June 1, 2023

This is my Molecule for the Video Project for CHE 1093!

Okay so for my molecule i will be talking about pre-pro prion which is an antidepressant which i believe deserves the nomination of being a real hero so bupropion was first invented in 1969 by researcher anarion mehta who belonged to the bronx welcome pharmaceutical company which is now the glaxosmithkline pharmaceutical company its purpose was to create an effective

And less aggressive antidepressant to treat several psychiatric disorders and it was later discovered to help people stop smoking so as i just mentioned the program was first invented in 1969 and it was first patented in 1974 by works welcome it was then approved by the fda as an antidepressant drug and introduced in the united states in 1989 under the commercial

Name of wellbutrin then it was licensed to be used to help with smoking sensations in 1997 under pharmaceutical name of zai man and between 1986 and 1989 the propene had its dark era and it was removed from the market i will go a little bit more into detail about this in a few minutes but i just wanted to leave or throw this out so abu propionic molecule the dope

Appropiate has a chemical formula of c 13 h 18 cl endo and this is what the molecule looks like so it is important to note that many elements that make up this molecule contribute to its unique quality of being an effective antidepressant that lacks the common side effects seen in most antidepressants so the first characteristic is that per program only contains one

Heterocyclic ring while most antidepressants have fused heterocyclic rings also having a chlorine in the ring makes it different since its absence is also a characteristic of the most antidepressant the program also contains a ketone group which is really important since this group determines how the molecule will be metabolized so when the propria is broken down

Into body some of it is reduced to amino alcohols and the other parts are reduced to chlorophyll like acid so if it were to break down into this then it would transform into stimulant which is the opposite of appropriate is i’ll talk about what is in a minute for for now just know that it’s not a stimulant so also note that proven has an aromatic ring and which

Allows you to detail colonization of electrons on it this also little star here is represented the kyle arity center additionally it contains an amine group and the presence of these two groups together categorize appropriate as being part of the immune occasion group it also has a tear sherry alkyl group which is meant to slow down to removal of the okiya group

From the compound preventing the formation of metabolites which could produce a physiological effect such as a lack of hunger which is a common side effect of most antidepressants finally its parent orientation is super-important the parent orientation is the fact that the chlorine is connected to the third carbon and a heterocyclic ring this makes sure the drug

Is not quickly eliminated from the body and stays long enough to work in the brain overall all these elements that i just mentioned allow appropriate to be highly soluble in water and lipids which also results in a good absorption in the body after its consumption so bupropion physical characteristics the probert has a melting point between to 133 and 234 degrees

Celsius and has a boiling point at 334 degrees celsius it’s solid at room temperature and it has a toxicity level of 660 milligrams however toxicity is very rare it’s administered orally and it has a flammability level of 1 in a scale of 5 also the program has enantiomers a fun fact is that appropriate is in fact a racemic mixture so it contains equal amounts of

Its art and as an aunt iris which come from its single celerity center how appropriate works in a body so since but program is an antidepressant i believe that in order to fully understand how before opiate works one must have a brief understanding of how chemical signaling or in our brain works so i will be briefly expanding in a very simplified version how this

Works our brain cell which are restaurants although they’re really close together they are not connected however they still have to communicate with each other so in an iran from which the chemical signal or the chemical message will come from is the presynaptic neuron on the left while the neuron receiving the signal on the other side is a postsynaptic neuron

The 100 right the microscopic space that separates each neuron is called the synaptic cleft and the postsynaptic neuron will receive these chemical messages which was the help of receptors which are the green things the process of chemical signaling starts when the presynaptic neuron which is the one on the left receives a chemical message this message is then

Released into the synaptic cleft in a form of neurotransmitters which are these little green dots de niro transmitters will then travel and reach d receptors found on the other side of the postsynaptic neuron and bind to them this allows the chemical message to be passed on and spread across the brain the neurotransmitters that are slender synaptic cleft must be

Been cleared well some of them move out throughout diffusion which is by themselves some of them will be taken back to the presynaptic neuron in a process called reuptake where they will be recycled however when someone suffers of depression there are levels of neuro transmissions maybe in this equilibrium specifically depression results in low levels of dopamine

Serotonin and norepinephrine which are all neurotransmitters that regulate mood motivation and emotion and those levels of such result in a state known as oppression personally i believe appropriate has some incredible qualities that defines this molecule as a true superhero remember how i explained that to present results and low levels of serotonin dopamine and

Norepinephrine well her program stops the process of reuptake seen in the clinton synaptic raft which means there’s no view uptake and no diffusion this causes a narrow transmitters of dopamine and norepinephrine to stay in the synaptic cleft and acumen increasing their levels and allowing to come up a message to go through what prepare brain does makes pro pian

And ndr i and not a stimulant and eri stance from a non reverent dopamine reuptake inhibitor and it results in making people feel happy that were depressed additionally recent discovery revealed that appropriate also block c receptor is receiving nicotine neurotransmitters which helps people stop smoking and stops the chemical message of nicotine to go through some

More pros that are seen in bupropion is that as i’ve mentioned before the propria does not lead to most side-effects ting and other antidepressants so these common side effects direct sexual dysfunction and weight gain or sedation additionally it is not involved in the serotonin reuptake like most antidepressants in fact antidepressants that do involve the serotonin

Reuptake in the brain are the ones that have very severe side effects propene is also a very stable molecule due to its aromatic rings which can be localized electrons pi electrons specifically if you know also interact with other medications so sometimes it is giving the program is given in conjunction with serotonin reuptake antidepressants to help alleviate the

Severe symptoms or side effects of the serotonin antidepressants it is also believed to have other uses so so there are some studies that have looked into given boo pro breann to help with adhd however there’s not enough research to reveal any positive results from this and it’s an alternative is stimulants so some people do not want to take stimulants due to their

Side effects and appropriate is an option for them to conclude this video i will briefly mention this dark era of repro prion so this dark area was between 1986 and 1989 and it was rem appropriate was released from the market because it was revealed that high dosages let’s the seizures so people that were taking a dosage of over 660 milligrams for having a lot of

Seizures so it was removed from the market those who first addressed it and it was released again in 1989 under the name of wellbutrin and ever since this over dosage has been very very rare so overall overall i believe appropriate deserves title of being a superhero because it helps combat one of the biggest villains seen in our society today which is depression

Without having a variety of side effects thank you very much for listening to my video and i hope you enjoyed it

Transcribed from video
Bupropion By Fernanda Flores