March 22, 2023


About changing things up and i know this is something what’s good youtube again with another video um this is gonna be like a quick video because carson already like fussy but it’s a tmi video so if you don’t want to hear it go ahead and click off and yeah so y’all know i had did a video um oh yeah i like my new real swing i just got them um i got them off esther

Um and it’s a black owned business so yeah i can check them out if you don’t want the nose room here chew on something so yeah i did my birth control video or whatever and as i know the birth control had me feeling horrible um hmm the burka show had me feeling horrible it wasn’t for me um it was taking me through emotional rollercoasters um so i had called them and

Asked them to get back on seasonique um but because it’s free birth control obviously it’s like the generic brand so when i was on the original seasoning i never had any issues at all i was always fine my cycle came on um right timing and everything but now no okay let me say the junior since i’ve been off that i’ve been perfectly fine i haven’t been too depressed

I haven’t been upset all the time and angry and just uh like that’s how that um berkeley feel so now that i’m on the new berkshire i don’t have any emotions or anything like that only issue i’m having is i missed a cycle like in july um august and then september i am now um i have a cycle um it’s i’m like on day 11 so i’m like freaking drained like i never

Had a cycle this long my cycle’s always been through four days never been like nothing major or nothing oh yeah my food thank you so much thank you have a good day youtube i’m about to eat papa okay so y’all we have this in where i stay and it’s so freaking good it’s like the best milkshake you’ve ever tasted baby i’m driving you have to get me here here here

So i probably might have can’t do this video but carson you have to stop papa oh but there’s nothing wrong papa so oh i’ll be back but yeah so basically i’ve been like drained these last few days i’ve been just trying to figure out like what the freak is going on and like so today i’m just at this point i’m just like forget birth control you know because

It’s just like it’s like what else imma do because it’s attacking my body and i see why some women not the overbeating um i never take medication that whatever foolishness women um because some people have to take birth control i don’t have to take barbecue i just don’t want to get pregnant um and then people say oh we’re protection but how healthy is rubber

Rubbing i don’t know but anyways like my point at this point i just don’t want to do it anymore um this this this right here like really open my eyes because um even though my doctor haven’t called me back yet and i did call my doctor and i mean my nurse and then she’s gonna call speak to my doctor because she’s on call today so i didn’t get to talk to her and

Um so i’m just waiting on them and you know it could be something serious like of course i started googling and all that foolishness and then it comes up saying i’ll be ovarian cancer and all kind of stuff and i’m just like i already have my kids so it’s just i don’t want no cancer or nothing but you know all this stuff comes up all the negative things comes up

When you google and stuff but um i’m just like jesus like it’s like after i had kid like all foolishness breakthrough and down there in my body so i just like damn because i when i said i was taking that birth control for years like three years before i even decided to have grace i was taking that birth control never had no problems never had no um super um i

Never had like the bleeding and the just unnecessary stuff going on and it’s just like like it’s not even like um crazy or anything it’s just like it’s just like one won’t stop it just won’t stop and then i’m just annoyed at this point like i don’t know y’all birth patrol sucks like comment below if you ever had this issue uh of course i’m gonna put the birth

Control that i’m talking about um the generic brand but the original brand is seasonique or whatever and at this point i just it’s like dang i don’t want to get pregnant but i just can’t deal with it that is pain deal don’t want to deal not gonna deal with it yes i do wear glasses this is another thing that happened after kids like to start wearing glasses like

It’s just okay i had jamal had called me i just literally forgot to finish filming um i hadn’t got up in the house eight get your brother go get your brother i hadn’t got up in the house watching the whole show now and kids dropped me crazy so yeah basically i’m on a limb of just not taking a birth control and i don’t know i don’t know what i’m gonna do um

Yeah so i’m sorry the quality of the video you know went from good to this but yeah like that’s what i’m just looking at and yeah get out of your mouth go get your diaper and wipes so yeah i’m gonna go ahead and end up this video like comment subscribe hit it better be notified for more videos tired you gotta see my nose it’s just to get closer up on my nose

Now but yeah i don’t know what i’m gonna do but yeah i already said like i’m striving better than enough videos

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