June 4, 2023

Patient education video for newly diagnosed hypertension patient with new prescription of Atenolol (Tenormin) 50 mg qd. Taylor, Madison, Hannah.

Yeah i was looking at my patient go are you ready hi i’m madison i’ll be your nurse today hi madison i’m taylor hi yeah um can you say your name and date of birth for me please yeah it’s taylor williams at my birthday is 85 90 okay perfect so i’m here today because the doctors prescribed you a new medication for your high blood pressure or hypertension and it’s

Called a tunnel wall or tenormin so i’m trying to take that medication every day yes you’ll be taking 15 milligram doses once a day every day and you should take it at the exact same time and i’m here to just kind of discuss that with you and everything and give you a better understanding of it so do you have any questions before we begin no not not yet that all

Sounds great perfect so like i said you’ll take it once a day every day and it’s important that you take it at the exact same time it is suggested that you take it at nighttime because it can make you drowsy so until you know how it affects you you shouldn’t drive any motor vehicles before taking it and then also do you have a pill box that you take other drugs

With at all yeah i do i have a pill box that has like all the days of the week on it okay so i would suggest that you get a pill box that has morning meds and nighttime meds that you can separate them out with because if you happen to take a tunnel in the morning when you get them mixed up in your pill box then it could definitely be harmful to you if you do drive

A motor vehicle and it does make you drowsy oh wow i actually never even thought about that that’s smart to separate them out i’ll have to go get a new pill box i’m perfect so when you do take this medication before you take it every single time you will have to know your pulse so do you know how to take your pulse yeah i do so you just put your two fingers right

Below your thumb and all you do is count the beats that you feel against your fingers for a full minute that’s perfect and then um so like i said ticket every single time because if your pulse is ever less than 50 beats per minute you should not take the next dose and you should call your health care provider along with this you should never double up or skip a

Dose but if you do happen to miss one then you can take it up to eight hours before the next one but you also need to take your blood pressure twice a week so if you have any big changes with that go ahead and let the provider now but other than that the medication can make your blood pressure drop when you stand up so you’ll just have to kind of move and change

Position slowly to kind of prevent that and then i know you how to baby recently are you breastfeeding at all i did have a baby recently i’m not breastfeeding i chose to do the formula route okay so it’s important for you to know that if you do take this medication while you are breastfeeding or trying that it can be very harmful to the baby but it also has quite

A few side effects which are fatigue weakness erectile dysfunction frequent urination drowsiness insomnia blurred vision bronchospasms nausea vomiting diarrhea constipation rashes and hyper or hypoglycemia but the main effects that you need to be careful of are the blood or the post below 50 beats per minute which you’ll go ahead and let the provider know but the

Medication also can cause heart failure pulmonary edema okay do i just take this medication with food or can i just take it no it’s not necessary to take it with food but you are able to take it with it if you want it does have interactions with other drugs however those so don’t take it with cocaine amphetamines ephedrine epinephrine norepinephrine phenylephrine

Or pseudoephedrine but do you have any other questions about the medication or hypertension i do actually is there anything i can do to like lower my blood pressure that’s not the medication yes so you can there are modifiable risk factors on your daily life that you can change which include things like diet and exercising but in one of the packets that i give you

On hypertension it’ll kind of explain all of that and then if you have any other questions you can ask okay awesome um so i think i understand everything okay so can you tell me how y’all take this medication yeah so i need to take it in the evening and i need to make sure to get that different pillbox that way i don’t get my medications mixed up with my morning

Meds okay perfect and then what will you do before you take the medication um so i’m gonna have to take my polls and so i just need to make sure that it’s not less than 50 beats per minute and if it is then i need to contact my health care provider that’s perfect and then should you do if you happen to miss a pill well i should try really hard not to miss the pill

But if i do i don’t want to double up on it because i need to take it at least eight hours before the next dose that’s awesome that is absolutely perfect and then also remember that even if you start to feel better while taking this medication that you still need to take it because it is still helping even if you don’t notice it but other than that here are your

Packets and then your medication so if you don’t have any other questions um that’s it okay awesome i think i understand everything thank you so much for your help today

Transcribed from video
Atenolol patient education video By Taylor Weems