March 24, 2023

Hi everyone i’m kasia boss new wardrobe stylist fashion virgin is the founder of boutique on 57 and i would love to welcome you today to a beauty regimen no i do not have a headache as proudly your attention goes straight to the aspirin but instead i would love to share with you a fabulous incredible mask based on aspirin that i found just that a day going to my

Grandmother’s notes who by the way happened to have the best skin in the world and despite the fact that she had five children in quite a late time for her age about 40 years old so it’s quite remarkable she always managed to have the most incredible amazing skin so i would love to share with you her wisdom and piece of advice and you too can have an amazing skin

So as you go to your local drugstore you will see aspirin and there are two kinds there is coated and uncoated aspirin i prefer to use uncoated as i will demonstrate you will notice that it dissolves much quicker you will also need natural yoghurt i like a greek yogurt with 0% fat and teaspoon of water so i’m going to demonstrate so you can go step by step and

See how to prepare it how to apply it and how to have a beautiful skin if you decide to go with the conventional aspirin all you need to do is choose four tablets either coated or uncoated and add just one spoon of water to each one of them and i’m going to demonstrate i’m going to give you a close-up and you will see how quickly each one of them dissolves the

Uncoated as print already is dissolved where the coded one it’s still untouched i prefer to use the bc which is already prepared in white powder and it’s very easy to just pour it into them into the glass of your dish and just one suggestion if you decide to do it in a public place make sure that you close the door behind you because you know what it looks like

All i need is to add that of water mix it in and after 2 to 3 minutes add 1 spoon of a greek yogurt i’m going to pretend that i waited 2 to 3 minutes i’m just going to add 1 spoon of greek yogurt mix it in to have that nice creamy texture can show you right hand i’ll show you a close-up of that how it looks like and once once i have this nice creamy texture which

I already prepared for you you can apply it on your skin you can apply it with the brush with the fingertips really whatever makes makes it comfortable for you i’m going to apply the mask in circular motion avoiding the eye area and it absolutely smells delicious no need to try it just take my word for it as crenn it’s celebrating its effective hundred ten years

Of safe and effective use and it’s made of beta hydroxy acid which stands for dha which is a natural exfoliant that has anti flaw matura properties it causes the cells of the end dermis to unstick and it removes the dead cells creating the new room for the new fresh skin to regrow just keep in mind that applying that mask your skin becomes more sensitive to the sun

By about 15% so keep in mind that it will be good to use some spf protection after using that mask so i’m almost done and i’m going to take a nap for 20 minutes and i’ll see you when the time is up the 20 minutes is up and as you can see what’s good about that math that it almost absorbs inside the skin so it’s really easy to remove whatever it’s left we can just

Use the some cotton pads with the warm water and in circular motion gently remove what’s left i feel my skin already so rejuvenated it’s nice and firm and i really like the feel and texture of it all i need to do now is just follow my daily moisturizer so thank you so much for watching it was fun to do apply this mask and if you have a fantastic recipe for simple

Masks please share it with me so i can share it with the rest of you thanks so much and i’m looking forward to hearing from you

Transcribed from video
Behind a great skin there is always ASPIRIN Yogurt MASK .m4v By Kasia Bosne