March 28, 2023

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Are you one of our patients or followers who’s using this medication aspirin this is dr mike welcome to our health talk by doc mike and have a good day everyone to all the viewers to all the followers and this is dr mike base in hong kong and if you’re new here don’t forget to like share and subscribe this episode we’ll discuss the uses and side effects of aspirin

This medication is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug or what we call nsaid so before we move forward to our discussion please do watch this so yes good evening everyone this is dr mike based in hong kong good evening to all the viewers though good evening to all the followers and uh if you’re new here uh i’m dr mike based in hong kong and if you missed

Our previous episode you can always go back check our library different health topics health education health promotion and health awareness so you can watch all those different videos but anyway as i have promised this uh episode is for our patient for our clients who are using this drug uh aspirin my question is are you one of them are you using this medication

Or totally unaware what is this medication all about okay this medication is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory or nsaid i think i remember this medication because when i was young when i had the fever my parents would always give me this uh drug aspirate so for tonight let me discuss this medication for all of you what is aspirin and what are the uses and the

Side effects of this medication and again to all the viewers watching if you have questions feel free you can chat us in the chat box uh and we’ll try to answer your questions anyway we move forward topic is all about aspirin the uses and side effects of this medication and did you know that this drug is a common medication for relieving minor aches and pains

And some uh fevers because as i have mentioned this medication is uh a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication and there are times people would always use this as an anti-inflammatory or a blood thinner people can buy aspirin over the counter without any prescription so everyday uses include relieving headache reducing swelling and reducing a fever so

That’s the main use of this medication however okay aspirin contains salicylate a compound found in plants such as the willow tree and myrtle way back in 4 000 years ago uh has been recorded this medication has been used previously okay and this medication is taken daily and aspirin can lower the risk of cardiovascular events such as heart attack or stroke

In people with high risk and sometimes doctors may administer aspirin immediately after a heart attack or prevent further clots in heart tissue death so this medication it’s not just an anti-inflammatory a blood thinner but also insect so i think some of our viewers might be interested about this medication in particular anyway moving forward to our discussion

About the uses of this drug okay the main uses of this uh drug aspirin is for pain and swelling okay if you are experiencing with headaches flu or cold sprains and strains menstrual cramps long terms condition uh particularly if you have arthritis or migraine so you can use this drug as i have mentioned this medication can be bought over the counter uh but again

You need to read the drug label moving forward aside from the pain and swelling this medication is also used in preventing cardiovascular events the daily use of low-dose aspirin can lower the risk of cardiovascular events in some people so however it is not safe for everyone okay so you need to visit your physician as well when you take this medication as we

Have mentioned this drug is used for cardiovascular events and daily use of low dose aspirin can lower the risk of cardiovascular events in some people but it is not safe for all however the food and drug administration or fda recommended that only using aspirin in this way under the supervision of your physician okay remember this under the supervision of your

Physician and this medication is recommended in daily dose of aspirin for people who have the following condition if you have heart or blood vessel disease okay have evidence of poor blood flow to the brain have high blood cholesterol have high blood pressure or hypertension have diabetes or if a person is a smoker however for people without these issues the

Risk of long-term aspirin use can outweigh the benefits moving on based on the recommendation in 2016 from the united states preventive services task force they recommended that adults aged 50 to 59 years old may take aspirin daily to prevent colorectal cancer as well as cardiovascular or heart diseases however this guidance only applies to adults in the age

Range okay who have at least 10 percent 10 year risk of cardiovascular disease do not have any high risk of bleeding have a life expectancy of at least 10 years and are willing to take a daily low dose for at least 10 years so you need to remember this their viewers their followers if you’re watching tonight that these are the recommendations if you are using

This medication do not use this medication right away but you need to visit your physician okay and you need to read the drug label doctors may administer this aspartame immediately this is one of another used uses of aspirin when treating coronary events so if your patient experienced heart attack stroke or another cardiovascular event to prevent further clot

Formation and cardiac tissue death so we our doctors usually prescribe these medications after patients have had stroke or heart attack so minimize the formation of further blood clot and cardiac tissue death okay moving on aspirin can also be part of the treatment plan for people who have recently had particularly revascularization surgery such as those

Individuals who have had angioplasty or coronary bypass surgery patients who have minister or transient ischemic attack and ischemic stroke which is caused by a blood plaque okay another uses because aspirin can also help treat pain and swelling associated with following chronic health conditions okay if you are experiencing rheumatic conditions including

Rheumatoid arthritis osteoarthritis in other inflammatory joint conditions systemic lupus erythematosus which i’ve discussed in past months as well as arthritis you can check our previous videos about arthritis and sle inflammation around the heart known as pericarditis so doctors may recommend a low dose aspirin also to people with retinal damage also called

Retinopathy who have had diabetes for more than 10 years who are taking anti-hypertensive medications with a risk of colorectal cancer so basically those are the uses of aspirin it’s not only for pain and swelling but also an anti-inflammatory medication because it’s a salicylate anti-inflammatory non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication and also this drug is

Also a blood thinner which is very beneficial for patients who have had stroke or heart diseases or heart attack moving on how about the risk and precaution because it’s also important to remember this because people with the following condition should be cautious about taking aspirin and should only do so if a doctor would recommend this medication particularly

For people having bleeding disorders such as hemophilia uncontrolled high blood pressure asthma peptic or stomach ulcers liver or kidney disease so again this may involve some risk and precautions under a doctor’s supervision people who are pregnant or breastfeeding may take low dose of aspirin however doctors usually do not recommend a high-dose aspirin during

Pregnancy moving on also remember this one anyone with known allergy to aspirin or to any other nsaid such as ibuprofen should avoid this medication because there are some patients who are allergic to aspirin also allergic to ibuprofen any nsaid or any medications with salicylates okay so remember that moving on about the side effects okay regarding the side

Effects of aspirin for the people out there watching tonight the most common side effects are follows patient may have stomach or gut irritation in digestion and some patients would experience nausea these are the common side effects of aspirin also okay we have the less common side effects okay the less common side effects are the following it may worsen

Your asthma symptoms patients may have difficulty of breathing some may experience vomiting stomach inflammation stomach bleeding and bruising aspirin can also have okay in addition aspirin can also have very serious side effects okay very serious side effects of aspirin includes bleeding in the brain or stomach kidney failure a rare side effect of daily low

Dose of aspirin which is hemorrhagic stroke so again before taking this medication you need to check the drug label because this medication as i have mentioned in my opening statement you can take this you can buy this over the counter however you should know the side effects of this medication because the very serious side effects of this medication may lead

To potential serious side effects such as the things listed on your screen bleeding in the brain or stomach kidney failure a very rare case of hemorrhagic stroke okay moving on remember this their viewers as we end this discussion as a summary aspirin can help prevent and treat a range of health issues but people under 18 years old should not take it without

Medical guidance you need to visit your physician aspirin is not safe for everyone especially in a daily dose other options for mild pain relief include other insects such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen aspirin is available over the counter or by prescription always follow the instruction on the label or a doctor’s advice this is specially crucial for people who

May be more likely to experience the side effects of this drug always remember be safe and be healthy always consult your physician so once again this is dr mike i hope you like our episode for tonight all about aspirin the uses and the side effects of aspirin and to all the viewers and to all the followers thank you so much for joining me tonight have a great

Friday everyone please don’t forget to follow us on our facebook page and also on our youtube uh channel healthtalk by dr mike and again see you again in our next live episode this is dr mike stay healthy stay happy and be nice to all have a great evening bye

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