March 28, 2023

Hi welcome to our channel capsule tab and today we are going to cover a medicine and the name of medicine is atorobiostatin which is commonly known as a lipitor and in this video we would see the history of at all by statin available brand names indication where the doctor used to prescribe and how it works in our body and few other details very important other

Details we will discuss so let’s start the lipitor or atorvastatin first we will see the brief history of attorney statin or a lipitor and at all wise 13 became the world’s best selling medicine of all the time with the sale around 125 billion us dollar in last 14 years and there was a chemist his name was a bruce roth and he was working for warner lambert and

As a chemist in 1982 he synthesized a compound and the name of compound was ci981 and later on it was known as atorvastatin and atorvastatin got it patent in 1986 and it was approved for the medical use in the united states in after 1996 and there is a company whose name is a pfizer they took over the warner lambert and the brand lipitor came to the pfizer and

Pfizer got the approval in 1996. in the united states the turbo statin is the second most prescribed medication with 104 million prescriptions and next we will see the trade name or a brand name now the question is is that overstating available as a generic yes it is available and it is available with the brand name also and the most famous brands are lipitor from

Pfizer rota core from novartis cart from abort and side stead from sanofi zhivast from fdc and if you see the indian brands astin from micro auto car from dr reddy’s attorney from cipla a tormach from mcleods and libby kind from mankind so there is a it is available with the many and many brand names and even pfizer makes as a generic version also under the

Brand name of zarater so this was the trade name or brand name and now we will see the indication where doctor used to prescribe the heterostatin so if we see in the broad way that orbistatin is used to reduce the bad cholesterol and fats and the bad cholesterols are ldl and triglycerides where ldl is low density lipids and atorvastatin is used to raise the or

Increase the good cholesterol in the blood and good cholesterol is lhdl high density lipids so basically atomostatin reduce the bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol in our blood and the specific indications are dyslipidemia first this is the first one dyslipidemia is a condition where the amount of lipid becomes abnormal and it happens in the blood

And the example of lipids are triglyceride cholesterol and fat phospholipids so this was the first indication dyslipidemia and the next one is a hypercholesterolemia hypercholesterolemia is a condition where the level of cholesterol becomes high in the blood so this is the next one the second one and the third one is homogeneous familial hypercholesterolemia

And homogeneous familial hypercholesterolemia is a genetic disorder basically and it is characterized by high cholesterol levels and the fourth one is combined hyperlipidemia and combined hyperlipidemia is a condition where we see increased level of ldl and triglyceride conditions and the last one is hypertriglyceridemia so this was the indications and next

We will see the other one so the autobiostatin is approved by the usfda to prevent the cardiovascular diseases also so adorable statin is used for the prevention of a heart attack or a stroke and for the prevention of myocardial infarction strokes unstable angina angina is a painful condition actually the cholesterol becomes the reason or cholesterol causes

The narrowing of the blood vessels which may lead to heart attack or stroke so it is also uh that otherwise statin is also indicated in these kind of cardiovascular diseases and the next we will see the mechanism of action how actually the atorvastatin works in our body so in a normal condition of our life our body needs some cholesterol to function properly

And our body gets this cholesterol from our food and by making it in our liver but the dangers starts when this cholesterol level gets too high and atorvastatin acts on enzyme which is responsible for the production of a cholesterol in our body so in this way it is stop the excess cholesterol and how it do so the atorvastatin do this by blocking our body’s

Production of one enzyme and the name of enzyme is hmg coenzyme reductase and with the help of this enzyme our liver makes cholesterol so therefore the level of cholesterol produced in our body get reduced so this is the mechanism of action how atorvastatin works in our body and next we will see what kind of dosage forms are available in the market so at all

By statin is available as a 10 milligram 20 milligram tablets 40 milligram and 80 milligram tablets and the root of administration is orally so the people used to take by mouth and the elimination half life is 14 hours and at all stating can be taken with food or without food but it should be taken on the same time every day so this was the important thing and

Now we will see the special precautions so whenever doctor prescribe the adorable statin to any patient the patient should discuss it with the doctor if he is having any pre or liver diseases if he is having if he is known at all by statin allergy or if she is a woman and she is doing the breast feeding and don’t take that turbo statin if you are pregnant and

The consumption of grapefruit juices is not recommended while taking the turbo statin and if you are taking any of these diseases which i have written here then it is better to discuss with the doctor or don’t use the attorney statin and now we will see the side effects so every drug is having a side effects when it is having the good effects but if it is going

Uh if it is becoming more worse then it is better to consult a doctor or a physician so there is a normal side effects which some few people feel and few people even don’t feel the these kind of side effects and they are the diarrhea normal joint pain upset of stomach nose or throat irritation and few people feel the trouble in sleeping so if you are having any

Of these side effects and it is and if it is not going by itself then it is better to consult the doctor so this was the attorney stating or a lipitor which we discussed today and at last i request you to please share this video with your friends to spread the awareness awareness of a knowledge awareness of the health and take care bye bye and please share this

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