February 7, 2023

In the nursing pharmacology course cardiac issues due to excess salt intake are considered especially heinous in rancho bernardo the dedicated nursing students who are learning about shading this are part of an elite squad known as the nursing students unit these are their stories mommy and home i’m on or you’ll give me like that i am yeah chest pain oh my god okay

See silva is come on i don’t know i think grass takes to a hospital we have two emergencies hitters tonight what’s in her bra and my daughter came in now the cult okay and actually she bottom here okay i’m on this scale of defensively milk in it said being the worst pain ever how would you rate the pain well the beginning it was just better so it comes without a fix

Now oh yeah building and how would you describe your pain it’s robbing bernie it’s just feel heavy just elephant sitting on my chest yeah yeah how are you feeling yeah right now it’s still the same just want to get the bond mom okay um will be a fantastic to your idols in your book on for justin to your chest your lungs down for ok on your blood pressure is a

Little high what is your google drive i pretty healthy just put the mission so i’m a mistake all your bibles and i’m going to discuss this with a doctor um just me not so little bit and i’ll come i know she’s gorgeous yeah yes tell her brother okay then wrapping a picture honey okay fine mejor cola ok mmm yeah and she was coming in completely did you say anything

About her diet regular invited her daughter was in there the best restricting leads through the vegetables so literally sure we’re actually damaged and healthy diet but i don’t know where she’s coming from you should go back in and talk to the monologue about my daughter double check on the diet make sure that she’s not eating extra salt with this ship realize okay

Let me know when you find out okay oh this is dr. and come on with me to double check your diet please have a seat no thank you i’m sorry i have an oxide seduce your mother of play wohlers ok ok i’m you’re waiting for you have fun so miss delphine it’s things that you really love some i do i’m so early vegas that you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables if i see you

Are actually doing um as you always pour sauce yeah i love you talk about your daughter’s football so you can really be honest with me and let me know maybe how often to you pour salt for all your sins all the groups from education and i love nuts no it did not get fold hello there but i know they’re not happy okay um well that’s good because a contributing factor

To your high blood pressure of vomit oh yeah might be oh yes salt will actually have water follow with it when it’s your absorb so it can really increase your blood pressure so i’m actually going to go ahead and speak with the doctor right now and see if maybe you prescribe you something that will help with your chest pain and really lucky for me to go in there

Speaking of the doctor doctor as i love is she was pouring salt on her apple i’ll just have this huge container of assault that she carried the derringer so i’m pretty sure that my viewers would like to fatties the hypothesis here yes the fox and equity and contributing factor to our high blood pressure and once the chest pain it probably aggravates in a little

Bit what i think we should do is subscribe to some animal to help with both her chest needs and her high blood pressure strength bruise down when you go in i want you to let her know about a channel all educator on what the drug does and also try and tell her about the dash diet without logistic her salt and pink so that she can further lower her blood pressure

I’ll go get the template and then i’ll curtain wall thank you i spoke to the doctor and it looks like he’s in a lot of try to subscribe geochemical before i educate you about this medication are you taking any other medications of such as digoxin how about digitalis indelicacy i love you males are taking any other beta blockers okay my thesis should be fun so i

Moment in the educate viewers what exactly this medication okay so the doctor will be prescribing you a pebble the way tennis in the work is actually going to help with your chest pain and it’s also not going to lower your blood pressure okay so how does this finish this work a good question so atenolol belongs to a class of drugs known as beta blockers it works

By blocking the action a certain natural chemicals such as epinephrine in your body at specific receptors valve in the park called beta 1 receptors this affects lowers the heart rate and blood pressure and reduces the trailer park so it will also reduce your pain so we’re going to start you with 50 milligrams of em all daily after all okay also let you know about

Certain diet restrictions when you’re taking this medication okay so it should it be speaking with alcohol multivitamins or orange juice um and aside from the most affected by vincent orange shapes are also good a lot of way back out all the stuff i your adds a little vegetable so their cells are you can look up called the dash minute really honest is eating fruits

And vegetables and really just lowering your sodium intake oh so you’re happier halfway there i mean you’re eating all the foods vegetables no just wanna stay away from focus all that you’re adding up wit okay maybe try other seasonings um such as oregano basil building my daughter so loving i kind of bomb rosemary bars rosemary yeah maybe other way to flavor your

Foods i’m all different kinds of her you can find record is too sure will speak some back in it after maybe one to two weeks to see if this medication is actually working and if you need to up your toes so i hope you earlier that for me to be giving you 50 will events that are going to be taking once per day so the way that you need to take this medication is just

My mouth you can’t eat with or without food and for now it’ll only be so once a day um but we’re also going to need you to keep track of your blood pressure so for example you and your daughter with this but we huh to make sure to take it please her blood pressure baby that way when we reassess her and maybe 12 weeks we can check after whether or not to make half

Of medication up to maybe twice a week or maybe even give her a higher dosage now that affects how you may feel with this medication is some dizziness maybe a little bit more tired and it’s possible that your mood could be impacted as well if you possibly take too much of this medication because some of the adverse effects that you may experience such as very a

Very slow heartbeat on severe dismissed or severe weakness so you both want to make sure that she’s actually making the correct amount of medication that she was subscribed okay just be very careful with that and here is also on counseling have any questions you’ve also refer to the past 10 if you’re feeling like you’re having a lot of dizziness or agree it was

Very tired and maybe you might be such as communication decide and give us a call and also research the consulate but it’s of course with the pickax an emergency just you want to call i’m on one or just for your back to the doctor okay okay it was really nice creamy and mrs. all seen help you feel better then i can you do don’t have it you are you really good

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Atenolol NSU By Eloisa Melendez