March 28, 2023

Today I’ll be sharing with you, 7 Amazing Facts about Aspirin. Lots of good facts in this video.

Hello guys so today we’re going to be going over seven facts about aspirin number one aspirin has been used for a very long long time it dates back to 400 bc when doctors or medicine men or whatever they were called back then prescribed willow leaves to reduce pain today the acid from willow bark and willow leaves are still the active base ingredient in aspirin

Number two the guinness book of world records said aspirin is overwhelmingly the world’s top selling drug to keep up with very high demand the makers of aspirin have to make 100 billion aspirin tablets every single year there’s roughly 150 aspirin in every bottle so that equates to approximately 666 million 700 000 bottles every single year number three aspirin

Can treat more than 50 disorders no wonder why it’s considered the miracle drug aspirin can reduce the risk of heart disease strokes the risk of blindness kidney failure and 46 other disorders so an aspirin tablet every other day could possibly keep the doctor away number four here’s a mind bender if you suffer with asthma chances are you’re allergic to aspirin

Wait what yes it’s true roughly 30 percent of asthma patients are allergic to aspirin number five being a teenager can be hard sometimes let’s face it it’s awkward one huge reason why teenage years are awkward is due to acne breakouts if you suffer with acne i have great news for you aspirin can reduce swelling before people jump in the comments and say that

Aspirin does not reduce swelling let me make a disclaimer it’s very minimal compared to ibuprofen but anyways aspirin can reduce swelling unclog pores and even soften skin the active ingredient aspirin has antiseptic anti-inflammatory properties that help treat acne number six do your flowers ever droop their heads it’s probably because your flowers are suffering

With what’s called a migraine only but seriously though if you want to prolong the life of your cut flowers then drop two crushed aspirins into the water of the vase and watch your flowers continue to strive for another week or two and oh it’ll never have another headache until it’s time to bury them or whatever you choose to do with them after you know they pass

On number seven has anybody ever had their car battery die on them well i have a life hack for you open your hood and place two aspen tablets in each battery cell then you want to wait around for an hour try cranking the vehicle did it work did it did it huh huh what if it did make sure you subscribe immediately warning adding aspirin to the battery cell will

Shorten the battery life by 10 only use this life hack when you deem it necessary and you wait out all other possibilities thank you that has been a public service announcement brought to you by tr auto and there you have it that has been seven facts about aspirin if you like this video make sure you give me a thumbs up comment down below share with your family

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Aspirin: 7 Amazing Facts about Aspirin. The Miracle Drug of our Time! By TRAuto