March 28, 2023

Čudo od rastvora za biljke. Samo rastopite aspirin u vodi i dajte

This most famous medicine in the world is used by people against headaches, fevers, for better circulation, against blood clots and the like. you may not know it, but aspirin also works on plants. aspirin contains salicylic acid, which is produced on the basis of salicylic acid contained in willow wood. these and some other ingredients from willow and aspirin, support

The growth of plants. if you are engaged in organic production, use willow twigs to prepare willow water. the effect is the same, so anyone who is able to get willow twigs, better use a natural remedy. if this is not the case, the alternative is to dissolve the aspirin in water and give it to the plants in small amounts. generally, one aspirin tablet is placed in 1 liter

Of water. simply immerse the cutting in this water and it will form a root faster. it will be bigger and stronger. when the roots take form, plant the seedlings and watering them with this water so that make stronger root. if you dissolve 1.5 tablets of aspirin in 2 liters of water, you can significantly improve the germination of seeds with this water. one study showed

That plants treated with aspirin water had 100% seed germination, while plants that were not treated had poorer results. you can soak the seeds in an aspirin, just before sowing to improve its germination. 4 aspirin tablets were crushed and dissolved in 4 l of water. once every three weeks, they sprayed the plants with an aspirin solution during the entire growing season.

In the end, the result was that the plants sprayed with aspirin were larger and had more flowers and fruits than those plants that were not treated. you should be careful when using aspirin in the garden, because excessive use can damage your plants. proper use of aspirin in the garden can prevent damage to plants. otherwise, the plants may get brown spots, which look

Like burnt leaves. never use more than one aspirin tablet per 1 liter of water. those who have used it have noticed that aspirin dissolves well in distilled water, so it can be used like that. spray the plants with a solution of aspirin in the morning, once in 3 weeks. what is known is that it is not equally useful for all plants in the garden, but for tomatoes, peppers,

Potatoes and eggplant it certainly is. dissolve half an aspirin tablet in water and place that water in a vase. take the cut flowers, cut the ends of the stems and dip the flowers in a vase. the results showed that the flowers stay fresh longer like this, and therefore you will have them longer as a decoration in the house. aspirin contains an active ingredient known

As salicylic acid. the plants that are exposed, have stronger immunity, which helps them fight pests and microbes, and prevents the formation of fungi, using aspirin is not really an organic solution for your plants, but it is a safe solution, which contains far fewer chemicals than most plant protection products you normally buy in the store.

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Čudo od rastvora za biljke. Samo rastopite aspirin u vodi i dajte By Lekovite Biljke