June 1, 2023

Millions of people take aspirin daily to prevent heart attacks and strokes. Here is some important information you might want to review with your physician.

Welcome everyone dr. mandel here with you hope you’re having a pleasant day or night regards of where you are worldwide this particular information i think is very important talking about aspirin now there are millions and millions of people throughout the world who take aspirin in prevention of heart attacks strokes reason people have had heart attacks and strokes

They want to keep the blood thin so the platelets do not coagulate and get thick which can affect the heart or the brain let’s look here briefly if you look at the heart here and it’s just a picture showing a heart what happens in a heart attack is that when the blood tries to get to the heart through the coronary arteries you get less blood supply because there’s

Clogging in there and the blood can’t get through so they call it a heart attack now if you look at here a stroke the same thing blood is trying to get to the brain goes up through the artery or arteries and if one of those arteries become blocked then the blood doesn’t get there then it’s called a stroke and obviously if the blood doesn’t get to the to the lung or

Wherever it is it’s going to die or potentially have serious problems so we need oxygen everywhere so the next step i wanted to share with people when is the best time to take aspirin now most people take aspirin in the morning here in the western civilization although an interesting study that was reading in the leading university medical center in the netherlands

Particularly on the other side of the world they’re saying the best time to take aspirin by the way a baby aspirin is 81 milligrams for regular aspirin it’s 325 milligrams that’s tell you that they used was 100 milligrams and what they did very simple is that they had many people they tap the people took aspirin the morning half took it at night let’s go over here

And just show you briefly we’ll be talking about platelets these are blood platelets i’m going to continue on with my study here but what they found that the people who took it at night they noticed that the blood platelets were thinner in the morning i realized that let me come back here platelets coagulate the most in the morning period and they realized that when

You took the baby aspirin at night you had less coagulation obviously less problems of stroke and heart attack because it was taken closer to the morning most strokes most heart attacks occur in the early morning hours that’s proven you can read the research anywhere on google wherever you want to look at that but most heart attacks occur first thing early in the

Morning due to this play current platelet aggregation when the platelets start to clot so we look at aspirin here and the purpose here is i wanted to bring out is that you might want to speak with your doctor and i think it’s important and and realize that if you’re taking aspirin a baby aspirin in prevention or a regular aspirin or a quarter or half of a regular

Aspirin in prevention people do this doctors put people on it right away they may have high cholesterol they may have more clotting whatever it may show in their blood work they do it as a palliatives to make sure you don’t have a stroke or makes you don’t have a heart attack but this study shows that taking it at night it prevents and slows down that aggregation

Of clotting because that’s when plate platelets o’clock clot most so when platelets clot they become thicker they less they allow a lot less blood flow to make it through the artery to the organ if it’s the heart or the brain i thought that was really important information and i just wanted to share it with you but i do stress you do speak to your doctor and see

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Best Time to Take Aspirin to Prevent Heart Attack & Stroke – Dr. Alan Mandell, D.C. By motivationaldoc