May 29, 2023

Apple Cider Vinegar – Thyroid and Gut Support (You can do at home!) // Apple cider vinegar is a natural health remedy that can help to improve your gut health and digestion, but can it also help your thyroid? If you have low thyroid it can cause digestive issues like low acid and reflux, which can cause inflammation and reduce nutrient absorption. Watch this video to help improve your hypothyroid symptoms and support your digestion, so you can start healing with this quick and easy strategy.

Looking for an easy to do at home digestive support then you might want to consider using apple cider vinegar but why would we need acid support who should try this who shouldn’t and what is the best way to approach this apple cider vinegar strategy all that and more in today’s video and of course if you’ve been enjoying the content and you found it helpful don’t

Forget to subscribe to the channel and also ring the bell that way you’re notified when i post a video every single thursday if you’re looking for the best information when it comes to naturally supporting your thyroid you’ve come to the right spot my name is dr brabodal and i specialize in helping women with hashimoto’s and low thyroid to lose weight and improve

Their energy naturally and one of the big things that we often look at to help support that process is making sure that our digestion is working well so why do people have issues with digestion and low stomach acid well if we remember our thyroid gland is what sets the metabolism for all the different systems in our body and if we’re having issues with our thyroid

Then these other areas are going to tend to slow down this can cause a decrease in our stomach acid production which can not only make it difficult for us to initially start breaking down our food but it is also required for the signaling pathways that activate all the steps that follow it’s actually the low ph or the acidity of the stomach which signals to things

Like our gallbladder and our pancreas letting them know that they need to get prepared and that food is on the way one of the big issues here is when we have low thyroid contributing to low stomach acid production it traps us in one of those loops that we often talk about low thyroid causes problems with digestion and those digestive problems can then feed back

And cause issues with our thyroid gland additionally some other common causes of low stomach acid production include low glucose levels and low b vitamins the process of making stomach acid is very energetically demanding and both glucose and b vitamins are heavily involved in the energy production required for this process lastly be aware that certain kinds of

Food sensitivities and food reactions can also cause changes in stomach acid production i think people usually think about reactions to food causing an increase in acidity but that’s not always the case now some of these scenarios already sound like you you may be a good candidate to use apple cider vinegar but here’s some additional symptoms that you can look for

To make sure that it’s a good fit if you notice severe gas and bloating within 30 minutes of eating if you struggle to digest protein-rich meals or if you have a history of reflux all of these are big indicators that you could be dealing with a low acid environment in your stomach but keep in mind this is just the first step in the digestive process and issues

Here can have strong downstream effects so sometimes people have a multitude of digestive issues and they don’t realize that they actually relate back to changes in the acid environment in our stomach on the flip side if you’re someone who has a history of ulcers inflammatory gastritis or have issues with histamine sensitivity and breaking down fermented foods

Then you’ll probably want to steer clear of apple cider vinegar if you’ve dealt with some of these issues in the past but still feel like you could benefit from some acid support and you follow my recommendations that i’m about to discuss but you notice a severe increase in symptoms then it’s likely that those issues have not yet resolved this is not something

That you want to take care of at home and you should follow up with your doctor to see if there’s any changes or recommendations that they have for you to get this stuff fixed now if you have any questions so far either about why certain people have low stomach acid issues or the two different parameters or two different groups of people that should and should

Not try an apple cider vinegar challenge just let me know in the comments below i’d be happy to chat with you and help to clarify any questions you might have so now that we understand the scenarios that apple cider vinegar would be best for how do we actually implement it and there’s a couple ways that we can go about this to keep it simple you’re going to want

To grab your favorite brand of organic apple cider vinegar from the store take a tablespoon of it and dilute it in 8 ounces of water you’re then going to want to drink that about five to ten minutes before every single meal do this for a period of two weeks then reassess if you’ve been seeing great improvements then you may be able to decrease the frequency of

The apple cider vinegar usage as long as you continue to maintain the benefits eventually many of my patients go from using it three times a day to using it only one time a day in the morning by taking it before breakfast you can set yourself up for digestive success throughout the rest of the day while mixing one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and water is

The easiest and quickest way to do things i usually recommend a slightly more complex recipe to my patients that way things are more enjoyable for them when we tend to enjoy things it makes it easier for us to be more compliant and see success long term so in addition to the one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar i’ll have my patients mix that with eight ounces

Of unflavored sparkling water one teaspoon of honey and either a quarter or a half of a squeezed lemon if you’re adverse to the taste of the apple cider vinegar this is a great way to do it and even if you like the taste this is a fun way to mix up your morning routine and give you an enjoyable beverage to go along with your breakfast so if you struggle with low

Thyroid hypoglycemia or nutrient deficiencies and have symptoms like gas and bloating difficulty digesting protein and reflux apple cider vinegar may be a great support for you to try at home let me know what you think of the recipe and more importantly let me know how you feel when you start implementing some of these strategies if you like this video but need

More help naturally supporting your thyroid symptoms send me an email at contact and i can get you all the information you need to set up a free one-on-one consultation with me to determine if we would be a good fit to work together and help you out with some of these health challenges if you’re more interested in continuing to work on some

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Incredible i think you all are thanks again for hanging out with me you guys my name is dr brad bodel and i’ll see you guys next week

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Apple Cider Vinegar – Thyroid and Gut Support (You can do at home!) By Dr. Brad Bodle