February 1, 2023

Atorvastatin side effects you NEED TO KNOW. Side effects of atorvastatin to be aware of. Statin side effects and what to do for them.

Atorvastatin, or lipitor belongs to a group of  medicines called statins. they are used to lower   cholesterol if you’ve been diagnosed with high  cholesterol. its also taken to prevent heart   disease, including heart attacks and strokes.  and your doctor may even prescribe atorvastatin,   if you have a family history of heart

Disease,  but in this video, i wanted to go over some side   note of and how to manage them appropriately,   the most benefits from atorvastatin both   hi guys, yaseen arsalan, media pharmacist here  on youtube where i help you guys make better   and more informed decisions about your health  and wellness. so if thats

Something your into,   be sure to smash that like button below now..  also, while you’re at it, hit that subscribe   instagram too for more behind the scenes. so   than 112 million prescriptions. and thats a   on atorvastatin, or are new to taking it,   and if its really necessary. well, to break down  why doctors

Prescribe atorvastatin, its important   to know what its used for and how it works in  the body, so before we get into the side effects,   lets tackle these two areas down first. firstly,  different types of cholesterol problems. it’s also   used to decrease your risk for heart attack and  stroke, which we mentioned earlier. and

When used   together with diet, weight loss, and exercise,  studies show us that this helps to prevent   cholesterol from building up in your arteries.  this is key here because, clogged arteries can   block blood flow to your heart and brain, which  is what this medicine is trying to work against.   waxy plaque can

Build up in your artery walls.   becomes less flexible. if a blood clot forms and   clogs an artery narrowed by plaque, you could have  a heart attack or stroke.now, should atorvastatin   be used as a shortcut to getting cholesterol in  check? your doctor will weigh the pros and cons   prescribed it, only if you are not able

To lower   acts on the liver to slow down cholesterol making.   level by lowering your low-density lipoprotein,   high-density lipoprotein (hdl) or “good”   cholesterol. and it starts to work in as little as  2 weeks. it also improves your body’s ability to   get rid of ldl cholesterol through your liver.  and

For the first 12 months on this medicine,   you’ll be offered a couple of routine tests to  make sure your liver is working normally and that   atorvastatin may also be used as part of a   combination therapy with other medicines. so its  totally normal if you may need to take it with   other medications. for adults, at first,

You can  be expected to take 10 or 20 milligrams (mg) once   mg per day too. a dose of 10 to 20 mg per day   is considered moderate-intensity therapy with an  expected ldl (low density lipoprotein) reduction   is considered high-intensity therapy with an   expected ldl reduction of 50% or greater. your  doctor may increase

Your dose as needed. however,   day. there is also some key takeaways i will   leave you with, but before that, lets get into  to muscle stiffness. mild to moderate muscle   pain or (myalgia) is the most commonly reported  side effect with statins, and 1% to 10% or 1 to   effect. and although not entirely alarming,  

Tiredness which isn’t from exercise or hard work,   talk to your doctor. you may need a blood test to  check what might be causing it. in the meantime,   painkiller. however, if the muscle pain is   you can, as this condition may be known as   rhabdomyolysis, which is a very rare but serious  form of muscle pain, occurring in

Less than 0.1%   to prevent rapid breakdown of muscle tissue   so if you are experiencing them when starting,  make sure you rest and drink plenty of fluids.   and avoid excessive alcohol intake. more on this  in a bit. and ask your pharmacist to recommend a   like a runny nose, sneezing, and coughing.   pharmacist,

To see what may be the best   foods such as fresh fruit, vegetables and cereals,   more regularly, for example, by going for a   daily walk or run, which will help with lowering  plenty of water to avoid dehydration. you can look  for signs of dehydration which include peeing less   medicine looked at 41 different studies

On statins  to see if there was a link between taking the   medication and memory loss. combined, the studies  followed 23,000 men and women with no history of   memory problems for up to 25 years. which is why  i put memory issues with a question mark. despite   the large amount of research showing that statins  do not

Cause memory loss, some people may still   experience this condition. so talk to your doctor  if you are taking statins and experiencing trouble   with memory, so they can help you rule out any  other potential causes not related to statins.  side effect of statin use, and yes muscle pain   you should bring both of them up

To your   doctor if you are experiencing either of them.  there are some medications that interact with   statins to increase the amount of atorvastatin  that gets in the bloodstream and make these   description a list of medicines that interact   that you should be aware of as well. and yes,,  grapefruit juice is

Said to interact as well.  may lead to a small increased risk of higher blood   ipair insulin sensitivity and insulin secretion,   the benefits of statins in lowering your risk of  cardiovascular disease clearly outweigh any risk   not be a reason to stop taking them without   your doctors approval. if you are diabetic

And  are taking a statin, follow your normal blood   sugar readings protocols, and let your doctor  know if anything out of the ordinary pops up.  sometimes statins may not be the best treatment  for patients as the side effects can be too   troublesome on a daily basis, which is why it  may be necessary to bring up the use of

The   to see if that may be a better solution in   side effects. just something to keep note of.  with being aware of those side effects, i want  to share with you 2 important times for when you   urine, resembling the color of coca cola,   severe muscle weakness or pain, fever, tiredness  stool,(these are signs of

Severe liver issues). as   well as any allergic reactions including swelling  of the face, lips, tongue, and/or throat that may   stays in your body longer than other statins,  so it can be taken either day or night with or   recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding,  as there’s no firm evidence that it’s safe.  

It’s best to stop taking atorvastatin at least  3 months before you start trying for a baby,   not want to be taking it during breastfeeding   breast milk. but let your doctor know right   consider limiting your alcohol intake because   statins plus excessive alcohol may raise your  triglyceride levels and possibly lead

To liver   toxicity. if you drink more than 2 glasses of  alcohol per day, discuss this with your doctor.   have been discussed with your doctor, and yes   overall atorvastatin has been shown to  especially in cases where those health issues  are inherited. but statins are not the only   your diet and an increase in

Exercise can make   and thats it guys, i hope that this video helps   give you a better understanding of atorvastatin.  although this isnt everything there is to know   about it, i hope its a good starting point.. i  also hope this video was insightful to you guys,   a simple like down below for the youtube  

Algorithm. thanks for sticking tuned till the  end, and as always, ill see you on the next one.

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