January 26, 2023

How to avoid some of the major side effects common with taking Prednisone like weight gain, moon face, weight gain, insomnia, weight gain, mood swings, weight gain, acne, weight gain, hunger and of course…weight gain!

So i’m making this video today about prednisone and basically how to avoid the common side effects because i was actually on 60 milligrams of prednisone a day for five and a half months and then for two months i was on 40 milligrams and then 20 and so on and now i’m down to 15 milligrams and i mean you get the picture but um so as you can see i’ve been on prednisone

For a while and when all is said and done i will have been on prednisone for over a year straight and during this time i’ve had very little side effects because instead of just accepting the side effects i researched the reasons for the side effects and if you find the root of the problem then you can really just like eradicate the problem itself in a healthy

Way rather than just like covering it up so to start i’ll just list the things i’ll be talking about today so number one i’ll be talking about tips to be getting better sleep on prednisone number two mood swings number three acne number four hunger and of course number five that weight gain so number one the sleep one thing i do is to try to be more on like a

Set schedule so your body sort of like knows what to expect and detect pattern say like every night at midnight you go to bed or something another thing you can do is just if you’re not tired and you’re like your normal bedtime just stay up and do something productive until you are tired and then go to bed when you’re tired um then i mean then you’re not just like

Laying around in bed like oh i wish i was asleep why i’m not asleep right now um and that really works it’s like you’re on a flexible schedule and like you know if you can just sleep whenever and then you know if that doesn’t work and like say just stay up doing something productive at least and then you only get like three hours of sleep um if you can then just

Try to go about your day as usual and don’t try not to take a nap and then the next night you’ll probably just sleep like a baby um i just like from the lack of sleep the night before which i mean it’s not the healthiest option but if that’s you know that’s that’s the best you can do and that’s the best you can do for right now until you figure out what works for

You another option is like taking a melatonin pill or a sleeping pill i mean i’d rather not take medication but if that’s what you have to do then you know this we have to do it get some sleep other things you could do is just try to eat things that have a decent amount of tryptophan or just like things that can help you go to sleep like an example would be like

Bananas cinnamon has a calming effect i don’t know why or how but it does mean you can just google ahead or whatever and i’ve also found that avocados and dates have the same effect for me so i mean sometimes i’ll just put in like bananas and dates and a smoothie or something and maybe some cinnamon and before i go to bed or something that helps me alright so

Number two of the mood swings i haven’t necessarily had too many mood swings so much as like roids rage basically uh-huh for me little things it’s like set me off more than they used to like my personal triggers are just like running into things and like dropping things and it’s like stuff like that so i mean like try to figure out what your triggers are and try

To avoid them this is best you can mean i guess the best advice i can think of for that really and then i’m just trying to not use like oh i have mood swings as like an excuse instead of losing your cool and just being on prednisone try to take a step back and just think about the situation and not acting emotionally instead just like you know act logically i mean

Like i’ve done this i’ve done a lot better with this approach although like i still get angry really quickly sometimes like if i drop my food while i’m while i’m preparing it or something but i mean it really it happens a lot less often if instead of just like it’s just accepting the mood swings and roids rage and stuff like that okay so number three that acne um

I just say wash your face at least like twice a day and avoid touching your face so like the oils on your fingers and stuff don’t get on your face um figure out what foods trigger acne and you probably the most probable causes are probably gonna be like high-fat foods and things that are very processed like soda and junk food avoid these things and you probably

Won’t even have an acne acne problem since i switched my diet to low-fat raw vegan so i’ll talk about a little later then like i i don’t even i don’t even wash my face anymore okay like i i don’t really feel like i need to i mean like surely like wash in the shower like i watched like my arms or something but i don’t like specifically set a time set aside time like

While i’m brushing my teeth then wash my face i don’t even need to do that anymore really i’m just cuz my diet to help me out so much um so number four the hunger i haven’t really had too much of an appetite change since i’ve been on prednisone by that’s i think it’s because of the dietary changes i made but i have noticed that eating starches like pastas and breads

Make me hungry or so if you stick to eating like whole foods especially produce i’m a big fan of produce then i mean you should be good and i think that’s why i haven’t had such a problem with like hunger i’m prednisone because i just avoid starches and stuff and you know hopefully that helps and works for you too alright so the moment we’ve all been waiting for the

Weight gain i have actually gained pretty much zero weight i’m prednisone after i’ve been on it for like ten months or so and i was at 60 milligrams for five and a half months so that’s pretty hefty dose um and then on a few different diets since i’ve been on the prednisone starting with an anti-inflammatory diet which is just really confusing because i basically

Had to remember what was inflammatory and what wasn’t it was like certain fruits who are certain weren’t certain bread too much to remember so i didn’t like that guy so i didn’t stick to that one for very long um and then i found like sort of like a less strict version of the paleo diet it was one with is basically a version of dr. terry walls diet if you want

To look her up this ter r wh h ls terry walls she she goes like you know grain free and dairy free i just went gluten free and dairy free and it was very low processed foods and you know i think that was helpful and i’m currently on a low-fat raw vegan diet basically just eat fruits and vegetables and nuts and seasons basically that all these foods really i mean

They help keep the prednisone weight gain off like with all these diets really in the moonface and stuff so what they all had in common though is they were all relatively low in cell especially the one online now is really low insult which people on prednisone should avoid because because you know the water retention is we’re really where all the bloating comes

From they were all like all these diets are relatively lower in fat than the standard american diet especially one of mine now the diets i was on were pretty much rude all devoid of starch which can really you know that can trigger hunger as i said earlier in people on prednisone so to really avoid weight gain effects of prednisone just steer clear of starches

And fats not all fat because i mean you need fat in your diet especially good fats like omega 3s but more often that people are just consuming way too much of it also avoid processed things that will almost always contain processed sugar and sodium and and just keep in mind that nutrition is only one piece to the puzzle also i mean you need to also be active and

Exercise at least a few times a week as with any diet to maintain or lose weight so anyway hope that helped and um well i guess you should probably take away from this most is just do your own research and don’t just accept the side effects i mean you can either be lazy and get the side effects like being fat and puffy and have bad acne or i mean you could work

Hard and look and basically feel like you’re not even on prednisone so i mean it’s really up to you i mean if you want to see dress your results you need to make some drastic changes and if you want to see minor results then make small changes

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Avoiding The Side Effects of Prednisone By No Egg Craig