June 4, 2023

Michael Marcus, MD

Today we use a lot of nebulization and we have different medicines to use i know you like to use salt peanuts and because of some reasons what is the reason why you use soap an excellent kid is wheezing is there any advantage over using the old albuterol solutions children who have asthma get repeated episodes of wheezing there are two types of medications that we

Use to treat asthma medications to prevent the wheezing and medications to treat the wheezing once it occurs there are two common medications that we use at this point for treating the active wheezing one of those medications is albuterol which has been around for more than 20 years now the other medication is more new and it’s called xopen x this comes in both

A nebulizer form as well as in a metered dose inhaler a pump it’s the advantages of the next is that it’s the single isomer so called the more purified form of the albuterol molecule being the single isomer it has all the advantages of relieving the wheezing very rapidly having a relatively long duration of action while minimizing the risk of a number of common

Side effects in patients who previously be getting these problems when being given out butyl some of the common side effects we hear about is some types of kids they have shaking of the hands some of the common side effects from albuterol included tremors shaking of the hands hyperactivity difficulty sleep erasing heart rate and nervousness these side effects

Certainly can make taking the medication properly difficult and therefore some patients don’t take the medicine in a proper fashion and others merely suffer through the side effects xopen x in its present form can alleviate some if not many of these side effects depending on the dose and the see if dosing also since the medications openx last longer we actually

Need to give less doses of the medication thereby sparing the need for the child to take repeated doses as frequently as he previously had been given the albuterol i mean sometimes is relatively expensive by the fact of it but keeping a kid out of a hospital or an emergency room which is very very expensive so it was justification of the extra cost so phoenix

Is a bit more expensive than the albuterol but when you factor in the number of doses that you’re giving and the fact that you’re saving the child from that emergency visit and even from a hospitalization the cost can certainly balance out personnel beutel’s given you have to give it for time today which means you probably have to give it in school and the school

Nurse gets in the wall and they stand in treatment which don’t actually give it before school coming home to school in a bit time makes life a little bit easier for us the patient and the school nurse having an extra burden said absolutely and in fact when you really look at the data albuterol to work most effectively really should be given roughly every three to

Four hours beyond that it starts to lose some of its effectiveness whereas the effectiveness of zonix does last a good eight hours and helps the children get through that school day more effectively

Transcribed from video
Asthma Meds – Xopenex vs Albuterol By drmdk