February 1, 2023

To reverse insulin resistance you need to keep insulin low and avoid high insulin foods. Some foods spike insulin a lot, and other foods have a low insulin effect. Here are over 40 of the BEST low insulin foods you can eat to reverse insulin resistance. 𝗖𝗟𝗜𝗖𝗞 𝗧𝗢 𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗗 𝗠𝗢𝗥𝗘 ↓

A few weeks ago i did a video on high insulin  foods to avoid if you are insulin resistant and   today we are going to be talking about low insulin  foods that can actually help you to reverse   insulin resistance now i get really frustrated  when i read some of the mainstream articles on   consistency in some of the

Recommendations   example it says the diabetes council recommends   eating the following foods to keep insulin and  blood sugar levels low and they go on to list   foods including bananas honey and slow cooked  oatmeal all three of these foods raise blood   sugar and insulin significantly one ripe banana  has

The equivalent of five teaspoons of sugar   and while a banana might be a suitable option in  certain situations such as before a hard workout   will only further contribute to the problem   that are suitable for someone with insulin  hey guys welcome back to my channel if you’re  new here my name is kait i’m a health coach

And   i post videos on a high fat nutrient dense way  of eating if you like this video please give it   a thumbs up feel free to share and make sure to  subscribe and make sure to follow me on instagram   every single day now whenever i make a video   on insulin and insulin resistance i’d like to  give a quick overview

Because understanding   insulin resistance really helps to understand how  to reverse it but if you have watched my other   videos and already understand insulin resistance  you can skip ahead by using the time stamps or   chapters as youtube calls them on the progress  bar down below either way stick around until the  

End of the video because i’m going to be giving  you a bonus tip that is super easy to implement   and can drastically help with insulin resistance  insulin resistance insulin resistance is a state   responding to insulin correctly this happens when   insulin levels in the body are high for extended  periods of time one of insulin’s

Main roles in the   body is to regulate blood sugar usually when we  eat blood sugar rises and as a result the pancreas   excess sugar out of the blood and into our cells   cells stop accepting the blood sugar this   leads to your insulin levels remaining high and  eventually your blood sugar remaining high as well  

Which is when you will develop type 2 diabetes  but if you catch insulin resistance early enough   you can stop it before it gets to that point some  signs of insulin resistance include difficulty   losing weight skin tags on places such as your  neck and armpits and excess abdominal fat you can   resistance if you want to know

More but one   important thing to note is that insulin resistance  can manifest years before there is a change in   your fasting blood sugar for this reason it often  goes undiagnosed because healthcare practitioners   rarely check insulin levels so because insulin  resistance is caused by high insulin levels also  

Known as hyperinsulinemia the key to reversing it  is keeping insulin low when you keep insulin low   your cells become more sensitive to insulin again  and this leads us into the topic of today’s video   now before we get into it i just want to make  one final quick note about the insulin index   the insulin index is similar to

The glycemic index  but instead of measuring the blood sugar response   instead in most cases the glycemic index   and the insulin index response match up foods that  spike blood sugar also spike insulin considerably   and this makes sense insulin is responsible for  regulating blood sugar levels so when blood sugar  

To remember for the purposes of today’s video   is that the insulin index tests foods in isolation  which is rarely how we eat them and combining   drastically change the insulin response   for example when we eat carb and protein-rich  foods together the insulin response is much   higher than eating one or the other on

Its own  and the other thing that we need to take into   formed on the basis of a high carb diet the   insulin response to different foods can be vastly  different for someone who eats a low carb diet   context of a high carb diet the insulin   response is moderate but in the context of a low  carb diet the response

Is very low dr ben bickman   when it comes to insulin resistance has done   to a few in the description box down below   which is of course carb heavy there is a   massive increase in insulin where insulin goes  up several times over baseline even over when   eating they was eating a pure carbohydrate source  the

Adding protein to that then sends it up even   insulinogenic capacity of the carbohydrate   in contrast in the instance of a low carb fed  individual because we need to have the liver   making glucose via gluconeogenesis we can’t afford  to have insulin spiking so high because that would   thus as the evidence suggests in

Humans we in   see an insulin with the carb fed individual we   see no such effect in the low carb fed person to  the point that there is in fact no response it   the endocrine response which a lot of people   don’t appreciate we look at the textbook version  saying these amino acids are insulinogenic and yet  

That’s in this overwhelmingly common situation of  a carbohydrate-fed state and that didn’t consider   the low-carb fat state but the point is as we  go through this list this is something to keep   in consideration and now with that out of the way  let’s get into the best low insulin foods you can   eat for insulin resistance

We’re going to start  off today talking about foods that are high in fat   as fat has next to no insulin response foods such  as butter ghee olive oil coconut oil tallow lard   sour cream and heavy cream all have next to no  insulin response fatty fruits such as avocados and   olives also have a very minimal response eggs 

Are one of my favorite insulin friendly foods   fact the yolks are a great source of not   only healthy fats but also fat soluble vitamins  a d e and k selenium biotin and a whole lot more   so they really are a win-win low insulin response  high nutritional value they are super versatile   interesting about eggs if you

Eat the yolks   alone or the whole egg the insulin response is  low but if you eat the whites on their own it   can potentially be almost twice as high of course  as we discussed before this is highly dependent   on what your diet looks like otherwise if you are  eating a high carb diet then yes this applies if   you

Are eating a low-carb diet then no probably  not but i mean there is really no reason to eat   the whites on their own anyways if you do you are  missing out on the most nutritious part of the egg   cheeses such as cheddar blue cheese and parmesan  also have only a very small insulin response   certain nuts such as macadamia

Nuts walnuts and  pecans are also very low although i always like to   make a disclaimer when it comes to nuts nuts are  one of the few low carb foods that are very easy   to over consume if you have weight loss goals be  very careful and mindful of your nut consumption   to meat bacon pork in general fish such as  

Salmon mackerel sardines herring and anchovies  and duck score the lowest on the insulin index   with turkey and chicken scoring higher and beef  and lamb even higher now once again this might not   be applicable if you’re eating a low carb diet  but i will note that even though beef and lamb   some of the foods we’ve talked

About already   they are still lower than most carb rich foods  beef for example scores 51 on the insulin index   scores 100. and remember i mentioned bananas   in that article at the start of the video how  crazy is that that they are one of the foods   with the highest insulin response in terms of  vegetables anything

Non-starchy and low in sugar   is probably good broccoli cauliflower lettuce  garlic onions green beans cucumber zucchini   asparagus brussels sprouts and mushrooms even  though mushrooms are not technically a vegetable   we’ll throw them in here bonus tip i promised  you a bonus tip at the start of the video   should

Say that when you consume it before a   meal it significantly lowers the insulin response  of that meal and that drink is apple cider vinegar   vinegar before a meal significantly reduces   both the insulin and blood sugar response simply  take one to two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar   mixed in with a little bit of

Water before your  meals to get this effect anyways guys that’s all   i have for you today if you did enjoy this video  please remember to give it a thumbs up and leave   me a comment down below your likes and comments  really support my channel they show youtube that   you enjoyed the video and then youtube recommends 

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BEST Low Insulin Foods (to Reverse INSULIN RESISTANCE!) 2022 By Health Coach Kait