thinking maybe 10 o’clock in the morning uh some people take it at night time because it stumped

To some it makes you sleepy i don’t think it’s ever really had that effect on me so i think i’m going to try taking it at 10 every day i don’t know who knows maybe i’ll switch it up to right before bed we’ll just see how it goes this time um i will update on anything i get really sidetracked easy too i forget what i’m saying um that might be part of mommy

Brain too what are you doing hold on just a minute so anyways um i’m sure the next video i make i’m gonna have to be more organized because i don’t even know where i’m going with anything right now um i just wanted to make a video to go ahead and start my journey with search really again for the second time only this time take it like i’m supposed to be taking it

Because i mean if i’m skipping days i’m not going to you’re silly i’m not gonna get the results that i want and that the whole reason i’m taking this if i’m skipping days so i will write down a list of exactly why i did start taking circulating um any side effects that i may be experiencing with it today is my second day if i didn’t already say that yesterday

I took a half of a 50 which is 25 milligrams i took another half today um and i’m gonna continue doing that for two weeks and then i’m gonna jump back up to the 50 milligrams um wish me luck because i’m i’m terrified to get try the 50 milligrams again and then um i will give updates okay sorry so i will give updates um again like i said i will write down some

More stuff that i need to actually talk about and actually be organized for my next video i just wanted to go ahead and like jump in real quick i mean i’m a mess today um i just wanted to jump in real quick and just get this started uh if anybody has questions because i know if there’s people like me out there who are looking i’m making four videos i’m almost

Done just few more minutes just a few more minutes maybe just one minute so i know there’s people out there like me who are looking i’m just doing it a lot of times can i play with my bike outside yeah what what mom so we’re outside now he wanted to ride his bike but anyways okay so today’s the second day 25 milligrams um after two weeks i will start back

At the 50 milligrams i will continue to give updates um because i know there’s people out there like me who will review any and everything or look up any and everything look at videos uh see what others think about whatever whatever it may be like me before i started taking search ruling before i finally actually decided to take one i was looking at videos

Of side effects what everybody thought of them how they affected them if it actually worked so that’s what i’m hoping to do i want to help those like me find what they need my anxiety is just bad i just need to i’m trying to get it under control um not only for myself but for my kids my husband because sometimes i just feel like i’m going crazy and if there’s

Something that can help um i’m going to do it ow sorry cat i got my friend nice all right so again once again i will write down i will be more organized on my next video um probably won’t be all over the place um what is that yeah i won’t be all over the place next time i will have all my thoughts written down on paper so i am ready and organized side effects

Uh just the way everything is going updates anything like that if you have any questions comment down below uh don’t forget to subscribe if you want to be a part of my little search relean journey um so yeah as you can tell i’m not used to making videos i completely am sucking at this right now and me being a mom my brain is like scattered as is anyways so

Yeah if you want to follow me subscribe see my next videos keep updated i will let y’all know well i hope this video helped at all i don’t know if it really did it’s pretty much just me telling y’all what i’m doing there’s no real update or anything right now um only thing that i noticed today dry mouth which i have some water with me and that will be it i will

Be posting a video maybe in a few days thank you

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Anxiety | Taking Sertraline 25mg AGAIN. My Sertraline Journey, Day 2 By WithLoveKrissy