June 4, 2023

This video explains the dangers of Lisinopril( the generic one) reasons why you should use only one pharmacy and other helpful hints to help you stay informed. As a consumer and a patient. Yes, there are lupus patients with high blood pressure. Some medication.mixtures can be as dangerous as mixing ammonia and bleach!! Please watch and share.

Hi guys this is the guru from living with lupus one day at the time and yes i am outside today i decided to soak in the last little bit of vitamin d and plus it’s pretty nice out here being that it’s been in the lower 30s for the past i don’t know how long welcome to my youtube channel my goal for this youtube channel is to collect as many people as i possibly can

So that i can spread the message of lipless far and wide to people who need my help now if you have any questions or anything you’d like to ask me please do leave it in the comment box and i will answer your question please do remember that i am not a doctor and i always ask that you seek professional opinion before doing anything like that however this november

I am celebrating 39 years of living with lupus one day at a time not the channel but for me myself i have had so much experience with lupus that i should actually have a degree in medication anything today i’d like to talk to you about a very dangerous drug called the sinner pearl listen pearl is used for people who have high blood pressure okay now a lot of us

Who are on medicaid and medicare are being given the generic version of lisinopril that excuse me i live in this bay because there’s lots of loud noises so just get used to it listen ‘april is used for people who have high blood pressure unfortunately a lot of people do not read the warnings on their medication labels this is very important doctors will give you

Anything they will write a prescription for anything and if you don’t ask them any questions as to how it may affect you you may so first thing first always make sure that you have a current list of your medications on you at all times god forbid something happens you’re out by yourself you pass out you can look in your pocketbook or look at your wallet and find

Your list of medications number two always stay with the same pharmacy these big bombs these like walgreens and came right a door duane reade if you happen to live in new york city are great but they don’t give you the purpose they don’t give you the kind of services that you actually need and what are the services that you can get from these small pharmacies is

Attention these pharmacies actually look to make sure that your medicines don’t interact with each other this is something a lot of larger pharmacies don’t care about and they don’t do because their main objective is to make money same thing with the doctors their main objective is to make money so what you need to do is number one make sure you always have your

Medication list god forbid you go to the hospital number two and weekly always always make sure that you deal with the small pharmacy and the reason why is you get more attention and number two they always pay attention to what you are taking a pharmacist actually saved my life because one of my doctors decided to write a prescription that did not go with another

Prescription and he actually called the doctor up and yelled at the doctor for nearly trying to kill me of course you know it was the dawn interest to keep me alive because my medications alone or $3,000 a month so you don’t want to a patient such as myself number three and most important before you take any medication that any doctor has given you make sure that

You do the research put in a few minutes to look it up on any site the precautions and allergies the cautions and provide exposure anything like that there are medications that you cannot take with so you must be very careful not to drink crazy dudes with any of your medication okay we’re trying to keep you safe when we’re trying to keep you well-informed so thank

You for hanging out with us today on youtube and look for me i living with lipids one day at a time on facebook on twitter and you can also find me on linkedin my name is jun mo i don’t a ka the guru l and put uw’s up god loves you i love you but most of all love yourself do

Transcribed from video
ATTENTION HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE PATIENTS.Lisinopril has been recalled..high blood pressure patients… By Living With Lupus One Day At A Time THE Guru