March 28, 2023

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Good morning everybody welcome back to the channel hope everybody’s having a great day out there making a little video today about berberine berberine anybody familiar with this stuff uh it’s supposed to support your blood sugar um on my understanding is and i want to start the video by saying i’m not a doctor i don’t make any medical claims in this video uh

Treat yourself with your doctor will be my recommendation these are just what happened to me and what i think it’s all opinion here no no uh medical jargon or uh you know anything like that or just the guy telling you about it what happened to him so i got these berberine off of amazon uh there will be a link in the comment down there for it i think i paid like 20

Bucks for this somewhere in that ballpark it’s supposed to be a 60-day supply so they are recommending you take uh two of these a day it is an organic it’s made by simple organic berberine it says supports immune function supports overall health and wellness supports uh gastrointestinal and cardiovascular function wow surprising myself i read those correctly um

Let me see a little pat on the back on that one um it says suggested use take two capsules by mouth once a day uh so you know they’re recommending a 2 000 milligram per day uh serving size i guess on this now this particular one made by simple organic says um oh yeah i take two capsules and says if you’re pregnant nursing taking medication or if you’re under a

Physician’s care consult your health care professional before using this or any other dietary supplements so i wasn’t sure how this was going to affect me so i started out taking one a day i take metformin as well so i didn’t want you know have any real adverse effects now i take a high dose of metformin because i don’t always do the right things working on that

Working on that uh my my part of diabetes is up here my pancreas still works but this part up here i think the brain might not be working because i do some really stupid stuff late at night and i’ll have me a you know a sandwich and some french fries or you know whatever i so i thought hey let’s kick this in let’s keep it’s cheap let’s uh let’s take a shot at

It you know 60 day supply for 20 bucks that’s about what i pay for my metformin uh oddly enough also a 2 000 milligram uh serving and i had as well i take so now uh what i noticed by taking then you know i got up to the 2 000 milligram a day i took one a day for about a week and then i kind of eased into the second one um i think it works better when i do it on

Alternating time schedules so like if i take this and the metformin at the same time i feel like i don’t get the effects of this as much maybe i think the metformin’s long you know it’s it’s a long-acting drug you know you have to get on the schedule of metformin and take it regularly for it really to work i think this is more immediate um this did lower my blood

Sugar i do have a continuous glucose monitor right there i don’t know if you can see the outline of it i do have the libre i’m gonna need to make another video about that as well um do a review on that i’ve been switching back and forth uh so if that’s something you might be interested in be sure to hit that subscribe button like the video now back to my back to

My berberine uh effects i had here so um it works but not greatly in my opinion uh i noticed it had the best effect whenever i did something stupid and i shot my blood sugar way up like over 200. i noticed i take one of these and i tested it a couple times when i’d done that i didn’t take anything else just these and like you know a bottle of water so i like

I was taking these split as well so what i was doing is i would like take my metformin when i got up in the morning and then uh maybe like around uh noon i would take one of these and then i would take my metformin in the afternoon and then i would take one of these right before bed i noticed that was my best schedule of how to do it um i don’t know if that was

Just the way it worked out on those days you know i’m not telling you that’s scientific that’s just what i seen over a few days of testing it you know i’m not a scientist i’m not a doctor i know i look like one but i’m not so um you know i guess overall to wrap it up uh would i recommend berberine if you’re a diabetic and it’s kind of out of control i would like

If you have you know if you have large parts of your day where you’re like above 150 above 200 uh i would recommend this it does bring it down it works it’s legit it’s too legit um but it does it’s not going to bring it down like you know 50 points instantly it’s not insulin you know it’s like it takes it a while but i noticed like when i do get up there in that

Higher range and now i don’t know if that’s just my pancreas is really fighting to get the job done or if this is really making a huge effect now i had continuous glucose monitor for probably two to three months before i got this and it does seem like this does drop it off pretty quick like when it gets above 200 you know or like if i eat a meal i know it’s going

To get it up real high i just take one of these and it seemed like it does drag it down pretty fast i mean it still goes high but it this pulls it back down really fast so um i’m going to continue to take them until i get my to get my brain working right because that’s the key to it you know uh for me uh if i eat right and i do the right things my blood sugar gets

Normal really fast you know um you know last week i i finally for me it was a big deal but i finally had a number that was like double digit when i woke up in the morning instead of having a 300 you know it’s finally i’ve seen a 97 when i woke up and i was like all right all right we’re getting somewhere but it’s just it’s a matter of doing the right things for

Me more than it is taking vitamins and metformin and anything like that because to be honest with you uh you know if if i have a you know a large combo meal at the local fast food restaurant here but my body doesn’t care i took metformin my body doesn’t care about this my body doesn’t care if i drink five bottles of water it only matters that hey you just ate like

100 carbs like that and that’s that’s that’s my hang up right up here so overcoming that’s the biggest thing for me but do i think this is a value in the game of fighting you know spiking blood sugars it seems to be an okay okay deal for me um i don’t know that’s just my opinion though uh you know spend your money how you want to spend your money um i did buy

This one because it was organic you could probably get them a little cheaper if you buy the non-organic type but i figured on something that i’m gonna be eating every day i go the organic route with it i can’t vouch for this company i don’t know this company i just i had good ratings and uh i took it i took it and ran with it they are a pretty good sized capsule

Here’s the cap off an aquafina bottle to give you a reference of size um they are not a small pill but they’re not gigantic either you know they’re not gigantic pretty easy to swallow um but that’s my experience with berberine guys uh thanks everybody for watching if you could so hit that subscribe button um you know click that bell so when i put out video because

Uh this this doing these videos really helps me so uh thanks everybody for watching have a great day stay healthy until later

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