June 4, 2023

Hey guys!!!! I know it’s been a while but I was finally able to film an update for you guys today and all of you have been on my mind!!!

Hey guys i’m finally back i know it’s been a good long minute and i apologize for that life is as usual just been hectic and i’ve been gone through a little bit but i wanted to get on here and make an update for you guys because i know it’s been a long time since i have and i’m so sorry um that it’s taken me this long but yeah the last time that i was on here i

Think yeah i was still actively taking bruce barone and since then a few things have changed i am no longer on boost boro not because it wasn’t effective or anything like that i just didn’t want to be dependent on something anymore and it’s totally okay if you are and some people really need to be at the time in my life where i was on boost barone i needed to be

On something i needed to be on boost barone i had to be because i was having these panic attacks and back-to-back-to-back like all day somedays and i couldn’t handle it anymore so but i realized that i was getting to the point where i was getting better and i was not having panic attacks as frequently so therefore when i got to the point where it had been like 2

Months since i had had a panic attack i decided to wean myself off of the medicine also another reason and i still don’t really know if foos brown is to blame for this i don’t really think so but maybe i was getting really bad migraines and i mean horrible horrible migraines like debilitating migraines and it was really starting to affect me so i read that that can

Be a side effect of boosts perón and my doctor also agreed yes that it could be triggering my migraines so i did come off of my boost barone and i have been off my boost barone mmm a little over a month like completely totally off of it a little over a month and i have still not had a panic attack since then which i have had a couple of times where i’ve almost gone

Into panic attacks but i have not had an actual full-blown attack and there are some things that i have started doing that i feel like really have just really really helped me through my anxiety one being and this is just something that kind of thought about doing after having repeated panic attacks over usually mine are triggered by pain that i’ll feel like in my

Chest like chest pain because you know my mind goes – oh god i’m having a heart attack you know just little just any weird sensation will trigger me into a panic attack so what i started doing i started journaling my symptoms whenever i would be you know for example having chest pain and feeling really anxious about it i would write down in detail and i still do

This i’ll write down in detail what kind of pain it is and and just i try to be as descriptive as possible when i’m journaling these and then that that is so i can go back later on when i have the same symptoms and i’m anxious about it and i can look at my journal entries and be like okay i’ve had this before and i lived to see another day you know so and i know it

Sounds silly but it’s actually really really really helped just the other day my chest was just like i felt a lot of pressure in my chest which i think for me i think it was like a acid reflux type thing but i had went back and looked in my journal and i had had that a million times before and gone to the er and it’s been a bunch of you know medical bills and all

That stuff add up so it was nice it’s nice to be able to look back and be like okay i’ve had this before i live through it okay cuz it’s just not that easy when you have anxiety and you have panic attacks i mean you guys know how fast your mind can let you just spiral down and you just fell out of control and you end up in the er well i started journaling and that

Is really helped with that and not even journaling sometimes i will record myself like to myself like a video like this but i’m like describing my symptoms and how i feel about it so that is one thing that i have started to do that i feel like has really helped me and my anxiety because yeah i do i mean even yesterday when i was driving home from work not feeling

Anxious not feeling really stressed out in particular you know and i felt like a weird shift and my stomach if that makes any sense and it almost sent me into a panic like i felt my heart start speeding up and stuff and i’ll talk to myself i literally had to be like it’s okay you’re okay like you’re good and that doesn’t always work it just it just doesn’t um back

When i was having full-blown just full-blown panic attacks that that wouldn’t have worked for me but i just want to get on here and update you guys i love all of you guys so much and your all’s comments and just you all mean a lot to me and i feel so bad that i have not been able to get on here and make you guys a video i’ve been kind of going through a season in

My life where i’m feeling really self-conscious about myself i’m really self-conscious about i have a smoothing effect on my video right now because i’m so insecure about my i have scars on my face and it’s really with my my confidence if we’re just being honest so i’ve kind of hid away from the world for a little bit i’m just going everyone goes through stuff

Like that where they just you know they’re not feeling their best i have gained weight you guys can probably see in my face i’ve gained weight and i have not just i’ve not been feeling the best about myself so i’m sorry that that has kept me from you know reaching out to you guys and connecting with you guys cuz i just love hearing from you guys and i need to get

Better about responding to comments i was doing great for a while but i am a mom of two and i work full-time and it gets crazy and you guys already know but lately i’ve been doing okay i feel like it’s almost like i’ve got so many they’re things on my plate right now to worry about i’m trying to buy a house i’m trying to just get credit up you know that crap sucks

Um i’m trying to do all of these things and get my life together that i almost feel like i’ve got so much on my plate i don’t have time to be anxious about my health anxiety and that sounds crazy but it’s kind of relieving in a way like it’s it’s kind of a good thing i don’t know i’m sure you guys get what i mean but yeah so that’s what’s going on lately i’m not

On any boosts pirone i still have bottles of it are a couple bottles of it in case i do decide to go back on it because i still believe that it’s a wonderful medicine and also if any of you all do decide to come off of boosts barone let me know and i’ll make a video about what i experienced coming off a boost brohn because you can’t hardly find about it anywhere

On youtube or on google and it was kind of an odd experience for me but everything is well now so just comment down below if there’s anything you want to know about specifically or if you have any questions and i love you guys so much and i hope everyone has a wonderful rest of their week and hopefully i will make a video very soon

Transcribed from video
Anxiety update!! Still taking Buspirone? By Sam Talkz