January 27, 2023

I tried this old trick my cousin told me about, didnt work..Big Fail.

All right we went and picked up the condenser i’m gonna put that away we’ll work on that another day i’m all loaded up i’m going to auto fair well i had a pretty good day at the auto fair i sold all the big bulky stuff mostly last couple times i went i didn’t even break even on the spaces but i did this time so that’s good i guess i could say i broke even for

Last three times i went so now i gotta put back put away what i had left and uh let me get after that suburban what i need to do there’s another thing i need to do i need to put that distributor in that firebird i’ve been driving it around with no vacuum advance for what quite some time i might as well put that in it i bought it all right i don’t put a condenser

In this thing see there and then i pulled a vacuum on it and that was two days ago and it’s still holding so that’s an excellent sign i’m gonna go ahead and clean this radiator out and then install it here before i gotta go in night night all right it’s all back together and the antifreeze is dumped in it that’s all i’m gonna do tonight because when i put a

New accumulator in it i forgot to add the oil for the accumulator i did for the condenser but not for the accumulator so now i gotta since i got it all sealed up i’m gonna buy one of them dealios squirt soil in there but i ain’t got one right now so we’ll let her sit like that for now seems like i’d fix that wing and paint it and get it on this car don’t it well

Saturday morning that suburban project is dragging oh because well partly because i ordered some stuff and i forgot to hit place order and that’s why it never showed up in at the house so a big dumb dumb move on my part let’s walk out here it’s been on vacuum for like four days let’s see if it leaked off nope i think we’re okay yes sir i think we’re okay all i

Need is a little bit more oil in it i forgot to put oil in the accumulator before i sealed it up so i’m waiting on one of them dleo’s to squirt the oil in it and i need to come back here and put this back together before it gets too i had to glue that back on there it was broke off and it was leaking oil whilst we was driving hurt not leaking oil leaking water

Which i don’t like you know there i got that little doo lolly back in with the speakers that’s pretty chintzy design but it is what it is there’s another project i thunk up just what i need right anyway i don’t know how much i’m gonna do today my buddy got milky ones threatening to go on the lake with a boat so you know i might have to join him but first i’ll

Clean up my workbench here from previous project messes put tools away where i can find them and then i need to put that wing over here after i clean that up a little bit and uh work on straightening it out actually i’ll throw that cardboard away and put a piece of plywood on it’s what i ought to do but we’ll worry about all that in a minute in due time also i

Want to go outside and conduct an experiment with a battery and aspirin you heard me aspirin all right this battery isn’t really meant to be a maintenance style battery but you know they had to put stuff in it when it was new so i pried it apart the battery shows 12.18 volts i’m going to add just a scotch of water and then i’m going to throw aspirin into each

Cell and see what happens all right we added water and it’s showing 12.18 volts now i’m going to put aspirin in every cell if you don’t believe it here we go one two three four five six i count good don’t i um all right let’s check the voltage right quick now but we gotta let it set a while i think i don’t know if it’s gonna change the voltage at all but we’ll

See 12.18 i’m gonna leave it alone i gotta go do something now i’m gonna show my bullet i’m gonna sell it so we’ll see how that turns out i don’t know if you can see in there but the extra strength back pain medici aspirin has dissolved mostly and it’s been i don’t know let’s see 20 minutes at least let’s see what kind of we had 12.8 before where i can’t do it

All with just two hands but it said 12.19 so we gained a tenth of a volt in 20 minutes all right i’m gonna go ahead and super glue this lid back down since it doesn’t stay put and we’ll give it a little more time see what happens that’ll hold it right all right i’m gonna come back a little while and see what happens all right it’s been like two hours it picked up

Two tenths of a volt it’s at 12.20 now anyway i’m gonna put the battery back in i don’t think it’ll crank that way but maybe it will i just want to see if it’ll hold a charge this battery is kind of kind of weak all right let’s see if it’ll start it will not all right let’s put the little jump box on it these little things right here are surprisingly powerful

I bet it’ll crank up now it’s worth having around just a little little thing there it goes see there dip it back up put it away it’s charging good i’m gonna drive it around around front and put the battery charger on there i guess i won’t know if the aspirin done any good until a week or so when i try to crank it up again all right so i left the thing on charge

On 40 amp overnight which is probably a little excessive but here’s what we see let me see if i can do this one-handed two-handed whatever haha so either i overcharged it or the aspirin was a worthless trick

Transcribed from video
Aspirin in a Battery? By MrHevyshevy