March 28, 2023

B12 Deficiency can be very hard to diagnose, and these 7 signs of Vitamin B12 deficiency can help. Many doctors don’t think of B12 deficiency as the cause of these 7 symptoms, but these symptoms can be the canary in the coalmine.

Hey this is dr. barry for the next few minutes let’s discuss a very important topic b12 deficiency b12 deficiency is becoming more and more common and i want to talk about seven signs that doctors sometimes miss b12 deficiency is not blatantly black and white sometimes it can be a very obtuse diagnosis and i want to tell you about seven signs that you can look

For and you might need to remind your doctor hey this could be vitamin vitamin b12 deficiency maybe you should check for that if you’re listening to this video and you hear a sign or a symptom that reminds you of someone you know please consider sharing this video with them you can share it on your facebook page or in your group or you can send them an email or a

Text with a link and that way they’ll know to get their vitamin b12 fixed because if it is low it can be a severe medical problem now let’s talk about these seven signs each of these seven signs are very nondescript very not they’re there signs that basically could be 50 different things and in some of these signs and symptoms are things that doctors would rather

Not talk about it i’ll tell you why when i get to that symptom but the number one and most probably the most worrisome and maybe even the most common sign of b12 deficiency is burning or numbness or tingling in your fingers toes feet hands sometimes even face if it’s severe but neuropathy as you may know is becoming more and more common in a modern society and

The problem is is that it can be caused by many many different things i have other videos on this youtube channel about diabetic neuropathy there are multiple different reasons that you might have burning tingling numbness in your hands feet fingers and toes but vitamin b12 deficiency is one of those vitamin b12 is mandatory for your body to be able to properly

Manufacture myelin which is basically a sheath that wraps around your nerves and helps them to function more efficiently and to transport transport neuronal signals much faster and so if your b12 deficient your nerves are not going to work properly and this can be a very vague symptom and so just a burning in your feet a lot of older folks think well that’s just

Part of getting older and it could very well be a b12 deficiency so any burning numbness tingling in any of the extremities warrants a visit to your doctor and for you to say out loud i hope this is not b12 deficiency could you check for that the second symptom or sign is a smooth slightly swollen tongue when you look at your tongue in the mirror which i hope all

Of you do on a regular basis it should be bumpy and irregular and very uneven it should not look smooth at all if you have a very smooth surface on your tongue or if your tongue feels too big for your mouth these are both can be signs of a vitamin b12 deficiency and so again a trip to your doctor and a question about b12 deficiency and it’s your doctor’s job to

Check all the other things that could be causing these symptoms but i want you to make sure and ask about b12 deficiency because it’s very commonly missed next is fatigue the most general of all general symptoms fatigue just no energy i just don’t have to get up and go this can be hundreds of different things but one of the things that should be included by your

Doctor in the workup is a vitamin b12 level methylmalonic acid and a homocysteine these three labs need to be checked next is slow thinking slow mentation i just can’t my memories not great i just can’t think as fast as i used to these can all be signs of a b12 deficiency and should be included in any dementia workup any alzheimer’s workup any fatigue workup

Should include these three labs to make sure that your b12 level is optimal next is problems with your balance or problems with your gait and so if you if you’re having trouble staying balanced when you didn’t used to if you’re having trouble or your family members notice you know you walk funny you don’t walk the same as you used to these are big red flags that

You need to have your vitamin b12 level checked immediately hmm many people who drink too much alcohol for years and years one of the first ways that their family notices that something has changed is that their their their gait when they walk it looks different it doesn’t look the same big red flag go see your doctor on that one next one is a very vague symptom

Again irritability there are hundreds of things that can cause someone to be more irritable whether it’s a spouse that won’t behave or it’s your b12 level that’s too low it’s hard to know which and so a trip to the doctor to get some blood work checked absolutely is vital if you’re just newly irritable over the last few months for no real reason next is tinnitus

That ringing in your ears if that if that has been coming on over the last few weeks or months it could be b12 again the nerves don’t operate properly it’s impossible to have normal nerve function if your vitamin b12 level is too low for too long and so tinnitus needs to be worked up by your doctor and there are other tests that need to be ordered but vitamin b12

Should be among them finally again one of the the symptoms that doctors don’t like to ask about doctors don’t like to ask how’s your energy level how’s your mood and so the last one is depression and i’ve talked about before that depression should be a diagnosis of exclusion before you ever diagnosed someone with that with depression there should be a lot of lab

Work that you’ve checked and among that lab work should be a vitamin b12 level because vitamin b12 deficiency can masquerade as depression and have all of the symptoms that the dsm says that you should have for depression it could just be a vitamin b12 deficiency now to get vitamin b12 repleted in your body i want you to eat animal products and so most any meat

Most any organ meat any kind of animal food product is gonna have somebody 12 in it if you just refuse to eat animals if you are a vegan or a vegetarian and you’re just not going to do that then i recommend you buy a very good quality methylated b12 or b complex and i’ll put a link down below to a good one that i think will give you everything you need i’d much

Rather you get it naturally from your food but if you’d rather take a supplement either just to be sure or if you know that for moral reasons you’re just not going to eat animals then you can take this supplement once day and you’ll know that you’re getting enough b12 so you can avoid all of these symptoms we talked about now if you enjoy videos like this where i

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People to know this is dr. berry i’ll see you next time

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