June 4, 2023

Sometimes on epic road trip adventures, insulin has a little trouble. It’s not quite as hardcore as me.

Hey everyone it’s diabetic danica and i am back in my parents house so as you probably know i recently graduated nursing school and yes i actually just became a registered nurse because i passed the nclex yeah i was so happy i passed in the first try but anyway i’m here to tell you a story today because in my other video i hinted at the fact that a lot of my

Insulin went bad in a car recently and i didn’t give you much detail so here’s that story so my parents came out to my graduation and then we decided to do a big family road trip we spent like a week and a half we went through 15 different states including dc which is a really a state but we went there too and we stopped at a bunch of places we went to new york

City philadelphia dc gettysburg hershey pennsylvania chicago de smet south dakota we drove through minneapolis i think i feel like i’m forgetting something but then we ended it at yellowstone in montana and then i went back home now this was right after i moved out of my apartment at school and so that means that i had all my stuff from my apartment in my car as

Well so let me just say it was a little bit packed this also means that i had no like home base where i was leaving on my diabetes supplies right so i had everything with me and that also means that i had an entire prescription worth of insulin with me because i had picked up a bunch so i wouldn’t run out and i just i didn’t think about it so some days we were

Mostly driving but a lot of days at the beginning especially we would stop and we would spend the whole day like sightseeing and being tourists and then we would drive some more so i just didn’t think about the fact that usually i don’t have like five vials of insulin with me and i did and so i left them in the car because usually i have my pumps insulin and i

Have one vial in my purse as an extra and i never think about the fact that there would be extra extras of insulin because everything that i own right now from my apartment is in my car so i ended up leaving like four or five vials in the car in summer in like 90 degree weather so needless to say it went bad and my mom was like oh like why didn’t you tell me i

Could have put it in my purse we could have carried it around and i was like i just didn’t think about it there was so much going on i was graduating nursing school i was saying goodbye to my friends i was packing at my apartment moving and going on a big road trip all at once and i just didn’t cross mind so that happened and i had no extra insulin that was way at

The beginning of the trip because as we got further into the trip more of our days were spent just straight up driving cuz we had a far distance to go so luckily i still had quite a bit of insulin left in my pump and then as i said i also had an extra vial in my purse that was always with me right so i figured that would last me and that would be fine i wouldn’t

Have to use the presumably bad insulin but something started happening with my blood sugar’s towards the end of the trip where literally after every meal no matter how much carbs really i had i mean i tend to eat carbs at meals but i would spike way higher than i usually do way higher like three hundredths every single time and then i wouldn’t come down for a long

Time and then overnight i would be having three hundreds as well which is not typical for me like pretty much ever like for no reason it would spike up to 300 i would correct and it would just stay there so i realized the insulin and my pump wasn’t working so great either i think it might have been because we were sitting in a hot car like even though we had air

Conditioning my car is like a 2004 so their conditioning doesn’t work awesome all the time and i was like sitting in direct sunlight a lot of the time on the road trip and i’m pretty sure the influent in my purse and my pump also like wasn’t ideal anymore i don’t think it went bad completely but it wasn’t working as well as it should so needless to say i didn’t

Feel too hot with the insulin not working as well as it should do your job do your job do your job so i ended up just like turning off my high alarm overnight because i would correct you know before i went to bed and we just had very short spurts where we could sleep and then i would just take care of it in the morning again because i just couldn’t be up all night

Every night and i aggressively treated and you know i wasn’t high all the time which is the confusing part so you think when insulin goes bad you know you’re gonna hi all the time but that wasn’t the case like i would spike and i would like say spiked a while but i could also get it back down and i’m cool oh or i would go into the 100’s and so it’s like oh it is

Working you know this one is working that was just a fluke and then something happens again and it spikes and you’re like but is it working so i guess that whole time it was kind of confusing as to whether it was even working or not so it was not clear not clear at all so here’s the expired insulin we’ve got lots of vials it’s a major waste and i feel bad about it

But there’s nothing i can really do so yeah i have five five vials cool and then basically when i got back to my parents house i just quickly ordered some refills luckily i had some refills stocked up so i hadn’t used them all right on time and so i had some backlog so i was able to refill my insulin right away and just pay a copay and not pay a bunch out of pocket

For an early refill but i figured if i didn’t have refills i was just gonna call my endocrinologist and asked if she could please write me another prescription because i made a mistake and it went bad so have you ever had this problem have you ever had insulin go bad whether it be in too hot of weather or too cold of weather please let me know in the comments below

We all make mistakes even diabetic danica so yeah let me know thankfully my insulin is fresh now and i don’t think i’ll make that mistake again hopefully i don’t leave five vials in the car there’s nowhere for me to put it though but we could have carried it with us anyway thank you guys so much for watching if you like this video give it a thumbs up don’t forget

To subscribe if you haven’t already and hopefully i’ll have a new video out really soon now that i’m a nurse and stuff no more studying until i have to take the cde exam which is the certified diabetes educator but that won’t be for a couple years so bye

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Bad Insulin! By DiabeticDanica