March 24, 2023

Hey everyone, this is my aspirin face mask, that works great on EVERYONE, and is SUPER CHEAP!!! I’m still not use to talking on camera, so I’m still tripping over all of my words….. hahaha

Hey guys it’s sarina i’m here to tell you about my very favorite face mask it’s an aspirant face mask so it’s super super cheap i only pay under a dollar for it um it’s perfect for every skin type oily skin acne prone skin redness um those acne scars that you get right here i really wish i would have done this video the first time that i did the math but i didn’t

Realize i was gonna have such amazing results so basically this is how you do it you take 10 to 15 aspirin you crush it up and i got it in a bowl and you add if you have acne prone skin you would you can add a citrus juice like i got blender our lime juice um if you have really dry skin extra-virgin olive oil a couple of drops and areas awesome you can now also add

Honey the first time i did i only use water and it came out great so you only add enough to make it like a thick paste and once you have that you go ahead you put it on your face and obviously i take my makeup off first but i hate doing that um and then you can let it set the first time that i did it i let it sit on my face for about 3 minutes drops back long and

I really like scrub my face and i think that’s why i got such amazing results is because when you’re taking it off um the little aspirin trunks just scraped all your discs and off i also have really bad dark circles so i pad it underneath my eyes but i don’t scrub too much because that skin right there is super thin for me so let me go ahead and take my makeup off

And show you how ridiculous i love with the space mask on right and see in america guys i’m back um i took off my face makeup and take off my eye makeup you can see now that obviously the dark hideous circles underneath my eyes and now you can see that all the red and acne scars that i have on both sides of my face but i am not lying when i tell you that it was

Way late worse last week um so now i have it in like a yo paste and you just it’s really messy really really messy so just kind of rub it in and like i said i just pat it underneath my eyes and aspirin has a lot of caffeine in it so it really helps with the with your skin especially underneath your eyes so i’m going to go ahead and finish putting on this ridiculous

Snowy snowman love her going on here and then i’ll light it sit on my face for 15 minutes and i’ll take a shower and then i’ll let you guys see what my skin looks like afterwards okay see you guys in a bit yeah i just got a hot shower um as you can see it did work pretty good so everybody please send me your responses and tell me yeah this person just as amazing

For you as it is for me alright thanks for watching guys bye

Transcribed from video
Aspirin face mask to get rid of acne scars and redness (for under $1) By serenapussycat