June 4, 2023

Ok you’re on big 0 for 13 when i tell you to do to help prevent air forgive all those any people who have argued evaluation a systematic review check until all is i to train and benefits of a baculum and another near kuala compared with a warframe aizen is more vary depending and home flow in retirement there were four in training for training in your defense one

Is something used to prevent the formation syllable 12 in the danes in a dude who have an operation to replace when they get it variants oh blockages that can result in really cholesterol atherosclerosis or other finishes just as you sub proposes work lot which obstructs the flow of blood and results in addition what a blood clot wants in a blood vessel it’s

Called i promise the clot breaks free and travels to when i was in another part of the body it’s called an amaz he’s a lot better discharge shopping body with bullets for they strike delicate if it involves lance at the brain it most often leads to show if it lands in the heart it usually causes a heart attack in atlanta belongs it’s called pulmonary animals the

Logs are especially vulnerable to embolism because blood passes through the lungs every time it circulating to do and from the heart often a number of god’s of shower belongs in an episode of pulmonary embolism once this happens the situation can be a life-threatening emergency formosus an embolism can be treated like one ok this is very important i’ll explain more

About other the drawable a relational the mo is the difference rolling south korean assistance northern ok continue with this whole show is american be used this call from of table lucien taken with or without fault why santa bae taking a pendulum around the same thing every day okay this is a very factor at here and old age mayor sayuri’s under the face diaries

Cancer more particles than creepy new products and room perversity okay a noble you are our tribulations when you’re around the globe and sing no more effective of work for enumeration of hemorrhagic stroke of the sentiment boil advancing on the world of unlivable archer correlation between but our bureaus of dragana leading network this is patrice wendling and

The annual meeting the american society of hematology speaking doctor and egg nelly about the recent results from the amplify extension trauma in clinical dilemma is innovation does reach equipoise on in a coagulation and the question what to turn answer but it is indeed quite critical situation because the doctor has muscle uncertainty but weather or something

Are some benefits you indeed in us they want to prevent recurrence but on the other hand x value so this simulation on the patient’s english it’s my position someone alternative would be to have safer approach allows that about me i price and give it that offerings associate options to have some consider and your results of the byzantine can reduce me to a

Tremendous safety cancer patients are mannequins rizal what this accepted that we applied to them what cancer is strongly associated feel someone with both ways can be the first manifestation of cancer the concentration camp since this amor in about fifty percent of cases in this particular study we had only one so fly assassination to cancel a chosen because

Is quite possible admission in cancer they require luck so they are not exactly position so couldn’t save his results can be and i support either okay we saw above it was all in bordeaux and what finding these days they’re wearing happy graduation school with judging effects in little stroke taking a big simone without a consult your doctor continue to take kevin

Is phil where a personal ok living from you are under power lines are affected to remove us away from the facility after to draw half with her i’m to tell me on twitter lil green terminators our entry 2008 hard bargainer offset by garage the reason my year of waiting ok around things look for 13 yrs very strong voltage even do belong to the latest emotional and

Depravation the flow of archer for relations will get benjamin for a cylinder chairman of them to both these visitors the roar of this i just wrong only in exchange we’ll get probably shake your name for championship you oh as the negatives happen what’s problem again education shape education you me too sick roger for violence’s of dvt oh something about

Okay he told fellow libra he didn’t can be managed i’ve been feelin the results all these the pros according to the system review and your auntie polar and thank you learn from very well about warfarin we were a lot celebrating of variety with drew and michael overseas and marion blade miss teachable moment is brought to you by the jewish health care foundation

And the pittsburgh regional health initiative statistics show approximately 600,000 cases of vte diagnosed in the u.s. each year so a team from upmc’s presbyterian and shadyside campuses decided to immediately you will complain you have a patient that’s lying in that and that their blood tends to stay stagnant is there not moving around enough so what happens is

That actually starts to claude and those plots have been whelming your body so you can end up with the blood cut your arm in your leg and your lawn or in your brain the surgical population has been covered by other guidelines and regulations and protocols so it was type of a bit the whole process and say how do we do this for every single patient that walks in 12

Hospital we knew we needed people from the clinical bedside but we knew that we also need a pharmacy representative because medications are big g part of prophylaxis mr. speck is hi my name’s alexis on one of the forms of the hospital we think it would be prior to discharge to discuss one of the medications that remain discharged on the master affirmative we also

Need an indie record room to be part of this one other thing we commissioned have some very specific guidelines on what we need to provide the patient’s then like each page to have one form of prophylaxis in place by the admission days org after they that prevents that blood from pooling in your half so prevent the book club you got it so we want some type of plug

In all at one of medical record that will come up every time it’s going to come up six hours after admission patient has divided order either for pharmacological we want to chemical form of her glasses per click directly to continue button and what’s going to open up for him or the btt order set where he could document this quadratic age that the patient has caught

In the glasses or a mechana for pharmacological form because what he recommends were set and what we first rolled it out the physicians were concerned about the alert put a process but now they actually love it because it allows them to place the order right at the time they get me over we need to make sure that on every discharge instructions that the best of the

Patient they clearly have a global position is no number whether they say it next and their next pt inr while driving okay so let me get this straight i call my doctor my schedule tuesday-thursday i go part of this video from home we saw our compliance as being and they four percent off i was initiated were in the 97th percentile on a consistent basis so every

Time we can meet every one of those standards more effectively te occurring with our patients all rights and will be loved making a fluid on the back here thanks i’m good ok

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