June 9, 2023

Please watch this whole video i guarantee you it’ll be worth your time guarantee you i normally do food boxing food reviews but i’ve been doing these videos that my anxiety won’t let up let me tell you what’s going on with me now just when you thought it could get worse it’s really worse i need three thousand seven hundred dollars for a lawyer plus he charges

Uh it’s either 200 or 500 an hour i think it’s 200 an hour just so he can possibly write a letter so i can um hopefully not lose my home in addition to all that you know as well as i told you last time i gave up my pain medicine so i could get on benzodiazepines and then my pain doctor my primary doctor only gives me one xanax a day one milligram i used to be

On two milligram five times a day and that was when i wasn’t losing a house and not having withdraw withdrawal symptoms i just fell by the way from my new medicine let me tell you what happened with that so i saw the psychiatrist and she told me i can’t up your xanax or put you on ambient sleeping pill you’ll have to talk to the main psychiatrist and i’m like

I thought you were my psychiatrist she’s a pa physician’s assistant which no one told me this but when i got my ketamine treatment thursday she explained that to me and said tomorrow see the psychiatrist some of this already repeating but i’ll get into the real good stuff okay she’s like uh friday you’ll just come up here and see the uh the main psychiatrist

Maybe he can do something for you when we come up there early in the morning um but you’re not supposed to drive the car after ketamine for 24 hours i explained that to her and she’s like oh yeah i’m thinking you don’t know this you’re about ready to give it to me right now you know i can’t drive tomorrow i can’t be here so um i go on the app and it shows i’m

Supposed to show up in person then i talk to a lady and she gets an attitude me and she’s like why didn’t you request it to be a video visit i’m like my pa physician’s assistant was the one who’s supposed to do that so anyway i see him tomorrow i mean i see him the next day which was yesterday which was friday i told him i said one xanax is not enough for things

I am going through plus i’m going to go with withdrawal symptoms getting off my pain medicine he’s like why did you have the pain medicine the doctor you know whatever i was like it was for my request so that i could get on xanax or benzodiazepines like ativans xanax colonic and stuff like that to calm me down i’m gonna have to start having withdrawal symptoms

She’s like well i don’t know what to tell you about that but uh but but how’s your sleeping and i said well that’s why i’m requesting to be put on ambien i was put on it before i don’t have any bad side effects and it helps me sleep and i don’t wake up all drugged up and and and everything so he was what up he’s like what about ramiron i said sir i cannot take

Remeron i said it’s well documented in my in my records that that medicine i can’t sleep he’s like well it says here that you slept 36 hours i was like that’s the one because i can’t remember every single medicine but when you know i it when you tell me a little bit information like oh yeah that was the one for that i can remember that one because there’s quite

A bit of few medicines that i can’t take there’s a lot of antidepressants that make me sick and so wait till you hear what he did to me and i remember him too from years ago he even said on video call you look uh familiar i didn’t want to say anything because he was the same doctor that said something mean to me that i i’ll start breaking down crying if i tell

You what he told me years ago it wasn’t nice no one should say that to a patient to anyone maybe i will share it toward the end because i’ll start to cry so he’s like let’s just start shuffling remember on i’m like sir that’s not even a sleeping medicine i was like i need sleep he’s like oh it’ll knock you out because according to your records you slept 36 hours

I’m like i can’t afford to sleep 36 hours i got to get up to take my blood pressure medicine my antibiotics my regular antidepressant my abuse bar i said what about views bar can i take abuse bar he’s like yeah that’s fine the internet says you cannot mix the two it’s very dangerous this is the main psychiatrist of the hospital is acknowledging that he’s putting

On something that you’re not supposed to take with busbar which is an anti-anxiety medicine that’s not been working for me because it takes weeks for it to start working so i didn’t want to take the medicine but i took it about nine o’clock last night i have a very nice pill cutter because my boyfriend is in the medical field and he got a real good pill cutter

From work they gave him out for free so he didn’t steal it um they gave him several like go ahead and take these home or whatever and so i took 7.5 milligram of romeron which is the lowest i believe you can take i cut it in half i put the half in the bottle then i took that half a peel put it back in the pill cutter cut that in half okay so now we’re on a

Fourth you take a pill and you score it four times then i took that little tiny piece and i tried to score it and it broke off into a kind of big chunk and a little tiny chunk and i looked at him really clean you could barely see it okay barely see it because it’s so small by now and i took the one of the pieces and i kind of measured it and i kind of like

Broke it off so i took like a speckle let me when i say a speckle i mean it was literally i want to like show you matter of fact i’ll show you so this is the medicine right here okay this is 7.5 milligram okay and this is the other piece because remember i told you i broke it off i mean you can barely can you see the difference between the two it actually

Looks larger on the screen but it’s it’s not so i have this then i have to again and then i took that fourth and made a little tiny thing and then i went like this and took like a little tiny piece like that see this like that much and i felt the effect i would say within not right away i laid down and all of a sudden i felt like i don’t know how to explain

