June 1, 2023

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Hey guys it’s medicos is perfection ellis continuing our series about bleeding and coagulation disorders in the previous video we had a comparison between gp 1b and gp 2 b 3 a today i’ll talk about the famous anti platelet analgesic antipyretic an anti inflammatory wonder drug also known as estelle salicylic acid with that being said now let’s get started

Acetylsalicylic acid aka the wonder drug i wandered lonely as a cloud that floats on high o’er vales and hills when all at once i saw a crowd a host of golden daffodils beside the lake beneath the trees fluttering and dancing in the breeze william wordsworth we don’t write good english anymore we’re in trouble dear william you’re worth more than your words

Acetylsalicylic acid aka aspirin aka the wonder drug is antiplatelet analgesic antipyretic an anti-inflammatory one of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug although they we like to classify nonsteroidals into aspirin and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug because aspirin sconnie unique comes from the willow tree and if you check my video called a brief

History of hematology i’ve talked about the history of aspirin and the willow tree and bayer ag the pharmaceutical corporation why by the way what’s the difference between aspirin and aspirin aspirin small a is a generic drug aspirin big a is a trademark for the company bayer ag so if you decided in the future that you would like to launch a company to produce

Aspirin you can do it it’s perfectly okay however when you write aspirin on your bottles you have to write a small a not big a because big a is a trademark for bayer you don’t mess with our trademark okay you don’t mess with texas out the bear or german they are not from texas but anyways mechanism of action of aspirin irreversibly inhibits the cyclooxygenase how

Does it inhabited by acetylation it’s called acetyl salicylic acid for heaven’s sake when you inherit the cyclooxygenase you don’t get any thromboxane here too so there is no platelet aggregation this is called irreversible non-competitive antagonism of cyclooxygenase irreversible mean you cannot go back non-competitive antagonism which means you cannot add another

Drug to compete with aspirin at the same receptor it’s not gonna happen it’s uncompetitive after taking the last aspirin pill how long do you have to wait until platelet restored their function you have to wait 48 hours you have to wait for the old platelets that have their cyclooxygenase inhibited to die and for the bone marrow to release megakaryocytes be destroyed

In two players the new platelets have normal cyclooxygenase they can produce from boxing in two and you can function normally again question those aspirin inhibits cyclooxygenase one or cyclooxygenase two and the answer is both aspirin inhibits both cyclops rene’s one cycle of change – how about prostaglandin i – a prostacyclin aspirin doesn’t inhibit it it’s gonna

Be more sophisticated okay in the beginning it inhibits prostacyclin but at the end of the day there is no inhibition because the receptor is whatever i’m being accustomed to the aspirin blah blah blah i don’t care membrane phospholipid into our academic acid cycle oxidase you have the prostaglandin lightbox renée’s you have the look with trying prostaglandin g2

Prostaglandin h2 depending on this you have thromboxane a2 prostaglandin i – also no that’s prostacyclin thromboxane into is pro coagulation process icon is anticoagulation aspirin inhibits the pro coagulation that’s why aspirin is anti platelet that’s why if you take lots of aspirin aspirin you’ll bleed is aspirin anti platelet because it inhibits cyclooxygenase

One or cyclooxygenase two and the answer is because it didn’t have its cyclooxygenase one i know that aspirin inhibits both but it’s anti platelet properties are due to cyclops release one inhibition because cybox tarnish one normally protects the stomach endothelium and normally is procoagulant via thromboxane a2 when as friend destroys an unboxing it to its anti

Platelet doses baby at low dose aspirin is anti platelet that’s why we call it baby as friend we used to call it baby aspirin because we used to give it to babies but then we discovered something called erisa syndrome it happens to kids after taking aspirin especially when they have infection then we stopped giving baby aspirin to babies and we gave baby aspirin

To the elderly because it’s baby it’s low dose therefore it’s anti played it it’s cardioprotective in the uk at 75 milligrams and the united states baby it’s 81 milligrams at high doses or moderate to high doses aspirin is analgesic antibiotic anti-inflammatory and the uk it’s 300 milligrams and in the united states it’s around 25 milligrams baby you can get my

Perfectionist ultimate notebook +20 lymphoma cases plus 25 bleeding cases at patreon.com forward slash medic osis before you give as friend make sure that the patient is not allergic because aspirin is immuno genic and the patient has no increased risk of bleeding because a sprain will lead to bleeding because it’s antiplatelet hello how do we eliminate as friend

From our bodies it’s called zero order elimination baby especially at high doses of aspirin what the flip is zero order elimination and pharmacology there is a difference between first order elimination and zero order elimination today i’ll talk about the zero order elimination a constant amount is being eliminated per unit time what the flip does that mean means

The rate of elimination is independent of plasma concentration or drug amount in your body okay what the flip does do both of these mean it means that every four hours for example we get rid of ten milligrams so we start with eighty milligrams of aspirin then we have 70 after four hours 60 after four more hours 50 a constant amount in this case 10 milligrams as

Being eliminated per unit time here it’s four hours the rate of elimination is independent of plasma concentration when we had lots of aspirin our plasma we got rid of ten milligrams per four hours when we have less aspirin our plasma we get rid of as friend again ten milligrams during four hours the same rate of elimination that’s why we call zero order elimination

So the rate of elimination is independent of the plasma concentration of aspirin there is no fixed half-life the t half is variable and i can mathematically prove it to you okay so here is 80 milligram half-life is the time you need for this amount to equal half so eighty two become forty four hours and four hours and four hours and four hours four times four according

To my calculator is 16 then forty in order for forty two become half twenty we needed only eight hours the t have the half-life is variable it was sixteen then eight then whatever it’s variable it’s not fixed because it’s a zero order elimination and if you plot the amount and the time on the graph it’s gonna be a straight line baby why because a constant amount

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Aspirin…Acetyl Salicylic Acid (ASA); the wonder drug! By Medicosis Perfectionalis