June 9, 2023

Dr. Klaper offers health advice on taking low-dose aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) for a stent. If your doctor has recommended an aspirin a day, he recommends the non-coated aspirin. Daily aspirin is recommended to people to prevent blood clots. Coated aspirin is used to prevent stomach irritation but also hinders absorption. It is recommended to take aspirin non-coated with food to prevent stomach irritation.

Today our viewer has asked i am on low-dose aspirin because of stents coated aspirin has chemicals so is uncoded better uh the short answer to this very important question is yes actually you want to go with the uncoded aspirin so why now aspirin is given for people who are on who’ve had stents placed and for other reasons to keep their blood clotting the uh

The aspirin prevents the platelets the little cells that float around their blood responsible for blood clotting it keeps them from forming clots and you need to take it on a pretty regular basis now the coated aspirin is intended to prevent irritation to the stomach lining and that’s a real thing if you take an aspirin on an empty stomach and it’s a full aspirin

Especially the full strength size the 325 milligram usual size uh and it goes down into your stomach and and sits on your stomach binding in an empty stomach as it dissolves the concentration of aspirin right under the pill is really high and due to the shape of the stomach the aspirin tablets will tend to fall in the same spot all the time and as the weeks and

Months go by is possible to cause irritation maybe even bleeding maybe even an ulcer and for that reason people are rightfully concerned about gi bleeds with aspirin therapy they said well let’s let’s coat the ass in a in a substance that keeps it from dissolving in the stomach that makes it dissolve further down the gi tract and then you won’t have a problem

Well that’s true and so a coating is put on the aspirin and they do not dissolve in the stomach so you think that would solve the problem but it turns out that that coating is so strong and good that the aspen tablet goes all the way through the entire intestinal fat down to the colon where it finally dissolves and it turns out that not much of it gets into the

Bloodstream and so the reason you were taking that aspirin to keep your platelets from setting off clotting actually where you thought the aspirin was going to give you this much in your bloodstream actually it only gives you about that much in the bloodstream and so if it’s not really protecting you then are you really ahead of the game by using coated aspirin

And most of the cardiologists say no you’re not you should really use the uncoated aspirin to get the blood levels of aspirin that you really need to protect the inside of your arteries so what about your stomach lining well the best thing to do then is just listen to the adage that all of us primary care docs lighting our fingers as we put people in aspen do not

Take aspirin on an empty stomach even a baby aspirin you want food in that stomach so the aspirin tablet doesn’t sit squares flush on the stomach lining um and with food in the stomach there’s going to be more digestive juices the stomach wall is going to be churning and the aspirin is going to break up pretty thoroughly and be dispersed so it doesn’t cause local

Irritation so to recap coated aspirins don’t give you the effect of anticoagulation that you really want from the aspen therapy use uncoated baby acid but always take it with food and plenty of water and hopefully you won’t have problems with the stomach irritation and certainly the gi bleeds that people are concerned about a good question take those uncoated

Baby aspirin but if you eat a whole fruit plant-based diet and keep your arteries all clean hopefully you won’t need a stent you won’t have heart attacks or mini strokes or all those other things that make the doctors put you on an aspirin in the first place so again the whole food plan based diet is your ticket to a long healthy life without baby ashford hi

Everyone dr michael clapper here announcing our new format for our q a with dr k andy hagan will be asking me one question that’s been sent in by our viewers so if you want to see if your question is getting answered do join us for our q a with dr k right here hope to see you then

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Aspirin – Non-coated Daily Low Dose Aspirin By Doctor Klaper