February 1, 2023

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But you might recognize the box that your mama or your auntie keeps buying and keeps popping every day without being properly initiated and monitored okay these things are dangerous you guys hi guys welcome back to farmers oh this thing is shaky shaky okay you guys this day i have prepared for you a little bit of a did you know video about aspirin and all

The associated non-steroidal anti-inflammatories okay this video comes as a response to the highly abusive patterns of self-medication with aspirin dysprine even the baby aspirin the cardio the all the types of aspirins guys are highly grossly misused in otc sections and even as prescriptions for cv risk prevention and then the associated drugs like ibuprofen

Um industry and methicin um diclofenac um you know all of those uh and i’m just gonna put up pictures on the screen so that you easily recognize these drugs because you might not know the names but you might recognize the box that your mama or your auntie keeps buying and keeps popping every day without being properly initiated and monitored okay these things

Are dangerous you guys so this is a patient safety slash correct medication usage video you’re welcome grin antipyretic that means it’s against fever or it reduces fever analgesics so it removes pain and anti-inflammatory so it removes discomforts associated with and um actual inflammation right at the tissue levels i’m not going to go into the mechanisms of

Actions because that’s a little bit irrelevant what i want you guys to realize today is to really be super careful at your own and your family members habits around aspirin diclofenac endomethicine methanomic acid and the likes okay these drugs are double-edged swords they really produce relief but they also really cause some harm in various degrees okay if

You’re an elderly patient that is 65 and above 60 65 and you need to be extra careful okay and younger folks and so these drugs can precipitate nephrotoxicity which is a toxicity at your uh renal level and liver toxicity as well okay if you already have pre-existing conditions like hypertension and um renal impairment you need to really extraly pay attention to

This because danger zone okay red lights are going off right about now you need to find alternative methods means of relieving your pain if it’s rheumatoid type of pain then go see a rheumatologist to find an alternative see this is the thing people just come in day in and day out week in week out month in month out year and year out without ever having properly

Consulted to establish a correct diagnosis for a way forward they just get told oh my friend recommended my friend recommended diclofenac you know and it comes in kafenak it comes in panamor it comes in all kinds of brands myelin diclofenac etc and they just share it amongst themselves and once they experience relief they’re like okay it’s fine i don’t need to

Go consult the issue with this is that self-medication is only warranted for up to two weeks maximum i even say 10 days if your issue is long-standing further than 10 days it’s technically becoming chronic and any chronic situation needs proper initiation of therapy first of all even diagnosis because you don’t know in that case is it an injury is it her posture

Is it gout is it arthritis is it rheumatoid arthritis is it osteoarthritis is it something else i mean pain is just all kinds of things so you can’t let your gogos your aunties your umass sit at home and just self-medicate without ever challenging them on what are you taking this for what is the pain do you have a diagnosis okay then when you’ve properly gotten

A diagnosis then there is a first-line therapy okay that’s the preferred course of action if there’s issues contraindications resistance etc then we can go to second line and third line but the the the rationale behind this is if you just start off with diclofenac when there could have been something maybe milder maybe less abrasive to you that you could have

Been relieved on you are harming yourself unnecessarily so there is a ladder it’s called the step ladder of pain relief and this goes with general pain and with chronic pain guys it’s a whole science please take note you can’t self-medicate forever on some of these drugs because in the long run they are hella harmful okay something like aspirin causes micro

Bleeding in your gastrointestinal tract it cause abrasive um reactions further inflammation um it corrodes or erodes your lining and your stomach tissue and all of your gi gets upset if you’re sensitive you can get further bleeding you can get peptic ulcers like it’s really bad um and this is the thing with older people you don’t know if they have um concomitant

Or other diseases and so you know they’ll just deal with the pain but they don’t realize that what they’re doing is maybe harming something else or worsening another factor uh if you take ibuprofen because you have a backache you know but then you also have hypertension your kidneys are suffering a lot more than they should so it’s very crucial and important

That we all ask the correct questions before we pop any kind of pill and even if you’re young and healthy and okay a lot of ladies come in for period pain these neurofen period pain european extra this and that any other i just cringe when i see some of these adverts because they say targeted pain and they say works quicker than whatever or the dos guys for the

Most part it’s a stretch like these ad birds are kind of really pushing the boundaries when they say everything they say and the fine print on the corner bottom of the screen that nobody can ever read and that just flashes in and out is supposed to warn you that don’t use this if you have this don’t use that without consultation don’t take this if you’re currently

On other treatments etc etc because there is potential harm on the other side okay be extra vigilant you guys this is serious stuff you don’t want to take something for years and years and years realize you’ve developed a really terrible bleeding peptic ulcer or you’ve damaged your kidneys from they can’t filter anymore or the filtration rate has drastically

Reduced just because of negligence or of inattention or just because you never asked or maybe nobody ever told you so here’s me telling you um and then i just want to touch on the baby aspirin real quick so everyone who takes like the cardiodisprint the baby aspirin the 150 milligrams or less daily for prevention of cardiovascular risks here also is a huge

Huge issue with combination meds because you don’t realize that if you take something like med lemon for example it has aspirin in it okay maybe you have a cold and a flu you take a med limit now you have one dose of aspirin then you have period pains and you take a neurofin extra or a period pain now you have another dose of another type of non-steroidal

Anti-inflammatory basically the same thing ibuprofen then you remember oh yeah i’m on treatment for cholesterol and i also have a cardiodysprine that i take that’s another dose of dysprine and taking all these in combinations every day is literally cancelling out the effect of the antiplatelet that we want so be very aware of this you guys if you’re on anything

That’s preventative you cannot combine any other aspirin in that 24 hour cycle for that day or else it offsets the balance in your plasma and you’re done so be so careful if you have pain multiple pains check the medication that you’re taking grandpa and then a med lemon and then a period pain thing and then a combination my violin has ibuprofen in and it has

Paracetamol like combination stuff are the most dangerous because they hide things that you don’t know um so always ask your pharmacist please please please please i beg of you guys ask your pharmacist and present to them your full entire regimen that’s your whole pharmacotherapy tell the pharmacist i’m taking this in the morning i’m taking this at night is

It okay if i combine it with xyz or can i add this as a painkiller when needed on top of these two because they will know the pharmaco the pharmacotherapy aspects the pharmacology details of your regimen and holistically or let’s say comprehensively look at everything together okay if you have one prescription from one doctor maybe he’s your cardiologist he

Puts you on baby aspirin then you have your physio or i don’t know your cairo who puts you on something else then you have your dentist who’s trying to fix your um a tooth abscess they’re all giving you different types of anti-inflammatories and you don’t realize because you’re not a pharmacist that this is duplication or additive effect there’s an additive

Effect in your bloodstream when they all combine and sit together and off set the balance for the anti-platelet effect okay this video is gonna be too long i’m gonna cut it here but there’s so much more to say like this video i think 50 likes at least i’ll do a part two where i go in detail as to which drugs are contraindicated when you’re taking ibuprofen

Like strict contraindications when you need any advice any information on your personal regimen please don’t hesitate to contact farmers we will gladly do a free assessment for you to screen your pharmacotherapy to check that there are no harmful duplications or contraindications in your regimen for your specific circumstance and to make sure you’re safe guys

Medicine errors medication errors account for million dollars of hospital costs a year hospitalization left right and center for no good reason just because people didn’t take the extra second or minute to double check and to find out don’t mix your medication haphazardly without a pharmacist checking them and on that note thank you and goodbye take care guys let’s wrap up there

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Aspirin Warning: NSAIDS Misuse & Abuse By PHARMERS