May 29, 2023

Today marks one moth that I’ve been on my new birth control pill, Junel fe!

I just completed my first full month of janelle fe and i’m gonna tell you guys a little about it hi i’m sara welcome to my channel i originally went on birth control for my acne and to kind of regulate my periods so my gynecologist put me on lolo estrin epi i have a ton of videos while on that if you want to check those out but that pill was working fine for me

It helped my acne some it made my periods pretty regular i would spot like the week before my periods on it yeah overall that pill worked good for me i liked it didn’t really want to switch but my insurance sent me a letter and they said they weren’t covering it anymore and you know was one of the ones they weren’t gonna cover so doctor and i chose to new so i

Just finished my first full month on it and i was kind of scared starting out because any time you switch pills you’re like ooh this could go either really good really bad or stay about the same and luckily mine has stayed about the same leaning more towards the even better side which i was hoping for so let me talk about weight gain for a minute i gained about

Five pounds or so on lolo estrin that was probably honestly just like my bad eating habits but i’ve gained an extra three just this month and i’m guessing it’s kind of because of this pill because i haven’t been eating any differently if anything i’ve been eating better and a little bit less than normal so yeah i’m gonna be watching my weight if i start gaming

Like pretty rapidly i’m gonna talk to my doctor about it um where i’m at right now is fine but i don’t want to start gaining more and rapidly so i’m gonna be kind of watching my weight and how much i gain month to month on this pill because i have gained three pounds last month as for my acne i was scared this was gonna make it freak out but it hasn’t it’s stayed

Pretty much the same as it was on my last pill here’s an up close of my skin let me turn the brightness down so you guys can like really see it yeah my forehead is pretty smooth my chin broke out but honestly it’s not that bad and i have this little breakout this is a scar and so is this see how my face is doing pretty good and also i do have like a canoe that i’ll

Get on my shoulders and since i’ve been on birth control overall it’s helped that a little bit so that’s another thing that’s really good as for my periods this one’s even better than my last pill because my last pill i would spot about the week before my period for a few days it wasn’t a ton but it was like enough to be annoying you know but this pill i had didn’t

Spot at all from the day i started it to the time i started my period my period was three days long on this pill it was pretty painful the per the first two days um more painful than when i was on my last pill like cramping my back was hurting but it wasn’t unbearable i just took some ibuprofen and some mixture relief medicine it was fun so far i don’t have any

Complaints for this peel my mood has been about the same as on my last pill i pretty much feel the same which is good it’s what i was kind of hoping for so no like huge changes or anything i’m going to show you what it looks like and everything because i gotta open this anyway so it’s just a little packet like this i think it’s 20 micrograms of estrogen so it’s 10

More than my last appeal so inside little pack it has your pill card these yellow pills are what you take one every day and then these gremlins are when you get your period after two pills i had my period for three days and then it was over so yeah nothing really bad with this pill except i am gonna watch my weight gain because i gained five pounds throughout the

Like seven or eight months i was on lolo estrin game three pounds the one month i was on this so that’s the only thing i’m a little bit concerned about if i start gaining you know more and more i will talk to my doctor about it but as of now just gonna keep an eye on it that was my first month owns you now hopefully the second month is just as good or even better

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BIRTH CONTROL FOR ACNE! | First month on *JUNEL FE* | Acne update, weight gain, periods! By Sarahhh Beth