March 28, 2023

Okay here we go all right i got a little announcement here i’ll make this quick uh so well okay if you have been following the channel for a while you may have seen the videos of me blowing stuff up i blew up my clonazepam script and then yeah worse yet i blew up uh liquid death and jelly belly sparkling water terrible products really terrible though seriously dude

The liquid death is liquid death it’s freaking terrible don’t get it okay but yeah pull up the clonazepam script blow up the sparkling water okay well i have a couple more explosives and i’m going to put one of them to good use and what i’m going to do and i really want to see these things i really do i think that these are going to be really good i might have

I might do a little more anyway okay sorry i’m blowing up the grab a pin i’m blowing up the freaking gabapentin tomorrow i’m freaking i’m not i’m i haven’t been doing here’s the deal i haven’t been doing that great at the taper i’m trending in the right direction uh but i need to get off it now and i just i don’t want it around anymore i don’t want it in front of

Me dude i’m an all-out guy and there’s times where i don’t know it was weird with the suboxone i got really dedicated to the taper especially toward the end um but uh just lately i just i gotta get rid of it dude i i gotta get rid of it this got out of hand just because i had it in front of me you know what i mean i’m an all-out guy yeah for better or for worse

That’s the thing i’m an all-out guy and then all out i’m just going to friggin blow it up and stop taking it it’s going to suck i’m i’m probably feeling great tomorrow tomorrow when i film this um but you know what dude it is what it is you know i mean that’s the thing there’s a payment to be paid thank god i wasn’t taking it for very long but but i’m gonna have

That acute the acute it’s gonna not it’s gonna suck especially because i was taking such high amounts here recently and haven’t done great at the taper um like yesterday i took 1500 milligrams one day there’s one day in there i took 1200 milligrams but then there’s days where i take 2200 milligrams or blah blah blah you kind of get what i’m saying like a little

Little up and down i’m just effing done dude i’m effing done i’m going all out baby i’m freaking blowing that crap up so that’ll be fun that’ll actually be fun to do i really really like making those videos and going up in the woods and and blowing stuff up i’m a pyro too like i said dude i’m excited to hear these things dude i can’t wait to show you these i think

I have here’s the deal too i’m pretty sure i have this little one too if if i do if i’m correct maybe i’ll put something else on that or maybe a little bit of gabapent on that one and then the rest on the bigger one and then we’ll just to kind of compare see see the difference uh because the little the little one that i have if i have it it’s just like a standard

M80 like a real one though like not just like like it’s it’s legit it’s good uh but then i want to compare the big boy to that so and i actually have two big boys i’m not going to do both of them tomorrow but we’ll i’ll find something else to blow up there is something else i want to blow up actually but i’m not going to do it tomorrow um so yeah so oh uh what

The heck i don’t know what’s going on with my phone anyway well yeah actually i do something to do with wifi i don’t know anyway okay so that’s it that’s the announcement baby it’s going down tomorrow and and you know i gotta do it i gotta film it i gotta pick up my kids and then i gotta edit it so you know it’ll be probably it’ll be tomorrow oh yeah it’ll be

Tomorrow night if things just go too long and i’m too busy then it’ll be uh friday is when i’ll put it out but i’m really wanting to get the video out tomorrow so anyway so join me let’s go extreme baby let’s freaking go extreme seriously all out man i really effed up didn’t i i really effed up doing this uh but you know what you know some some sometimes i’ll

I’ll talk about that tomorrow actually i was going to talk about some other stuff but i’ll talk about it tomorrow uh maybe on the way uh to blowing up the gabapentin uh so so yeah so here we go b for victory i’m not feeling that terrible today or that bad well it’s yeah here’s the deal it’s because i take gabapentin in the evening you know what i mean so my

Body’s used to not having it all day and then you know what i mean so uh yeah anyway god bless all yours v for victory and salute

Transcribed from video
Big announcement! | Gabapentin update… By Gabe McCall