January 26, 2023

Foreign what’s relevant about that statistic that you know almost nine in ten adults are metabolically unfit we kind of take that one deeper level and i don’t think it’s too much of an assumption to then say well that might mean nine in 10 adults is is insulin resistant and unfortunately because of how we view the disease which i won’t elaborate on yet because

That is a different topic but we we don’t diagnose the insulin resistance we diagnose the manifestation of the insulin resistance we tell the woman you have pcos we tell the man uh you have hypertension um that you have fatty liver disease whatever it is all of these disorders that that the average clinician or the average clinical visit wouldn’t imagine has a

Common core but they do foreign and i certainly go into detail in the book and that’s one of the points of the book it is to emphasize that there is a common cause of most diseases and and that’s a good thing because then we can treat one thing we don’t have to give them a drug that’s treating the symptom which is really all a drug can ever do a drug can never

Cure a disease it can only ever treat symptoms and so there’s i think there’s something kind of liberating about this perspective that there is and i’m not saying insulin resistance is the sole cause of chronic disease not at all i’m not so bold or naive to say that but it is definitely a big part and that should be good news because that is something that is one

Single point of attack that we can address and and so then rather than this so you imagine a typical overweight canadian or american and he opens up his medicine cabinet he has to take his anti-diabetic drug his anti um hypertensive drug to control his blood pressure and and you know maybe one more for his erectile dysfunction and then realize i mean imagine how

Liberating it is to realize wait a minute i can get rid of all those medications which are simply all um manifest addressing symptoms of one common problem insulin resistance and so to your question uh what about the solution the solution for reversing insulin resistance is the same for preventing it so i can kind of address both of those issues in one in in i

Believe firmly the most effective rapid way of reversing insulin resistance is to lower the insulin change a person’s eating habits to bring the insulin down and now all of a sudden the body becomes more insulin sensitive foreign itself those two events together we have removed the insulin resistance and all those all those surrogate or derivative problems begin

To resolve the person’s blood in fact blood pressure is so intimately a result of of insulin resistance that within days of someone changing their diet to lower their insulin they have to get off their antihypertensive medications because they start fainting their blood pressure has gone so low so quickly and the same thing within weeks of anti-diabetic drugs like

Dr jason fung has shown within just a few weeks of a person changing their diet they have to stop taking their insulin injections for a type 2 diabetic because they don’t need it anymore their glucose is going too low so it is a it’s a phenomenal foreign it’s a liberating i use that word too often it it’s but it is it should be looked at as very good news where

Someone can say i can i can save money i can save on the side effects of these medications i don’t like how they make me feel i don’t like taking them well the good news is the gospel of this is that you can change you can change it the food you eat is either the culprit or the cure and again if you look at it as a cure you look at it through the lens of what uh

Will this keep my insulin low and that is why the default then if we if someone listening to this would say okay great ben well how do i do that the solution is simple it really is as simple as control your carbohydrates avoid those foods that are spiking your insulin which are refined starches um you know and sugars which are abundant they’re they’re ubiquitous

They’re everywhere nowadays whether it’s serbia or singapore or canada or anywhere else they’re everywhere and the sooner we start controlling carbohydrates focusing on the least starchy and the least sugary foods then the sooner insulin can come down now the body starts to almost seemingly miraculously heal itself but it has to start with controlling carbohydrates

And then of course the person would think well what do i eat then if i can’t eat bread and bagels and cereal foreign protein and fat those are not only essential there are such things as essential fats and essential amino acids while they’re as you know better than most there’s no such thing as an essential carbohydrate but i’m not saying don’t eat any carbs

I’m not i’m not saying that but focus on the foods that we actually need proteins and fats and coincidentally have little to no effect on insulin so someone can eat a big juicy steak and their insulin will barely have a hiccup i will actually go on kind of a water carnivore week to just check those addictions to put them in their place when i’m measuring my glucose

On my on my continuous glucose monitor it is a flat line literally the whole time annotated and summarized easy to share with loved ones the description below the title for this video has these summary points

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