June 4, 2023

Hi guys welcome back to another video facebook channel so today we will be discussing about pharmacological section so that is anti-parasitic drug so we today we will be discussing about zone f so we have discussed about being down that is in injection in the previous video so i will give the link in the description box for those who haven’t seen those videos

So subion f is a new drug produced by indus and marketed by indus pharmaceuticals so if you haven’t subscribed this channel yet feel free to subscribe and hit the bell icon for more updates so this is the structure of bhupaar and this is the structure of the new component in jupyter that is furosemide so zubion f comprises of a combination of a cone and jupion

F has got also furosemide so that denotes furosemide so this is actually a combination of parvakone and furosemide injection so the mechanism of action so we all know about the cone that is it blocks the parasite respiratory chain or the protozoa respiratory chain that is how they control the protozoa that is the tail area in the blood so furosemide is actually

We know the furosemide is diuretic and they act by inhibiting the sodium potassium chloride or transporter in the ascending limb of henle slope by binding to the chloride transport channel that’s causing more sodium chloride and potassium to stay in the urine so what happens they cause us diuresis that’s why they belong to the class diuretics so they will help

To expel excess amount of fluid by they will be clearing the antibiotics flowing so whenever there is edema we’ll be going for diuretics so furosemide is a better priority so the indications so mainly we’ll be uh using this zubion f in case of bovine thyrosis which has got problems with nasal discharge coughing respiratory distress pulmonary edema so pulmonary

Edema is a very important factor in case of bovine palerosis because almost in all the ulriosis cases we will be having water consistency blood that is actually due to the destruction of wbc and rbc so in case of buoyant rail races it will be having pulmonary enema which will lead to pulmonary problems and that will lead to the depth so the main cause of death in

Case of boring pyleriosis is actually due to pulmonary edema and respiratory suffocation and dyspnea so if at all we are treating both the causes we can easily overcome the ill effects of thylaeosis whenever there is mainly nasal discharge coughing respiratory disease and pulmonary edema associated teleriosis you should have to go for zoo beyond f so so beyond f

Is compatibility more good in case of respiratory science associated to alleriosis so if at all the animal is very weak due to the wbc destruction there is a chance of secondary bacterial infection by hemorrhagic septicemia that is actually due to the gastrointestinal so the properties actually this drug is effective against advanced cases of thylariosis that is

Mainly pulmonary adiabatic cases so it will be treating the pulmonary edema and other respiratory complications by serious serial phase of viruses so the buparable cone inside the zubiod f will be effective against shy zones and pyroplasm stages of the thylaria protozoa this drug has got 18 months of profile access for in-contact animals so this is actually the

Clearance of pulmonary edema it facilitates the alveolar epithelium’s ability to come the fluid out of their space because of the diuretic action and this helps accession of the fluid from the environment whenever there is excess of fluid accumulation in the length alveoli this will lead to improper gas transport improper oxygenation and other problems associated

With dyspnea or the edematous glands so this is actually the mechanism of action of the diuretics or the furosemide we all know about this thing so the boeing television complications is actually wbc lysis rbc lysis that is extra vascular and intravascular always and polymeric edema so the pulmonary edema will be treated by the furosemide and the rbc lysis and

The wbc lysis due to the shy zones and pyroplasm will be treated by the buparva code because the respiratory chain and the zones will not be able to proliferate so the composition of this drug that is html contains mg and furosemide 55 mg so these are the bases and transporters so the voltage is actually 1 ml for 20 kg body weight and we should have to go for

Complete inframammary better go for neck injection or you can also take go for the duty muscle injections so if we told we need to inject more than an ml go for two sides that is multiple situation not more than 10 ml should be infected at the single site because this can lead to the muscular atrophy or muscular necrosis or tissue necrosis because it has got

Thick oil actual bases so this is actually the parvo corn and furosemide injections that is marketed by pharmaceuticals so it is for actually i am it’s only 30 ml is the presentation so tapes so you can go for uh digestion pregnant animals because this will not induce abortion and the main excretion is through urine that is after 24 to 48 hours of injection and

If plasma concentration of superiors will be attained by 30 to 60 minutes after being pictured so marketed by indus pharmaceuticals thank you

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Buparvaquone & Furosemide | Zubion-F | Bovine Theileriosis By EDU VET