May 29, 2023

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My car really likes this stuff oh yeah oh it is very close but this is a beautiful place for doing videos you will see in just a moment two days video is definitely something worthy of watching if you have family members if you have friends as everyone does inevitably oh oops a couple scratches here and there it won’t hurt my name is michael avi welcome

Today’s video is going to be discussing progablin but it’s not actually me who is the star of today’s video it’s a family member of mine i’m not gonna say who uh to respect their privacy but i’m just gonna say it’s an elderly family member and the elderly and the young are most prone to side effects with per gallon and antidepressants except the problem here

Is that he or she didn’t go to the doctor that’s a psychiatrist with mental issues but rather for leg pain and more specifically nerve pain and they weren’t prescribed just for gabilan for this problem you see they were prescribed three horrific drugs symbalta lyrica and trazadone all in one go and lidocaine but that that’s not as bad so four drugs for nerve

Pain i i get a lot of doctors don’t know what to do with nerve pain it’s very difficult to treat and opiates don’t really work with that but tell me if that is not a killer cocktail it is overkill it’s too much and she felt bad after taking per gallon so we are going to make today’s video for you guys with your family with your friends watch out everybody

My name is mike gravy let’s discuss per gablin and a little bit of cymbalta and tresdone as well warning youtube this video is for educational content and now with my content demonetized seriously like this channel is to prevent others from falling into this trap not everyone needs these psychiatric drugs and they are way over prescribed i think there’s

A lot of severe cases where and some they might help because the side effects don’t outweigh the positives of these drugs however in many cases if you’re a normal individual like i was it can really screw you up and in this case you do not even need to go to a psychiatrist there’s a lot of gps you know your normal physicians who are prescribing these drugs

For pain purposes and to me it’s just a little bit weird like morphine everybody realizes opiates okay gotcha well they’re painkillers hmm they’re painkillers and they’re not really for depression they’re not for anxiety they’re not for this and that bowel syndrome they’re just for pain so to me it’s a little bit weird where you get these anti-convulsants

The antipsychotics the antidepressants and they’re going for multiple things they can be painkillers they can do that for epilepsy they can you know reduce anxiety if you have paranoia if it’s bipolar it’s just like all over the map like a shocking approach and scientists and researchers and doctors don’t really know a hundred percent how it works they know

Ninety percent of the picture and then they’re guessing the rest of the ten percent they’re like well if we connect the dots obviously it has to be this a chemical imbalance yet there’s many cases of people just freaking out and experiencing very bad results with not just one drug or two drugs but a whole slew of them from different categories antipsychotics

Antidepressants anticonvulsants benzodiazepines amphetamines it just goes on a long list and you start believing that you have a mental disorder yourself or you might have actually gotten one because you’ve gotten brain damage so i’m not against the pharma industry i’m not gonna go conspiracy theory mode but to me first of all it’s worrisome that a doctor would

Prescribe three hard drugs these are hard drugs just one of them can severely change your life in a negative manner because of the withdrawals and even if you don’t experience withdrawals it’s very rare but some people don’t experience withdrawals well you might experience some horrible physical side effects that lead to mental side effects or it might get both

And the risk is just too great and when you combine for example cymbalta and progablin well you can go on facebook and you can read the reviews from thousands of people so if it was 100 people maybe everybody’s live but if it’s thousands per gallon has a group called lyrica survivors it’s got 9 000 people in it and if you don’t believe that well there’s groups

Online on forums and on normal talk websites where there’s thousands of other reports and people rate it from 1 to 10 stars and there are some people who rate it high and say yes my pain is fine and those people unfortunately are the ones who are suffering severely they had like some spinal deformities or they got into a crash or whatever and the side effects

Are there but again the side effects don’t outweigh the pros however there’s a large number of people giving one stars saying it’s ruined their lives there’s these huge lists of side effects in the acute phase of withdrawal during taking this with inner inner dose withdrawals and then protracted acute withdrawal syndrome pause and that’s where it gets really

Really funky or just brain damage because once it starts getting into a couple years does pause still exist at that point or is it brain damage it’s hard to discern so there’s of survivors for progablin and there’s cymbalta hurts worse and that’s got 4 100 people in it and you can start researching so you got thousands of people who are saying it doesn’t work

