February 8, 2023

Atorvastatin, sold under the brand names like Lipitor, Storvas, Atorva, Tonact, Aztor, Stator, Atocor, Lipicure, Atorlip, Avas, Xtor etc. among others, is a statin medication used to prevent cardiovascular disease in those at high risk and to treat abnormal lipid levels. For the prevention of cardiovascular disease, statins are a first-line treatment. The informative video is available in multiple languages including English and Marathi.

Molecule which is used in the management of hyperlipidemia that is whenever the fats mainly cholesterol and triglycerides are increased in the human body now the drugs which are used in this category are various drugs one of them is an important subset and that is called as statins there are various types of statins lower satin simvastatin heterostatin etc so

Today we are going to learn more about an important statin molecule that is at orostatin now what is actual study heterostatic as i’ve said it belongs to a group of medicines called statins and these are fat regulating or lipid regulating medications atomos satin is used to lower lipids known as cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood when a low fat diet

And lifestyle changes on their own have fit if you are at an increased risk of heart disease heterostatin can also be used to reduce such risk even if your cholesterol levels are known you should maintain a standard cholesterol lowering diet whenever you are taking at overstate what you need to know before taking heterostatic please do not take heterostatin

If you are allergic to atrocities or whatever may be in inactive ingredients are there in the tablet formulation secondly if you have or have had any time in the past some disease or diseases which have affected your liver or if you have had any other unexplained abnormal blood test for liver function also you should use the combination in case you are

Using the combination of two drugs called glycopyravir and passive these drugs are used in the management of a condition of liver called hepatitis c so if you are taking this combination please do not take heterostatic now what are the warnings and precautions one needs to understand when one is taking heterostatic please talk to your doctor before taking

Heterostatin if you have had a severe respiratory problem it is specifically known as respiratory failure or if you have been taking or have taken in the last seven days a medicine called fucidic acid now this is the medicine given for a bacterial infection it is given orally or by injection but whenever you are going to take it please do not take attraction

Because it can lead to multiple muscle problems which i am coming to a little later or if you are having or if you had a serious previous stroke with bleeding into the brain or if you are having small pockets of fluid in the brain which have arisen from the previous stroke that its paralysis if you are having kidney problems if you are having an under active

Thyroid gland that is called as hypothyroidism if you have had repeated or unexplained muscle aches or pains a personal or family history of muscle problems if you have had any problems of muscles which are requiring uh lipid lowering medications of other types they are called as uh vibrate medicines etc or if you drink large amount of alcohol if you’ve

Had a history of liver disease or if you’re older than 70 years so if any of this applied to you your doctor may require to carry out a blood test uh before and possibly during your attorney treatment to predict your risk of muscle related side effects the risk of muscle related side effects particularly rhabdomyolysis and i’m coming to that a little later

So this is one of the very important muscle disorder which can as a arise because of use or consumption of heterostatic so the muscle relax muscle related side effect risk is bound to increase when certain medicines are taken at the same time along with heterostatic so additional tests and medicines may be needed to diagnose and treat this while you are on a

Terror strategy your doctor will monitor you closely if you have diabetes or if you are at the risk of developing diabetes you are likely to be at risk of developing diabetes if you have high levels of sugars and fats that is hyperglycemia and hyper lipidemia in your in your blood if you are overweight and if you have high blood pressure which are the other

Medicines you require to keep in mind if you are going to take them or if you are required to take them along with a tourist head please tell your doctor if you are taking them or if you have recently taken or you might take in the future as well uh without prescription also certain bugs are like like for example saint john’s wort etc so there are certain

Medications which may change the effect of atrocities or their own effect might be changed by attorney that is called as drug interaction so this type of interaction could make one or both the drugs less effect alternatively it could increase the risk of severity of side effects including the one which i mentioned a little earlier that is rhabdomyolysis so

Which are the medicines which you have you have to be careful you have to tell the doctor when he has prescribed heterostatin for you there are certain medicines which are used to alter your immune response for example cyclospora then certain antibiotics or certain antifungal medicines like erythromycin clarithromycin eutecanosol itroconozole these are some

Antibiotics as well as antifungal viruses or other medicines which are used to regulate lipid levels for example certain uh fibroids then cholesterol etc then certain drugs called calcium channel blocker these are used to treat high blood pressure these are used in coronary artery disease etc and the examples of these are amyloid deltiasm then there are

Certain medicines which are used to regulate your heart rhythm for example digoxin or verapamil or amyloduron then later mobile this is a medicine which helps you to not get a viral infection very important viral infection called cytomegalovirus it is called cmv in short or medicines which are used in the management of hiv that is aids they are called

Wheels means return avail lopin avail etc then some medicines which are used in the management of hepatitis c which i have already mentioned uh like elba severe grasping combination etc your doctor will tell you accordingly then other medicines are also known to interact with heterostatic for example azitimide which is used to lower the cholesterol or warfarin

Which is used to reduce blood clotting oral contraceptives then cemetery or ranitidine these are drugs used for hyper acidity then caulkisim which is used for gout and certain anticipates which so all these drugs we need to understand and we need to inform the doctor so if you are already taking it now very strange and interestingly grapefruit juice which

We use very commonly so grapefruit juice please remember do not take more than one or two small glasses of grapefruit juice because large quantities of grapefruit juice can change the effect of heterostatic alcohol please avoid drinking too much alcohol when you are on this now what about driving and using normally this medicine that is certain it does not

Affect your ability of driving or operating machines however do not drive or do not use any machine if you feel that this medicine that is heterostatin is affecting your function or ability to drive or to use the machine do ato australian tablets contain sodium yes 10 20 and 40 milligrams these are the ones which are commonly used these are the strengths of

Heterostatin they contain less than 23 milligram of sodium per tablet that is practically these strings are sodium free now the highest string that is 80 milligram of heterostatin contains about 26.9 milligram of sodium but remember this is equivalent to just one point one percent of the recommended dietary intake of sodium foreign so practically the sodium

Content of heterostatin is not going to influence your sodium levels in the body at all certain tablets please remember before starting the trip the treatment your doctor will place you on a low cholesterol diet which you should take care to also maintain during the therapy of heterostatic the usual starting dose of uterostatin is 10 milligrams once a day in

Adults 10 milligrams once a day in edges this may be increased by the doctor if necessary to bring down the lipid levels to normal uh this sort of change or modification of those is generally done only after four weeks so not within 10-15 days the maximum dose of ether was set in the recommended is 80 milligrams per day it heterostatin should be swallowed

Whole the tablet should be solar whole with a glass of water and can be taken at any time of the day with or without food but there’s a catch here it’s said that all the statins including actual starting are more effective if they are taken after 7 pm in the evening so try to take your tablets of attorney stating after 7 pm in the evening try to also take the

Tablet at the same time every day check whether you are taking the tablets exactly as per your doctor’s tool you should also check your doctor with your doctor if you are not sure the duration of heterostatic tablets is determined by your doctor so therefore please ask your doctor if if you feel that the effect of heterosetting which you’re taking is either

Too strong or too weak now what happens if you take more heterostatic tablets accidentally maybe so if you are taking more heterostatin tablets more or your more than your usual daily dose please contact your doctor or the nearest emergency or casualty department of a hospital if you forget to take a total study what happens if you forget just take your next

Scheduled dose at the correct time but please do not take a double dose to make up for the forgotten dose if you stop taking total statement what happens well if at all the doctor has told you to stop it’s a different story but on your own if you want to stop for various reasons you should not stop them without consulting or informing your doctor

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