January 26, 2023

Atorvastatin (also known as Lipitor) is prescribed to lower LDL cholesterol in patients with high cholesterol and other associated conditions like heart disease and atherosclerosis.

So if you are prescribed a statin drug for high cholesterol by your doctor you may be wondering uh what are the risks or the side effects of statin medications such as lipitor the generic name for lipitor is atorvastatin so this video is going to go over the side effects of a tour of a statin otherwise known as lipitor and these side effects apply to the other

Statin medications as well basically if you’re taking a statin medication for high cholesterol uh and or because you’ve had a cardiac event like a heart attack the most dangerous side effects that you have to be aware of uh are when you start to have a combination of muscle aches fatigue or malaise just feeling unwell muscle aches especially in your legs in

Particular and dark urine uh these these particular symptoms are an indication that that there are there’s actual breakdown of some of the muscle tissue in your body and the reason you get dark urine is because the kidneys are having difficulty filtering your urine properly with all of this abnormal material that’s coming in because of the muscle inflammation

Okay and it will make you feel pretty sick you will feel very achy very tired your legs will most most likely hurt some other muscles may hurt in the arms uh but the legs seem to be the most effective with this and you know if you have aching legs and dark urine and you feel terrible you need to call your doctor immediately and he or she is going to tell you

To stop taking a tour of a statin or lipitor or any of the other statin drugs that you might be taking okay so that’s the most important thing to know with these drugs uh that that’s the one set of symptoms that can really be dangerous and can really do serious damage to your kidneys so make sure you call your doctor immediately if you have these symptoms very

Quickly let’s look at the other side effects quickly here other side effects of statin drugs include headache dizziness insomnia memory issues nausea and diarrhea now most people will not have these side effects obviously if you have uh significant issues with dizziness headaches you can’t sleep your memory seems foggy or it just doesn’t seem right um you’re

Having a lot of diarrhea those are things you absolutely have to tell your doctor right away um and you may have to lower the dose of the medication or you may have to switch to a different medication to alleviate these side effects but again i can’t stress enough what it says here most dangerous side effects muscle aches dark urine and feeling unwell all of

Those things at the same time call your doctor immediately and uh you will have to stop the medication you will have to hydrate a lot you may even have to be hospitalized depending on the severity of the symptoms so that they can properly hydrate you to relieve your kidneys from the stress of this muscle inflammation that’s going on in your body okay so that

Covers the side effects of the torvastatin otherwise known as lipitor

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Atorvastatin Side Effects (What You Need to Know if You Take Statin Medication) By Health Questions with Dr. Thomas