March 28, 2023

CAUTION: This video contains some out-of-date info regarding side effects. Please see our updated video here:

Hello youtubers my wife and i would like to share some helpful information with you in regards to reducing negative symptoms of autism we’d like to state first that we understand there is a controversy behind medicating kids but we were out of ideas when ian was getting more violent and difficult to deal with there are all types of medication cannabis holistic

Therapies etc we’re not scientist so we can’t speak with certainty about these kinds of medicine what we decided to do is to take the pharmaceutical approach at a low dosage just to play things safe and see how things went from there ian is taking risperidone at about a half milliliter a day but remember there are a lot of drugs out there and be sure to consult a

Physician to get the right medication if you choose that route we’re not being paid by this drug company in any way shape or form ian has been taking this medication for over a month and the only side effects we noticed is that he eats more and sleeps more since he was barely eating anything and had poor sleeping patterns we welcomed those side effects one time

We forgot to give ian his meds and just like clockwork he went back to his difficult autistic habits ian had a lot of trouble with things like getting into the bus for school every morning was a challenge and it took two or sometimes three people to get him strapped into his bus harness he would have the same trouble getting into the car and we had to strap him

Down there as well we didn’t have a third row seat so he had to sit next to his baby brother which would cause him to cry with ian screamed or flat drawn violently in public places we had to walk everywhere with his harness and his headphones which would only buy us half an hour to 45 minutes tops before he would start losing control of his emotions and throwing a

Huge fit ian’s also had to be strapped to trees or other anchors so he wouldn’t run into the street when we were occupied with other kids or setting up camp every night ian would have difficulty after school and with going to bed he’d become violent so we would put him in his room and switch the door lock to the other side of the door so we wouldn’t escape he would

Repeatedly kick the door and put holes in the wall and even bang on the glass in the room window we were lucky he didn’t break through his window as he has broken glass before and cut himself as well as putting his brothers in the path of danger if you still have doubts that ian is autistic you can also check ins paperwork on our other video autism or bratty child

And we’ll post the link in the description as well the point is ian is doing much much better even if things are still not perfect and he’s still having troubles it feels manageable instead of like we’re fighting a losing battle here is ian and we will allow him to answer some questions so you can see how much better he is doing okay ian what’s your full name hey

I’m ian i am ian yeah that’s how you spell your name what’s your full name what ian ian michael ian michael owen good job yeah and how old are you i’m i’m mahai my name is ian i have autism yeah and how old are you i’m 7 years old good job what’s your favorite color i’m do you like blue yeah glue ok i am blue i’m not yellow okay no yellow you like blue i got blue

Okay i’m nice as you can see here in still tugs on a shirt has some stains and things like that but his attitude is better okay um you go to school no no not this week but you go to school right what what’s your teacher’s name teachers names poor fair like their fourth pair yeah and what’s your other teacher’s name his name is harris yeah harris good job okay and

Do you go have fun at school no what do you learn at school learn about limits cheats yeah drew’s your solely on me okay stand right there well done when i’m done okay what’s two plus two we’ll work on that will we how do you spell cat okay try something due to your abcs mission are swimming with me good job can you count to 100 one normally wait for but sex

Yeah 19 20 21 22 okay i think that’s good good yeah you’re doing good okay anything else do you like star wars yeah oh there you go what like you i like star wars yeah who’s your favorite person in star wars stowers is that storm super you like storm troopers yeah that’s storm trooper or simbu i’m stopped i have a little deeper good blue and blue you’re not a

Play goes off storm super’s you can’t play the gun ones you can play the robots yeah yeah speeder ok i guess what i’m saying thanks ian hmm say thank you for watching thank you for watching

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Autism Miracle Medication? By Autism Family