March 24, 2023

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Guys today we were going to talk about apple cider vinegar for type 2 diabetics and this is something you need to know there so stick with me hey everyone andrew l came here near times bestselling author renowned health and fitness expert and the men to help you live a healthier fitter and more prosperous life so welcome to today’s video and i think this is a

Really important topic because if you’re suffering with type 2 diabetes listen the alternatives i mean the cool thing about type 2 diabetes is not that it’s cool but the more optimistic thing compared to like stage 4 terminal cancer is that type 2 diabetes is completely reversible through diet and exercise alone and the alternative is that you rely on dangerous

Medications that unfortunately have many many side effects and interactions with other drugs that’s not a route i would like you to take but again i’m not here to tell you to go off your medication if you’re on them but i do want to let you know but apple cider vinegar because a lot of research has shown that it has tremendous health benefits and just you know

For health in general but also for type 2 diabetes there’s been some interesting research that has come out recently as well as in the past couple decades showing that apple cider vinegar has a compound called acetic acid which has a really beneficial effect for type 2 diabetics so basically two things that it does first and foremost what it’s been shown to do in a

Couple studies is they’ve studied groups of people who’ve had a meal and then another group with who’ve had a meal with apple cider vinegar before the meal and base what they found is that those who took the opposite vinegar before their meal had a lower blood sugar response after eating now that’s really important for anybody in general but also really important for

Someone with type 2 diabetes who is not able to get that blood sugar or the sugar out of the blood which means that your blood sugar remains very elevated and that becomes very dangerous and that’s why if types 2 diabetes can lead to complications like diabetic retinopathy diabetic neuropathy where you lose your limbs that’s all related to high blood sugar levels

So it’s very dangerous so apple cider vinegar all to do is have a little bit of it in water before your meals and all automatically you are helping to stabilize and control blood sugar response which is amazing right so a simple way to take this is a lot of people ask me like you know what’s the dosage how much do i take and i’ll see you like i don’t i don’t even

Care i don’t count i don’t measure myself what i do is i take a glass of water let’s say two cups worth 500 milliliters and i’ll put in roughly about one tablespoon so i like to see as you can see it’s kind of a kind of a brownish color so i like my water to end up being a little bit more yellowy orange so it depends on how strong you want to take it so you just

Have to kind of you know up the ante and see what you can handle but either way it’s a great addition to have before your meal and if you’re drinking liquids with your meal have some apple cider vinegar and your water and here’s another great option if you like fizzy drinks have some perrier or you know some kind of sparkling water add in again a tablespoon or so

Of apple cider vinegar squeeze in a little bit of lemon and now you’ve got an amazing healthy fizzy bubbly drink so if you instead of having the sodas this is a great digestive and healing tonic you can have during the day with your meals it’s awesome so that’s a simple way to use apple cider vinegar and i want to share one more cool benefit that the research has

Shown so very cool benefit in addition to reducing blood sugar response is that it actually makes your cells more sensitive more receptive to insulin so again part of the problem with type-2 diabetes is that your cells are no longer responding to insulin it’s like insulin has been hammering on the door forever and their cells are just like you know what do you like

Stop knocking on the door i’m not gonna respond anymore and that’s pretty much what happens when you have too much insulin all the time as a result of having too much sugar in the blood over and over and over so apple cider vinegar allows your cells to be like you know what insulin i’m gonna let you in this time so i’m gonna open the door let the sugar come in and

It’s all good so apple cider vinegar makes your cells more receptive to insulin and that’s the name of the game right that’s why when we look at drugs like metformin mint foreman’s goal is to do the same thing is to reduce blood sugar responds and to make yourselves more receptive to insulin more insulin sensitive so you could take metformin and deal with all the

Potential complications and risks that go with that or you could start adding apple cider vinegar into a healthy diets and watch what happens now again if you’re on medication please just consult your doctor but i guarantee your doctor is gonna tell you apple cider vinegar there’s no known research to support that there is go to google scholar type in apple cider

Vinegar type 2 diabetes you’ll see what you find it’s absolutely phenomenal and the best part is that listen diabetic medications they’re not cheap i remember seeing a study little while ago the average out-of-pocket expense for a diabetic in the u.s. is more than $5,000 per year so by contrast this two litres of apple cider vinegar will cost you a whopping twelve

Dollars per month so again the choice is yours i just wanted to present this information to you because apple cider vinegar is an amazing healing tonic and if you’re not using it you are missing out all right so what are you gonna do you gonna grab some apple cider vinegar right now the second thing you’re gonna do is i’ve got a free report called the diabetes

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And more prosperous life for now thanks so much for taking the time out of your day to join me i hope you have an awesome one i’ll see you soon

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Apple Cider Vinegar for Diabetes: More Effective Than Metformin? By Yuri Elkaim