January 27, 2023

sorry for water mark will eventually be able to get rid of it.

Okay to reiterate again what’s better during sex that we called daddy or papi neither because i find that absolutely disgusting like that’s a boner-killer yeah cuz back to the pedophilia joke it’s disgusting glucose guardian your glucose guardian how much sugar daddy when i suck at saving money no like oh i just got paid today let’s blow it all like it we got a

Sponsorship and get money it’d be gone but obviously i must still sponsor you but all your money would just be spent a second it’s far no we’re talking about the present picks the penny up yeah but what if you were like a billionaire what do you know i feel like that would be like sandpaper yeah but i might upgrade to like charmin yeah you know no one would piss

You off no oilfields we get charmin yeah i don’t know what we get it changes all the time it’s whatever the company today i know it like one of the locations they just supply you with a gigantic role vegetables because then you can tp them around your hand i was you never plug that toilet yeah but they’re never in a dispenser you literally have to hold the whole

Roll let’s talk about one time when you got into a really shitty situation and you had to use a receipts i mean the one time i was at a gas station had to go to the bathroom and i went before checking the toilet paper dispenser to find out it was empty so i was like well i see a paper towel dispenser this isn’t the one like the personal family bathrooms the paper

Towel dispenser is empty to check to see if there’s something i can wipe my ass with no i never left the bathroom but i was yeah that’s why i had to reiterate the family bathroom because i ain’t this ain’t no men’s locker room with a bunch of sixty year olds they just don’t care no more ya know like even if it’s midgets like tiny like real short tiny they still

Don’t care they’re proud to show them a little thing off okay no i even was desperate enough to check the the child’s changing table for those sanitary pads that was also empty but my pocket was full of receipts so don’t behold i wasn’t dirtying a sock so i chose receipt i was told by a guy own oil fields and stuff one of our delis he goes you know you’ve never

Really lived until you’ve you’ve left a shitty sock inside the road you just donate a shitty sock inside the road even never truly lived how about what i think about receipts now did he flush him down the toilet yeah did it even go down paper it is really tough paper but i don’t i mean i don’t know if the gas station wanted that in his bathroom like just throw it

In the chancel what the you just made i mean we could talk about the time that i was at the same gas station and was went to checkout and pay for my gas and found a bag of crystal meth on the dam right by the register i went to go pay reach them and look down as i was reaching in my pocket there’s a bag of crystal meth laying right there hey you go sold that thing

For like 40 bucks gonna make money off of it alright could have spent in i don’t know how many years in jail for dresses that wasn’t a dime bag i don’t know i its meth i don’t think was it into a little sandwich bags like the super tiny ones that looks like that you just put crumbs in kind of like one of those bags like that are like micro sized it looks yeah

Yeah the bag yeah yeah you could have sold that thing for like 40 bucks where are you in prison either or either you get in the ass so you get 40 bucks it’s a one win situation for you know like the in the ass part is not a win situation no no i don’t like my fudge packed

Transcribed from video
Bryce Finding Crystal Meth in Gas Station By NSFW Podcast