February 8, 2023

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When you go on google do you expect to find inaccurate information or do you expect to find the right information well that’s not what happens when you go on to google and search prednisone side effects it’s fascinating let me show you a little bit of what i found okay so here on oncology nurse advisor check out this list of adverse reactions to prednisone does

Any of that make sense to you because this one just kills me guys kills me fast psychic disorders y’all what are psychic disorders um this prednisone suddenly going to allow you to read my mind or predict the future or otherwise make you psychic i don’t think so protozoan doesn’t do that y’all psychic disorders is not a side effect maybe they missed an o and

A t and it’s supposed to say psychotic but no psychic is not a thing okay how about we go to rxlist.com and see what they say about prednisone all right so prednisone what is prenzone look at this list do you know what any of these mean no i don’t either okay what are side effects of prednisone headache nausea vomiting acne stings skin nope actually no this is

Totally totally wrong these are not side effects of protozoan did you know that people take prednisone to prevent nausea and vomiting yeah people who that is why they’re taking it is for nausea and vomiting so no totally wrong all right what about drugs.com drugs.com what do they say they say here are the more common actually they are saying you should check

With your doctor immediately for these more common things but it makes it look like these are actually more common side effects and no these are not common side effects shortness of breath people take it for shortness of breath sake’s alive nope wrong what i do like is that they have aggression agitation and mood changes and irritability on here because those

Are true things that do happen and you should talk to your doctor about it incidents not known so these are things that you should apparently talk to your doctor about but they’re not giving us an incidence i don’t know why oh wait because the information doesn’t exist um and then these are side effects that don’t require immediate attention uh this is it yeah

That’s it increased appetite that’s the only one they’re giving us is not requiring immediate attention or this instant not known down here which okay abnormal fat deposits like moon phase and your neck and your trunk okay all right we don’t know how often that happens except we do in most people actually it happens in high enough dose almost everybody gets moon

Paste um dry scalp this is surprising that they’re listing this i haven’t seen this really anywhere else because people often take prednisone for dry scalp it’s called psoriasis surprising all right but these other ones yes you might see those um and then that’s it that’s all they have as far as normal words and then they get into these fancy medical terms but

What i’m really concerned about is do they have the word insomnia listed let’s see oh insomnia buried way down deep here why are they burying it way down deep into these medical terms when people are tweeting about insomnia on end prednisone all the time insomnia is the number one tweeted side effect to prednisone and yet it’s not listed until that far down the

Page guys that far down the page is when you finally see insomnia listed and buried in there along with all these other weird words like raise your hand if you know what paresthesia means and you didn’t go to medical school okay all right then let’s go to my mayo clinic they should be pretty awesome shouldn’t they and we finally find the more common side effect

Appetite way down at the very bottom of the page you have to go all the way down to find out what that side effect is they’re more common one and then do you see how that’s exactly the same as the other one they don’t even tell you any side effects until way down here and then these are still the ones where you’re supposed to check your doctor immediately they

Never in this entire page give you the most commonly expected side effects nowhere they’re calling the only thing is common to them is appetite and then these bizarro things they don’t ever mention insomnia let’s see inside i’m searching guys insomnia oh wait guys i want you to see this zero out of zero times does the mayo clinic use the term insomnia on the

Prednisone side effect list zero out of zero it is not listed at all even though it is the number one tweeted thing why that is so wrong what about web webmd webmd all right so the first thing they have is nausea and vomiting like i said this is why people use prednisone as nausea and vomiting this isn’t a side effect that people experience it’s definitely not

The number one and number two what about loss of appetite all right did you remember what they said it was the most common over here what was that weight oh yeah it was appetite it was appetite wasn’t it increased appetite was the number one on mayo clinic and then we go over to webmd and they’re saying that the number three is loss of appetite guys that doesn’t

Make any sense how could one say the most common is increased appetite and the other one is saying it’s loss of appetite it’s just wrong that’s just wrong information webmd all right and then they’re saying heartburn and troubles oh yay they finally have trouble sleeping listed on the first line all of these other side effect lists didn’t even bother to include

Insomnia amazing so then they have other these these other things tell your doctor right away but really are you gonna tell your doctor right away um let’s see if you have unusual weight gain because pretty much 70 percent of people who take prednisone have unusual weight gain yeah so do they is everybody supposed to say that and then um yeah this this is such

Unhelpful information this finally is a helpful paragraph this is my favorite paragraph this medication may cause your blood sugar to rise which can worsen diabetes and tell your doctor because there’s help that you can get right they’re saying there is ways to help and then a truer statement could not have been made this is not a complete list of side effects

Guys it’s just not it’s not a complete list webmd you get the number one rank on google and what you have is lacking is actually false misleading and inaccurate you need to improve fix it so that people suffering suffering so many prednisone side effects in fact people suffer more prednisone side effects than any other drug but you wouldn’t be able to tell based

On these lists because they’re so wrong they’re so inaccurate they’re so unhelpful and contradictory right so what can you do if you are personally suffering effects what i recommend is typing into google ultimate prednisone side effects then you can get my list at protozoanpharmacist.com and i have what i personally experience this is what more of likely what you

Will have happened to you lose your hair don’t sleep gain weight be starving all of these things and osteoporosis that’s the most likely thing that’s actually going to happen and then i created this list because i wanted to actually know what will happen and so what you can do is you find the ultimate list of prednisone side effects and wow check it out you can

Search it you can type in whatever thing you have talk about bones that’s one that happens a lot you we’ve got osteopenia osteoporosis you can see we have bone thinning bone loss all these different ways of describing bone things you can search for the common name or the medical term or the category i have it all here compiled from the top sources of information

From paid databases not these terrible free lists these are ex several most of these are paid databases that cost a ton of money daily matters actually the um government one that is the little package insert that’s usually on the back of the bottle right here on the side of the summer sometimes it’s on the side or the back that little folded up piece of paper it

Goes there that is what is in daily med and then these are like 500 a year and i have them all compiled here so that you can actually get the right information you can see how many of those databases included it so five included vertebral compression fracture fractures all five included osteoporosis because it is super common and it can happen at all doses so

Check out the ultimate list of prednisone side effects by googling ultimate prednisone side effects and you’ll go to prednisonepharmacist.com help you need because what you google is wrong signing off is dr megan your prednisone pharmacist i’m here to not just help you survive prednisone but thrive while on prednisone you

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