June 9, 2023


Hey everybody darryl narva here with this week ten results on his atkins thunder mean and tough hair me diet i just got back from shopping as well as going to the doctor to get weighed and i did lose one point eight pounds i coulda rounded it up to two point two pounds but i wanted to keep it totally honest now i’m a little discouraged when i’m a guy who yesterday

Posted this lovely picture so i can’t be too discouraged up you hypocrite and i’m not really discouraged because if you think about it 1.8 pounds somebody pointed it out yesterday about a pound of butter so when you look at upon a butter there’s four sticks in here now i don’t have four sticks i have one step so that’s this so i’m thinking if there’s four of

These in the pound and i lost almost two pounds let’s go seven so this being one stick would be seven of these one two three four five six seven hey that’s not bad for a week i’d be glad to get rid of that so that being said you know i really if you’ve been watching any of the other videos i’ve been putting up for a little bit inspiration a little bit of fun and

Also for my own inspiration to see that i’m out there and i’m doing stuff and i’m not afraid to show it you see i’ve been hitting the gym pretty hard i’m still gonna do it i’m not discouraged nothing’s changed i’ve actually been gettin the water and i finally found the way to get the water in is because i’m so thirsty and sweating it’s really a great it’s really

A great way to get the water and so that means that all i want to show you guys something little impromptu you guys ever see that i lost some weight in my head so anyways carrying on but i digress okay so let’s get to the congratulations for the week first day as always i want to thank my best friend wendy who is there for a lot of people and helps me and i help

Her i want i think my wife is always gives me support around here i want to thank as always maryland crane we’re really got sort of me started on this whole thing by her adventure let’s take a look at what she looks like pretty impressive huh folks yeah and i want to thank or congratulate i should say deep brown of course oh am i supposed to use last names look

Sorry oh dave white and mary and she’s doing good from last i’ve heard and bobby you know he’s doing well and tina i want to hear from you i want to let let me know how you’re making out and we got a couple new people by the way we’ve got amy she’s an old friend from pappas crowd it’s nice to hook up with some old friends they’re on facebook and she’s a big trump

Supporter i’m kidding i’m kidding i’m not gonna edit that out amy i just think in a joke okay no political stuff here okay okay love you amy glad you’re doing so well sondra our prayers our thoughts are with you outside of the weight loss we know you’re struggling with some other issues keep up the good work on the wood on the weight loss and we hope everything

Else comes together for you if i have forgotten any anyone please forgive me if you know somebody that you want you’re watching these videos and you know somebody that might benefit from it please tell them to shoot me a comment or shoot a comment under the video and share it with them and we’d be glad to add their name to the congratulatory list and becoming part

Of our group and help our group get a little smaller i think that is about it i want to say if you’re having some struggles whatever keep going get out there enjoy this nice weather is coming watch my videos don’t be afraid to comment have some fun out there get some fresh air i love you god bless you have a good one oh and i forgot to tell you that is i want to

Thank special thanks to ultimate athletics in ithaca new york for their great facility a great place to work out do some martial arts training some anime training some boxing training as well as lifting weights and a whole gamut of total fitness stuff and by the way it’s never too late to start training for your holiday employment on dasher on dancer on comet and

Blitzen on cupid and comet and donner and blitzen

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Atkins Phentermine Topiramate Week 10 RESULTS! By Darryls Tips