There’s a lot of side effects and then you got people who are taking cocktails what i witnessed personally being prescribed immediately per gablin with 75 milligrams in the morning 75 milligrams at night that’s 150 milligrams the doses are way too high and after a week it was supposed to be 300 milligrams and that’s probably why i am f’ed up today and it’s

Been 10 months of hell 10 months of hell and for my family member where they were prescribed 75 milligrams and then i found i that’s that’s a huge dose right there in itself after i did my research with for gabilan and then i realized well huh they take it at night but then they get cymbalta in the morning it doesn’t make sense it’s illogical because they’re two

Very similar medicines and i don’t understand why you need to combine them they’re similar but they still function a little differently and your brain recognizes that so whenever you mix drugs you’re gonna have to taper off of them one by one if they were to take it you know long term but i told my family member like you took one pill that’s it that you’re not

Taking anymore i’m sorry but you can’t like it’s your choice ultimately you can if you want to but you see a good example right here like you’ve heard me whine every week since this so if you want to be like me or possibly worse hey that’s all on you and you know they took one pill of per gallon and they started feeling really bad where they got like anxiety

And these paranoid thoughts were they don’t know where it came from it just it just did and they couldn’t really walk upstairs it was difficult to see at night oh my god that’s just what one pill does to you right it’s difficult to sleep one pill imagine taking that every single day for weeks some people take it for decades the adverse effects of antidepressants

Include movement disorders agitation sexual dysfunction improper bone development improper brain development gastrointestinal bleeding and a variety of other lesser known problems let me include tinnitus into that and visual snow depersonalization but that fits in sort of with anxiety these are not rare events but the most significant harm comes only after months

Or years of use which leads to the false impression that antidepressants seem quite safe more than half of those beginning an antidepressant have one of the more common side effects while some side effects may not carry serious health risks others do gastrointestinal bleeding can become a life-threatening condition and improper bone development in children is

A serious problem that can lead to increased skeletal problems and frequent bone fractures as they age it has been shown that serotonin exposure in young mice impairs their brain cerebral development and many researchers believe that the use of ssri medications in pregnant mothers and young children may predispose children to emotional disorders later in life

And there’s a whole slew of other problems if you’re pregnant and taking these antidepressants uh that happens with a lot of drugs i’m well aware of that but oh man and it’s also been interesting to read these studies of how antidepressants and anticonvulsants can lead to dementia not only that but a lot of other drugs and it’s surprising because there’s a lot

Of americans who are taking these drugs and the numbers of dementia it’s rising number the numbers of suicide it’s rising for certain age groups and it’s just terrifying sure there’s more people in the world but these numbers are rising faster than population is so that’s the video um my family member knew about my per gallon problems but they didn’t quite

Understand because again they’re elderly uh they went to the doctor and the doctor is like okay this one’s for sleeping because you you’re having trouble sleeping with the leg pain i understand so this one’s for sleeping it was trasodone an antidepressant yeah it can help you sleep but so can hydrocesinium or a like even xanax would be better than trazadone

Short term xanax long term no no no but uh god melatonin and just i i i don’t know i’m amazed that this cocktail was allowed it’s crazy and there’s millions of these people who take these cocktails because they don’t know anything and then they listen to their doctors and you have people who end up killing themselves or ending up in the hospital with serious

Brain injuries or ah so you know my family member asked me to look at the box and i just saw it was prag uh pregabalinium which in polish is progablin and a lot of people have trouble discerning between medications because of the names and the chemical names but if it’s 90 of the same thing it is the same thing and the name doesn’t really matter because it’s

Going to change if you’re in europe or asia or america but the chemical name that’s what really matters so just inform your family members if anyone’s taking some balls or per gallon to your experiences or even trazadone or ssris that that fits into and let me know what you think about that the doctor pretty much over prescribing my poor family member and i

Know nerve pain is a difficult condition to treat and there’s not enough drugs but oh man oh man even gabapentin in a way would be better than progablin and even that is uh but that’s my video thanks so much for watching if you enjoyed this video please leave a like comment subscribe and share check out this dope tree i used to love going out in nature and

Now i still do but in the car because i feel so much safer in here and it’s great i don’t know it’s like the random paranoia but i love it i love it i love it you

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