It but i was like whoa but not like in a good woe kinda like when you drunk like a whole bunch of shots of liquor and like quickly and then it hits you um it’s going on 6 p.m so i slept from 9 00 p.m until six six pm i woke up one time and i had to like drag myself because i had pee really bad um i can’t afford to sleep for two or three days i have to take my

Antibiotics every day i have a bad infection with my urinary i also have to drink a lot of water every day i need to take my blood pressure medicine every day i can’t afford to just stay in bed for days i also have to take my anti-depressant every day so thankfully i have rugs put down in the living room i was so out of it i fell over my shoulder hurts i’m

Fine like i don’t think anything’s broken but i literally fell over onto the carpet and hit my shoulder and right now i just feel like i’m extremely hungover i felt like i had a night partying drinking tequila shots all night like i don’t like this i’m so hungover i feel like i could crawl back in that bed and probably sleep another two days at least another

At least another 24 hours the medicine he put me on is not a sleeping pill when i took ambien in the past the last time i took it was because i had nightmares but before that was because of my identity theft and before that is because i was going through a lot of stress um and anxiety and dr piper which is no longer here anymore put me on it for a month i’ve

Never had an issue with this sleeping pill ambien it puts you to sleep and it wears off after six seven hours you know so i always get a good full eight hours sometimes seven hours sleep what i liked about ambien is i would wake up and i wouldn’t be drugged i wouldn’t be dizzy i wouldn’t be disoriented i wouldn’t fall over um uh i i just i i just i feel like

The worst hunger can you imagine if i would have taken like the full fourth or the full half um when i slept 36 hours years ago on it because i never take a full pill like any time they start me on a mission i don’t care what it is i check in a little tiny tiny piece so i would imagine the last time i was on that rimmer on i slept 36 hours i was i would imagine

It would have been at least half or less than that and if i would have taken a full half of one yeah i wouldn’t even be doing this video right now first i complain that i haven’t slept in 20 days and then he puts me on a medicine and not me knock me out this is not safe you know i need to not today it’s saturday but i need to drive like how can i take this every

Day when like i need to drink water i need to be awake you know i can’t be hung over every day this is you know it said patient slept 36 hours and instead of putting me on ambien which had no side effects you’re gonna put me on this and you’re not going up on my xanax and my shoulder hurts so bad i can’t take advil i can’t take a leave because though it hasn’t

Been proven that i have an ulcer i don’t want to lie the doctors think that more than likely i did because i’ve abused advil naproxen over the years popping them for degenerative discs in my back and neck before they put me on hydrocodone i could take tunnel from my shoulder and i already have i already took two a thousand strength and i and i took it with an

Apple it was very hard because i’m like nauseated like i don’t want to eat and yeah i just went to the bathroom and as usual it’s it’s still diarrhea still diarrhea you know i think i know my body enough that when i tell the doctors put me on a few xanaxes a day to calm my nerves i’ll continue with the antipresent till it kicks in and give me some sleeping pills

Called ambien because i’ve been on these medicines before and they work wonders but instead they’re trying all this other that they don’t know or they they know i sleep 36 hours um i’m sure i’m gonna have a big old bruise tomorrow i know one thing i think is my ass i ain’t taking this rumor on i can’t afford it you know monday i need to go to the county

Clerk’s office i need to go see some legal thing i need to go to the library because i had recorded the meeting and i have to dictate that on what’s going on with the title company so that i can give that to an attorney instead of me telling him and trying to remember he can see what was said i have a lot of stuff going on i can’t afford to be hung over on

Pills while i’m doing this monday um it’s like i’m suffering and he put me on medicine that’s making me suffer more i did have a lot of dreams though just because i ain’t slept in 18 days and i had a lot of dreams i mean i don’t remember them now but it was like back to back to back dreams i need to set up a gofundme or something i don’t know where i’m gonna

Come up with this money send me some love please some compassion an air hug positive vibes prayers anything um i’ll keep i always say i’m gonna put links below i’m gonna try to put my venmo or something if you want to help me out financially a little bit and it would go toward the lawyer it’s not going toward anything else it’s going toward legal fees i

Would say it’s going to my food but you know my patreon that i have that helps me out with food so i can do the food videos and it’s supposed to help me eventually buy a computer because i don’t own a computer so i can edit and make better content but right now if you support me on patreon that money is not going to any of that that’s going to decide for legal

Fees so i’m just letting you know that up front and um i just don’t want to lose my home i’ve lost too many houses already now am i saying for sure that i will lose my home no but my house is sitting on land that i don’t know and that is the fact this crazy that may sound it’s sitting on land that a bank owns i hope y’all have a good day um i hope i start

Getting better i don’t throw a pity party but it’s my life i i’m in hell and i’ve been in hell

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Anxiety Will Not Let Up! I fail Mixing Drugs! Buspiron WMirtazapine/ Remeron slept 36 HRS! By VeganEatsTreats