January 27, 2023

This video explains the symptoms I have from Albuterol, the medicine I use in my nebulizer machine. Albuterol is used to treat bronchospasm or wheezing in patients with reversible obstructive airway disease, such as asthma. Always consultant with your doctor when symptoms occur. Here are some more symptoms that I did not mention in the video that can occur with this medicine:

I’m adrian your own love life encouraging you to live your life to the fullest if you new to this channel please hit that subscribe button and go ahead and give this video a thumbs up because i’m telling you this would literally change your life okay um right now i’m in the medicine series about my asthma and i have like two other videos after this one and it’s

Very very important to stay tuned to those other two videos the last two videos because it’s going to say you’re a lot of time and a lot of money and a lot less time going back and forth to the doctor so yes today i am going to be talking about at bureau and this is the medicine that i use for my nebulizer you know though which about the breathing machine the

Nebulizer this is what i use this is just one of the little tools it looks like it’s just like liquid inside cuz it – you can see the liquid yeah you just break it apart break it up heart okay yeah just take one and just break it apart and you take this little capsule you just bend it back and twist off and you just put this whole entire solution inside your

Nebulizer oh wow so i have a video on how to clean your nebulizer i will leave that in the description box down below and then i also showed you how to put the medicine inside the nebulizer but today i just wanted to talk to you about like some of these side effects i’m just going to tell you my side effects that i have experienced some stuff i have experienced

A lot of numbness when i take it like my face going numb my legs my whole body’s like having that no throbbing feeling that and i have had where i have felt sleepy around here really do helps out a lot like i take it at night and it really did helped me to sleep better breathe better they opens up everything even clear my sinuses like it drains everything and

I start feeling better sometimes i have more energy as well and sometimes i just sleep i just go straight to sleep because i haven’t been really breathing all day long and i’ve been like suffocating pretty much all day long out realizing it that’s what you call a small attack where something trigger it and you’re not realizing something trigger and you’re just

Super super tired and you know for me i just take this once a day now and when i know that i have had and i take this you know you not feel better then yeah that’s why i knew that i had a little minor attack which that’s miscible and that’s thing this is the numbness that i get from this it only lasts about like 15 minutes it’s not it’s nothing serious series

Yes you would have some side effects to this your steel will get dry yes of course my skin is very dry when i take these and my hair will get really dry when i take it so it’s very important to drink plenty of water i keep a 40 ounce bottle inside my bed and i drink make sure i drink a 40 ounce in the in the morning and 40 ounces at night yes i do go to the

Bathroom relax oh yeah but other than that the medicine has really saved my life it really helped out especially during the season word like doing kind of transitioning from winter to spring and like being down here to south you don’t really have a winner you have all the seasons in one day or one week and it really helps my body to get control get back control

Get back healthy and bounce back from all the different seasons changing in like a one week so like what i mean by different seasons changing over with it’s like one day it’s hot like 80 degrees and the next day it’s like 40 some degrees and then the next day it’s raining like crazy and then it dropped to 30 and then go back up to like 80 you know like 81 or 80

Or something like that and then they go to 70 stuff like that that’s what i mean by it having all the seasons in one week sometimes one day but yeah yes we do have tornados down here but anyway but yes this medicine is amazing it really helped me out and please check out my video for the how to clean the nebulizer and yes buddy if you are not subscribed to this

Channel please subscribe join and become friends and you know family and just let’s just have fun because i’m going to be doing another season pretty soon but i’m not gonna announce it into my last video so please watch my last two videos my name is adrian and i would like to thank you all for watching and i see you all next week

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Asthma | Albuterol for Nebulizer By LoveLiveLife