May 29, 2023


Hey everybody honey here with here’s the deal today i’m going to have another video part of my birth-control series so as the title says this video is going to be specifically on the patch so the patch is also called ortho evra there is only one brand of the patch unlike with the pills there are many many many different brands of the pill and each of those can

Be a little bit different depending on how what the levels of the hormones and stuff is so the patch is just the batch you get what you get just get one so the patch is 92 to 99% effective which is great just like the pill the only thing is is that you’re not taking it every day so unlike the pill where you have to remember to take it the same exact time every

Day the patch you only have to remember to take once a week which is really nice so it will come in a box that looks like this ortho evra is the brand like i said on the inside you will have mini minion insert and then we have this little sticker right here which actually had a bunch of stickers on it but i took it off because this is actually the method that i

Currently use and so i use these stickers and every box will have three patches i’m currently using one of them so that’s why i only have two right now but these stickers that were on here you could actually put on the patch itself which is super awesome and then the other stickers you put on your calendar which tells you force patch that can patch third patch

Whatever it’s a transdermal form of birth control is what they call it and it’s just a sticker it’s very similar to i would say like the nicotine stickers that you may see or the the patches that you see which are for people who try to quit quit smoking it’s very very very similar to that i’m going to go ahead and open one of these and show you what it looks like

Inside this foil pouch you actually have this little pink sticker this is what it looks like and it’s very very very sticky it’s an adhesive you just stick it on your skin there’s four different places that have been approved where you can put this you can put it on your upper arm you could put it on the back of your shoulder you can actually just put it right

Right on your belly just above like near your pant line which is like your lower abdomen or you can put it on your booty once it’s on your arm it can’t move it’s there for a week so it’s not like you can take it off and put it somewhere else once it’s there it’s there it’s very sticky it’s going to stay there for a while and it’s important to remember that every

Week you’re not putting your patch in the same exact spot so if i had a patch on for this week i can’t put it on there the next week because it can cause a lot of irritation with your skin just because of the adhesive so it’s recommended that you actually trade sides and there’s alternate right and left depending on whatever week you had previously ways that i

Like to prevent my patches from falling off and i’ve been pretty successful at this especially since i’ve been on the patch for about two and a half years now is i make sure before i’m putting a new patch on i exfoliate the area really really really well to make sure that all the dead skin is off i also shave the area even though i’m not like that super hairy

Of a person i think that getting the peach fuzz off sometimes can make your patch stick better and after i do that i always make sure that i either use rubbing alcohol or astringent to dry the skin out quite a bit before i put the patch on and of course you have to make sure that dries before you put the patch on and i’ve had really really good success with that

Some of the more aesthetically less appeasing things for the patch is that because the adhesive is around the outside of the square of the pouch you can sometimes collect like fuzz from your clothing which some people don’t like it doesn’t really bother me so much because i actually put the patch on my bum so nobody’s looking it nobody sees it i can’t tell so it

Doesn’t really bother me so much and yeah it does collect a little bit of lint but it’s really not i don’t think it’s that big of a deal if it’s more in a place that maybe visible i could see that being a problem so it’s just something to consider another thing that i don’t really like that i actually mentioned in my previous video the first video i ever made a

Couple years ago is that the patch is pink its flesh toned for i would say like a caucasian not somebody who has olive-skinned darker skin anybody who is just not caucasian which i think is kind of annoying it’s you know nice because it matches mostly my skin tone but what about the people who have different skin tones i think that that’s not very smart on their

Part um it can be quite obvious especially you know putting this on somewhere like your arm so my suggestion if the company is even caring to listen to this video is why don’t you make it clear like the nicotine patches don’t make no sense to me it does work exactly the same way as the pill so it does thicken your cervical mucus and it does prevent ovulation those

Are the two main lines of defense and you can also have the same benefits as the pill provides so that would be like a decreased in a decrease in acne it may give you a fewer menstrual cramps or no menstrual cramps which is really great it can lower your chance of osteoporosis and it can actually lower your chance of getting ovarian cysts as well there are some

Side effects as with all of these anything that you’re going to put your body there are side effects but specifically with combination methods that have both estrogen and progestin which the patch does there is the risk of blood clots stroke and heart attack and that is much much much more dangerous if you do smoke cigarettes and some of the side effects are very

Similar to the to the pill whereas you have sometimes you may have mood changes breast tenderness maybe some nausea and some irregular bleeding or spotting and that is also stuff that usually happens in the first couple months when you’re first trying out the method and within like probably about three months at tip cleek goes away and if it doesn’t that would

Definitely be something to be concerned about and talk with your doctor but if it’s if you’re experiencing it at first if you’re first on the method don’t panic because typically that goes away after your body kind of gets used to like okay we’re on or moans now so the patch is really great it prevents pregnancy it’s a good alternative to pills if taking pills may

Be difficult for you if you have a hard time remembering to do something at the same time every day maybe once a week is a little bit better and if you don’t mind having something you know like an adhesive or a sticker patch on your body those would be all things to consider if you like this if the patch is not something that sounds like you would like and please

Stay tuned and i will have more videos talking about different methods of birth control and maybe you’ll just find one that works out for you so thanks so much for watching and i’ll see you guys in my next video bye

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Birth Control Series: The Patch By Honey Lea