March 22, 2023

How To Use Your Inhaler:

Hello my name is anakin rule and welcome back to my channel so we’re going to continue our discussion on asthma i know if you didn’t see the first part of this video i did talk about um just some irritants that could possibly trigger or an asthma attack so what i’m going to talk about now is actually a medication that those who do have a history of asthma be more

Familiar with it’s called a beautiful inhaler or pro hair so a bitter on the alerts consider would be called a sabo or short actin beta agonists so what this means is that it’s designed to act quickly on the lungs to decrease what is called bronchospasm so when you have that reason situation that’s going on or when you’re coughing that’s been triggered by the

Lungs or the bronchials or tightened or restricting the airflow then that’s so normally and that bitter related will be initiated notice something that has to be prescribed by a provider so you would have to get a prescription for this so to say that you know i’ve had some time my patients say oh you know he grew up the asthma yes a child can grow out of you

Know the irritants causing that effect used to be but if your child does have a history of asthma always try to have a asthma pump on hand when i say on hand i mean one that’s not expired because let’s say they don’t use it as often maybe once a year which is good you just also make sure you always have a non-expired one available so that’s something you should

Always keep in mind so every time you go for that annual just make sure you get a renewal for the prescription the other one is that expires throw it out and then get a new one so you can always have one that’s valid and working on hand now normally the inhaler is prescribed um two puffs for the six hours as needed now the thing about is that especially if you

Have a challenge a school-age child who goes to school and takes it as a pump to school you do want to tell your child that each time they take two pups each other so they need to puff where they have an assurance of bread or a wheeze in our excessive coffin and you know as your child deals with this asthma they’ll know when they’re gonna have an attack or nose

Or triggers and know when to initiate treatment but do advise them to let an adult know if you’re in a school system where you have a school nurse just let that person know each and they take that pump because there’s been cases sadly where the student is taken asthma pump two three times and one they’re taking it before the four to six hours and then it’s all

Designed for a short period of time for an immediate asthma attack it’s not designed for long-term use so just to make sure that they’re informing adult hm they use an asthma pump then they’re talking okay this is not working because one of the ways that providers that we measure to see if um and asthma has been managed is the amount of times the patient does use

The asthma pump so if you if a child represent pump two or more times per week the lesson that we do want to be concerned about because it means that as property asthma is not being managed so if you find that your child is in the pump two three or four times each week every day for the week do talk to your healthcare provider about that and don’t make notes so

When the when the child happens to use it make a load of what triggered asthma or why they used it now other thing is that the albuter inhaler it can cause and these are like known side effects what we call tachycardia now tachycardia is when your heart tends to beat faster so with that you can get a little bit nervous and you can get a little jitteress so i

Know i’ve had some times when nice units are good for the first time we use the asthma pump and it’s not just an uncommon feeling because you’re almost getting nervous and anxious that they don’t know okay is it because i’m having a stomach attack when i’m feeling anxious or is it because i took the medication and i mean as you know the child get older and use a

Pump they’ll be able to differentiate which is which but it does cause side effect of tachycardia or nervousness it does cause that um so it also can irritate the throat as well so that’s something also to be mindful of um so as i said just keep in mind use as prescribed if you find it challenging the asthma pump two or more times do let the provider know let

Them know okay they’re using it more than two times a week so i’m also very concerned so that’s one thing i don’t want to follow up with it so tips for this is keep it as a pump for anyone with history of asthma um a non-expired asthma pump to be sure and if it’s a case where you know let’s say the child is in between homes or the in between different settings or

Environments you do want to try to have one with the child if the child is old enough to have one on their own but also at those places where they frequently visit so for example school mom or dad’s home if they’re freaking go to grandma for the summer or have them take it with them so at least someone there be able to administer it in them and that they do need

It all right so that is all for now regarding albuterol we will continue discussion i’m actually gonna paste a link in the comments where you can go to the fda website to tell you more about albuterol um and also how to use your inhaler um i did find a very good um pamphlet on the fda website talking about cd syrups actually cdc that talks about um how to use

Your inhaler all right so enjoy your summer break um be safe and be well thank you for watching take care

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Asthma Management (Part 2) – Albuterol Inhaler By Nurse Rhule