February 1, 2023

Okay so today i’m just going to be giving education to the patient i’m going about pregnancy precautions going to talk to the camera as if it is the patient so all right so today i’m just going to talk about um some pregnancy precautions one of the first precautions that we want you to take while pregnant are um certain foods need to be avoided so you’re going

To need to avoid certain types of cheeses this would be soft cheeses that are ripened with mold this includes cheeses like brie you also want to avoid blue vein cheeses because again they’re made with malt and they can contain listeria a lot of the foods that you need to avoid need to be avoided because they either increase your risk for listeria or e coli or

Toxoplasmosis another thing you need to avoid eating is raw or partially cooked eggs and meat undercooked these types of foods when they’re undercooked there’s an increased risk of exposure to some bacterias parasites things like that that are typically um gotten they get they’re gotten rid of once they’re cooked and infections with these organisms can harm your

Baby a lot greater than just if you weren’t pregnant you also need to avoid certain foods that have high concentrations of vitamin a so this would be um liver and liver products because too much vitamin a can harm your baby you also want to avoid um foods that have a lot of mercury in them this is going to be predatory fish like shark marlin swordfish sometimes tuna

You can have tuna but you have to limit it uh you also want to avoid foods that are pre-packaged like pre-packaged salads and fruits because they have a higher risk of listeria listeria contamination you want to avoid eating cantaloupe and bean sprouts because of their risk of listeria and salmonella contamination you also want to avoid eating um cold cured meats

Like salami chorizo pepperoni things like that because of the risk of listeria and toxoplasmosis same thing for unpasteurized milk you only want to eat drink or eat things with milk in it that has been pasteurized you don’t want to eat things or drink things like goat milk or cheeses made from goat milk you also need to avoid alcohol and you need to limit caffeine

You can have up to 200 to 300 milligrams per day of caffeine while pregnant and you also want to avoid foods that still have dirt or soil on them because some soils have bacteria in them that can be harmful to your baby um there’s also some over-the-counter medications that you need to avoid so you do not want to take um nsaids like things like aspirin or ibuprofen

While you’re pregnant uh instead it’s recommended to take like uh tylenol or acetaminophen as a pain reliever you always want to talk to a provider about taking any over-the-counter medications or supplements before you take them um supplements that you should take are folate uh excuse me folate iodine and iron supplements you want to take while pregnant and if

You are vegan or vegetarian you also want to take vitamin b12 to make up for what you’re lacking in your diet you didn’t you want to avoid eating too much vitamin a vitamin c and vitamin e and you do not want to supplement with these vitamins at all because too much of these vitamins can harm your baby um i.e another precaution that you want to take is avoiding

Environmental exposures so one of the main environmental exposures is pretty common is cigarette smoke you do not want to smoke at all while pregnant but you also want to avoid exposure to secondhand smoke because breathing in secondhand smoke can still expose you to harmful chemicals that have also been linked to cancer so you also want to avoid exposure to lead

Which is found in some water and paints typically it’s in houses or paints in houses that were built before 1978. you won’t avoid that because blood can be harmful to you and your baby you also want to avoid pesticides both household and agricultural if you know that you’re having your house sprayed or something like that with a pesticide you want to avoid being

In the house or around for a while until the fumes settle and you’re no longer able to be um inhaled same thing with solvents this is things like degreasers pain thinners paint strippers you don’t want to be around at all while they are being used don’t because you can breathe them in so you if you know that they’re going to be used you need to avoid being around

Until the fumes are settled um another precaution that you need to take while pregnant is avoiding alcohol tobacco and substance use there’s risks for both mother and baby when um when it comes to alcohol and tobacco use mothers have the same uh risks to them as any other person but um if taking like illicit drugs that require injection with a needle you are still

At risk for developing or contracting diseases like hiv um things like that and you also excuse me you also have an increased risk for fetus so anything that goes into mom’s body also goes to fetus’s body so any drugs or alcohol that is being taken can go to the baby and babies fetuses when exposed to alcoholic have an increased risk of developing fetal alcohol

Spectrum disorder or fasd um fasd can have mild to severe effects we don’t know how much alcohol causes fasd so it’s advised to just avoid it completely um it can cause severe mild to severe defects behavioral problems and learning disabilities so again whatever mom takes in baby takes in so avoid any drugs alcohol tobacco things like that will probably another

Precaution that you want to take is travel precautions while pregnant so um you always want to talk to your doctor before traveling anywhere so that you can be aware if you have any health issues that make traveling unsafe for you or your baby um you also want to avoid places that have limited access to safe food and water you also want to take note of any

Immunizations that you might need before traveling somewhere and if they are safe for you to take while pregnant uh you also want to make note of the medical care that is available in the place that you are traveling to in case you need anything for you or baby um most airlines allow pregnant women to travel up to 36 weeks however it’s still you’re allowed to travel

Up to 36 weeks but the more frequently you travel the higher your risk the higher the fetal risk for cosmic radiation so if you’re going to travel they say to limit it try not to travel too frequently but um another thing that you want to be aware of while traveling is the risks associated with sitting down for too long so when you’re sitting down for too long

It can affect the blood flow to your legs so the recommendation is to avoid sitting for more than five to six hours in one day while traveling and if you’re going to be sitting they want they recommend that you have to take plenty of time to stretch and move your legs walk around things like that the last precaution i’m going to talk about today is a precautions

Regarding going to the dentist and oral care excuse me the best time to receive a treatment is between 14 to 20 weeks pregnant and they recommend that you get a complete oral exam early in your pregnancy uh you are likely going to avoid getting any x-rays while pregnant but if they are absolutely necessary the risk to the fetus is very small um it is recommended

That you do not avoid any dental care just because you’re pregnant because some of the issues from um dental issues can cause more harm to baby and mom when untreated a common issue that women see while pregnant is something called gingivitis so that is when your gums become swollen and red and they bleed easily this is common mostly from uh hormonal changes in

Pregnant women but it can also happen from poor uh oral hygiene so you just want to be aware of that um yeah

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BSN 346 Pregnancy Precaution Video Exam By Brittany Yagla