March 22, 2023

Today was my dads birthday and I wanted to make dinner and bake a cake! This is my way of showing you all what a day in my life is like. The prednisone is driving me crazy (cosmetically). I guess it took about 4 weeks for the acne and moon face to show its true colors. How are you all doing today? If you’re new here, introduce yourself! Welcome to the family.

Hello lovely people back with another vlog you all like that video a lot so here i am putting my prednisone face as it takes over my life thank you all so much for all your feedback on the last video it makes me feel so good and here i am getting emotional again because prednisone and you guys make me feel good and i can’t just it’s amazing to have a community feel

Like that on this channel and that’s what i strive for and i’m trying to improve myself every day for you all because i love you all thank you last time i did a morning type video this time i’m going to involve you during my day today is kind of working from home but also doing my business today so i will be training to clients and it’s my dad’s birthday i decided

I’m going to make him a cake and i’m cooking dinner tonight so you know well i’m just telling me not to do too much but here i am doing too much update on the prednisone i am on 40 milligrams still i have to be on 40 milligrams for the next month and it’s been four weeks in as you can see i’m starting to break up what did i say on the last vlog i was like i like

My clear skin boop pops up later that week okay thanks prednisone biggest thing is i can tell my skin’s just greasy er in general because with prednisone increases your sebaceous glands and that leads to acne that’s what’s happening nothing i can really do about it i’m probably gonna go get a face mask or create one just so i can feel like i’m making a change and

Making a difference with my skin okay so i’m going to make a cake let’s see how this goes in the last video with the whole cure and supplements and diet and all that and here i am making a cake but you know it’s my dad’s birthday sometimes you got to live your life heck yeah i’m having a piece of this cake because i’m on prednisone and i still want to enjoy the

Simple things in life that is one thing that gets me is that a lot of the times these people that suggest things they are not following that diet or lifestyle themselves and to me i don’t think it’s fair that you are forcing someone else to follow that and you don’t even follow it yourself so that’s why i am being open and sharing with you all my real life stuff

That i am going to eat the cake and you know i am working towards being healthier as well so i’m gonna combat that with a green smoothie today best thing you can do when you’re making something is to get all the ingredients out first so you’re not running around the kitchen i am so shaky i should probably put this down prednisone make me like dropping stuff beetle

Crazy when i wear this shirt just so y’all know it’s actually because i do love these shirts and i’m surprised that it’s not more worn out because i wear this almost every day and i wash it a lot don’t worry but wash it inside out so the wolf doesn’t get ruined and yeah my neighbors probably think i’m a crazy wolf lady they probably think i got some wolves in here

I so badly want to lick this bowl but salmonella is not something that i want to welcome into my life and i know the chances are slim but nope lucas not really not willing to risk it i’m gonna put this in the oven and it wasn’t that bad to make my hands are a little tired definitely gonna need a break after this taking it easy we’ll see you soon so now i am going

To escape to outside going to let the doggie out because these guy go to the restroom too you know nothing else is too exciting right now i just like i showed you finish the cake and i am training a client luckily nearby really close so i will be doing that in about 10 minutes that’ll be my work for the day and then coming back and i’m gonna cook the meal before

My other client because i don’t want to be rushing i just want to do it at my own pace and we are back from training my first client of the day i am hungry now so trying my best to get in a green smoothie because ya gonna be having some cake tonight you know so let’s let’s have a healthy lunch so i’m gonna make a sandwich and just kind of throw something together

Probably cucumber tomato cabbage have purple cabbage so i’ll use that green leaf lettuce have to use up and a little bit of turkey mustard vegan may go be a little vegan mayo and avocado that’s so exciting i’m excited so i put spinach and this frozen pineapple and frozen mango there’s youth like usually my go-to for this i put a banana in here and then almond milk

As well i also like to do part almond milk park part water so kind of gives it a little creamier feel to it when it has the almond milk first just water makes it a little more makes me want to drink it more that one leaf is just being extra i can’t that is it or the smoothie wow actually did that almost perfect real graceful over here so this is the green smoothie

Mmm actually it’s not that bad but i put a lot of spinach in there but you know a little extra mango can always help that i have found that when you drink your smoothies with lunch it makes it a lot easier to just get a bunch of liquid down to i think it’s because when i pair it with something that’s a little more salty or different tasting it’s a lot easier than

Just sitting there and drinking the whole cream juice but yeah it can be refreshing too it is time for me to enjoy and 100% being real with y’all this is honestly what i do i love sandwiches yesterday i had a salad with this mix really simple yeah i had extra so don’t mind that it’s not about the fanciness for me it’s not about looking cool for youtube for me it’s

About being a hundred percent real and showing you all how i live my daily life because we’re all human i will only share things that have worked for me with you all and just like the back pot i have people write me all the time how it has helped them and i would not share that i would not share that if i was lying to you all it did really change my quality of

Life with the costochondritis my goal with these vlogs is that i can try my best to be my genuine self and show you how i live my life but i mean i’m not i’m not perfect i do have the chocolate cake in the oreo and you know i’ve i’ve had my times where i went months without any of the bad stuff i have done that and didn’t get very good results so you know it’s

It’s just at this point i’m living my life too what makes me happy and what i think is gonna make me healthy and right now that’s about getting good nutrients in my body raining and resting so yeah i don’t know here i go rambling again what did y’all have for lunch today my dad likes thai food so i’m making a thai dish and these type a purse oh let me tell you i

Just tried a little piece of it they’re spicy so that will not be going in my boyfriend or my mom’s food or probably mine and let’s see how this goes all right i just washed my face for the 40 million time today usually i am very dry so that just shows how greasy i have been from the prednisone i have one more client to go to today and then it’s dinner with my

Family i did want to mention that i am tired so i haven’t really been talking about my energy levels and this is actually a very filled day today i’ve been doing a lot so yeah i actually had an offer to pick up a job for tomorrow and i decided to turn it down because i know that i’m going to have to recover tomorrow so that’s where i’m at energy-wise alright see

You next time our next clip whatever yeah y’all y’all get it it’s a vlog but oh i didn’t record that alright well welcome back to the vlog i just recorded something with all my family introducing them and wasn’t recording and i forgot to record the food so we’re just a mess here is my mom everyone say hi birthday and here’s dave and z there we go yeah so i’m a mess

Okay well we’re about to enjoy chocolate cake that i made you guys saw me make that chocolate i don’t know how to say it ganache so this should be good alright alright megan how old are you in my six to my eight about sixty eight you get the first bite we don’t have candles sorry oh i don’t need candles hmm mm-hmm well i’m going to end the video there had a nice

Night with family and overall i am very tired right now starting to get a little headache but it was a good day so let’s hope i can sleep tonight and i hope you all are doing well don’t forget us always to like this video subscribe and hit that notification button so you can see when i post right away i will see you all next time thanks for watching bye

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Balancing Life with Multiple Autoimmune Diseases | Week 4 on Prednisone… Here Comes the Acne By Heal With Samantha