November 29, 2022

Atacand is used for treating high blood pressure (hypertension) and heart failure.

Hi i’m garvin this telecast is on candesartan tablets the brand is attic and so candesartan is an angiotensin ii receptor antagonist candesartan is also called an ai ira which is short for angiotensin ii antagonist you have been prescribed candesartan either because your heart is not working as well as it should which is heart failure or because your blood pressure

Is too high which is hypertension people with high blood pressure often do not feel unwell but if left untreated high blood pressure can harm the heart and damaged blood vessels so how do you take under certain you take under certain once each day exactly as your doctor tells you to there are several strengths available there’s a 2 milligram for a 16 and a 32

Milligram tablet when you first start treatment your doctor may gradually increase the strength of your tablet to suit your condition each time you connect a fresh supply of tablets it’s a good idea to check to strengthen the pack to make sure they are what you’re expecting try to take hunters arts and at the same time of day each day for most people this would

Be in the morning taking your doses at the same time each day will help you to remember to take candesartan regularly swallow two tablets with a drink of water you can take candesartan either before or after a meal if you forget to take a dose take it as soon as you remember if you do not remember on to the following day miss out of forgotten dose do not take two

Doses at the same time to make up for an earlier miss dose in order to get the most in your treatment if you buy any medicines check with the pharmacist that they are suitable to take with candesartan this has become some anti-inflammatory painkillers such as aspirin and ibuprofen may interfere with the way of works and also may increase the risk of side effects

It is very important that you follow any dietary and lifestyle advice that you have been given by a doctor such as eating healthy diet not smoking and taking regular exercise if you drink alcohol ask your doctor for advice your doctor may recommend that you do not drink alcohol while you are on candesartan because it will increase the risk of side effects such as

Feeling dizzy or faint try to avoid salt substitutes which contain potassium this is because the substitutes will increase the amount of potassium in your blood and this can cause problems if you’re having an operation or dental treatment tell the person carrying out the treatment that you were taking candesartan this is because your blood pressure may drop too

Low if you were given some anesthetics treatment waste candesartan is usually long-term unless you experience an adverse effect you continue to take the tablets regularly unless you’re advised otherwise by your doctor so the main side effects would be dizziness headache respiratory infections and it’s to be avoided in pregnancy and also avoided in breastfeeding

And for drinking alcohol if you drink alcohol talk to your doctor before taking candesartan some people who drink alcohol while taking candesartan may feel faint or dizzy if you’ve any other questions you can contact me to the live pharmacist you can email me or call in to lynch’s pharmacy in quark thank you for watching and have a nice day

Transcribed from video
Atacand Tablets (Candesartan) By G. J. Lynch