January 26, 2023

Bupropion is one of the atypical antidepressants with so many benefits such as less side effects like sedation and weight gain but still it has few contraindications.

Hi everyone in this video we will see when to avoid bupropio what are the important contraindications of this drug in which situations this study is not recommended and in which situations this should be carefully taken all these things we will discuss in this video bupropion is one of the antidepressant drugs this drug is classified as atypical antidepressant

Which indicates that this drug is having somewhat less side effects compared with typical agents being an antidepressant bupropion is indicated for the treatment of major depressive disorder and this drug can also be used in the management of cessation of smoking as this drug reduces withdrawal effects but the use of this drug depends on the balance between the

Benefits as well as the risks associated with use of biproprion so when the benefits over by the risk then bupropion can be used as atypical antidepressant in the treatment of major depressive disorder as well as in the cessation of smoking the risks associated with bupropion are mainly specific to the patient so use of this drug is not equal in all the patients in

Few of the patients the risks may be more pronounced in such conditions bupropion should be avoided first of all let us see the benefits of propio since it is a atypical antidepressant this drug shows somewhat different mechanism compared with typical agents so this drug mainly acts on the nordic energy neurons where it can act on the norepinephrine transporter

So bupropion can inhibit this transporter so that it can inhibit the reuptake of norepinephrine which increase the norepinephrine levels within the cns similarly this drug can also act on the dopaminergic neurons and it can act on the dopamine transporter this drug can block this dopamine transporter so that it can increase the dopaminergic transmission so by

Increase the norepinephrine as well as drop my levels within the cns this drug can reduce the symptoms of depression similarly the increased levels of dopamine can also reduce the withdrawal effects associated with cessation of smoking still another neurotransmitter within the cns is associated with depression that is the phi hd serotonin a bupropion is not

Acting on the serotonin transporter so that it is not increase the physical levels within the cns this is somewhat different from typical antidepressants so this drug is free of serotonergic side effects few of the drugs like ssris are mainly increase the fire steel levels resulting in serotonin syndrome and other related side effects similarly if you have the

Drugs like mawa jupiter’s tcs tricyclic antidepressants they can increase the levels of both norepinephrine as well as 5ht and they can also block the other receptors such as histamine alpha-1 receptors by all of these actions these categories of drugs produce various side effects such as sedation weight gain sexual dysfunction which are mainly observed with

Typical antidepressants but bupropion cannot show these side effects because it is not increasing the physical levels it is not blocking the h1 receptors it is not blocking the alpha receptors due to lack of all these actions bupropion is free of these side effects but still bupropion is not suitable for each and every population because this drug can produce

Few of the specific side effects the use of this drug depends on the patient conditions any concomitant medication that is prescribed with propion or any risk factors present in the patients which are enhanced by bupropion so now let us see in which conditions this truck should be avoided and in which condition this drug should be taken carefully first one is the

Risk of seizures so bupropion when it is given at a high dose such as greater than 300 mg it can stimulate the cns so that it can increase the risk of seizures at the therapeutic dose this is not that much significant but when this drug is used at very high dose at frequent intervals this truck can increase the risk of seizures similarly when the dose of the drug

Is suddenly increased again we can observe the seizure attacks so the dose of the drug should be slowly escalated in order to eliminate any induction of seizures and even at high dose this drug may increase the risk of seizures that’s why bupropion is contraindicated in the patients with any existing seizure disorders similarly in few of the patients with any

Head injury or trauma or patients having any central tumors similarly the patients with any hepatic cirrhosis the risk of scissors is more pronounced with use of propion so in such conditions bupropion is less preferred as it increase the risk of sutures similarly patients with excessive alcoholism or patients with sudden medication withdrawal such as anxiolytics

Opioids these drugs when they are suddenly withdrawn they can increase the risk of seizures so bupropion is contraindicated in those patients who are having sudden medication withdrawals such as anxiolytics and opioids similarly cn stimulants such as cocaine can also increase the risk of seizures again with coca and bupropane is contraindicated second one is the

Hepatotoxicity this stuff can affect the functionality of the liver it can produce some hepatic impairment and even it can produce hypertrophy of the liver so when this drug is prescribed for longer periods care should be taken to check the liver functionality and this is particularly contraindicated in the patients with any hepatic cirrhosis third one is a type

Of doses form bupropion is available as a normal tablet and it is also available as sr tablet sustainably tablet similarly excel tablet externally tablet these doses forms are not equivalent because they release the drug in a different way the normal tablet can release the medication immediately but sr tablets are having a special outer coat which is dissolved

After that the medication is slowly released so a slow release or sustained release of the drug can be observed in sr and excel tablets that’s why the normal tablets are not equivalent to these doses forms and they should not be interchanged during the treatment fourth one is the anorexia nervosa few of the patients with anorexia nervosa they will have increased

Appetite so the intake of food is more pronounced due to excessive neuronal activity this neuronal stimulation can also affect the cns resulting in the risk of seizures so in such patients good propion is contraindicated fifth one is the mao inhibitors bupropion is an atypical antidepressant and this drug is contraindicated with the mao inhibitors at least 14

Days gap should be maintained between the use of bioinhibitors and bupropion because in prince of maui emitters the action of bupropion is increased resulting in the increased toxicity sixth one is the allergic reactions just like other agents propane can also produce few of the allergic and hypersensitive reactions so it can produce proritus uticaria dyspnea

Difficulty in breathing angioedema resulting in swelling of flips tongue pharynx and sometimes it can also produce serious hypersensitive reactions in such conditions bupropion is contraindicated finally let us see other conditions where this drug should be carefully given since this drug acts on the cns it can produce few of the central side effects so this truck

Should be carefully given in the patients with development of any psychotic symptoms can also increase the risk of suicidal thoughts in the young patients and being anti-represent it can also increase the manic phase in the patients so in such conditions this drug should be carefully given so that’s about the benefits and risks associated with use of bupropion this

Struck is having many of the benefits being an atypical antidepressant this drug shows very few side effects and it does not increase of highest levels so it is not producing any serotonin syndrome and other side effects such as sedation weight gain and sexual dysfunction but this drug may be associated with risk of seizures or any conditions which are increase

The risk of seizures so in the patients with any seizure disorders this drug is contraindicated or patients with any anorexia nervosa excessive use of alcohol sudden withdrawal of opioids and anxieties in all these conditions this drug is contraindicated so that’s about the contraindications of bupropion hope you have enjoyed this video if you like this video

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